Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Longevity Tips, Self-Sufficiency

If you are 50 years old or more, this post is for you. Simultaneously, it's for all ages. 

Many senior devotees have been dying lately, or hospitalized, therefore I want to offer some suggestions that may help in one way or another. To keep them alive when possible. Yes, that includes me but also many of you out there. Even the youth can benefit from what's here. Basically it's for everyone

 Though please allow me a few platitudes :-) We joined in droves, knocking down the doors to get in. Now it seems we are dying in droves, dropping like flies.  In the last two days as of this writing, I've been informed of two devotee deaths. In the past week I've heard of another two devotee deaths. The so-called better is when we're down to one every month or two, maybe three if we're lucky. At the very least, serious hospitalization.

 "Sure," you may say,  "What else is new, you can't stop death." My goal is not to stop death, rather:

1) To use our time serving Krishna, so we can have a shot at going back to Godhead. However I've written about that elsewhere, all over this blog. Therefore....

2) To increase longevity, extending our time to achieve the goal (Krishna). Can't help but wonder if some devotees serious illness could undergo improvement with a few changes added. Than they could stay alive longer, give us their wonderful association and stories longer, share Krishna with more people longer and in their unique way. Thus, this post.


 Since this turned out lengthier than expected, and I'd like to get all the health tips I can muster for devotee etc to stick around in one post .....I've made an index. You can scroll to your interest, though hope the 1st time thru, you'll read the entire post in order.

* How a change of diet changed our lives .

* Exercise - Keeping it easy.

* Dental DIY. :-)

* Mantra Healing.

* Misc.

I claim all DISCLAIMERS: This is for information purposes only, and just sharing some of our experiences. What works for one person may or may not work for another.  Talk to your licensed medical practitioner.

* A Change of Diet - Changed Our Lives:

Picture aside :), we didn't eat much sugar, tho maybe some.  Actually, we ate pretty healthy. Still, I used to wake each morning with aches and pains that didn't go away for about 3 to 5 hours. The middle of the day was alright. As night began to fall, they'd slowly creep back in but not too bad . Yet I knew as soon as I went to sleep, I'd wake the next morning with the same cycle.

Tried so many things to resolve that problem. From sleeping on the floor (spinal alignment), to taking strong antibacterial herbs. They helped. But the minute Winter set in and I couldn't sleep on the floor because it was cold and I might get sick, or  the herb was unavailable, the pain came rushing back. By the way, it never fully left me, just reduced . Merely saying, I tried everything.

Apparently, we needed to take it up a notch. 

Finally, we decided to go 'predominately' raw food. We figured out an easy way to do it, and after only approximately 5 weeks ...morning pains are nearly gone. I'd say 90%. I suspect in a few more weeks it will fully be gone. (Winter slows everything down.)

Plus I had cuts inside my nose that would sometimes even bleed. Nothing worked to get rid of them either. Now, the cuts are gone. Nor am not sick every morning with a sore throat. More needs healing but I'm on my way. It's a journey and I have not fully arrived. However, things are moving that stubbornly would not move or improve in the past.

My husband said some of the benefits he has received are: He is not eating Tylenol like candy anymore, so he has had pain relief. Plus, some years back he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and told me to announce to the world :-) that his symptoms are decreasing. And he has more noticeable energy.

If anyone thinks a raw food diet is not included in our philosophy, think again. Scroll toward the end of this page and read what Prabhupada's personal servant has to say on the topic.

One concern some many have about a Raw food diet, is that it's too cold on the stomach. Easy solution:

I slice tiny pieces of hot pepper, medium hot pepper, etc. into any salad. 

Of course there's nothing wrong with having a little hot tea, soup, (steamed) subji, as long as they are kept the lesser % of the diet. At least if one wants healing effects. 
Anyhow, add anything with heat, like ginger, or a sprinkle of cayenne spice. If it's sweet add apple [for digestion] with a pinch of ground cloves. Whatever you can think up.

Devotees & etc know that breaking a fast must be done gradually. Especially, that it's "risky" to break it by pigging out. Similarly, if one desires lots of cooked food once used to the opposite, it's important not to make that change all at once, but gradually.

A raw food diet improves the immune system, as well as other systems of the body. We're absorbing more of the nutrients too. (If you're on any medication, tell this to your doctor!)

Online people who eat 65 to 80% raw with the rest cooked, consider themselves raw foodists.

My husband and I have gradually come up to about 80% and allow ourselves to eat some dal [mung etc bean soup], rice, whatever we want, whenever we want it. You know what that resulted in? We seldom want it. :-)

Therefore, it doesn't have to be too strict. Simultaneously, there must be a certain level of commitment to change into newness, if we want to tweak our immune system and turn back the clock of health.

 Here are a few TIPS on how we got started. I can't share the fancy meals like spaghetti made from zucchini, but they're a good if you feel like making such recipes.  Look them up online. For us, we needed something simple, quick and easy. So here's what we did.

A lot of salads. Started buying all kinds of lettuce, of course the healthy type like romaine, red lettuce, etc

Sugar-snap peas.

Bought organic bell peppers, all 3 colors

Cucumbers, oh yes. Interestingly, they're good for bone health since they contain silica.


Tomatoes also played a big role.

Surprising to myself, I accidentally discovered thinly sliced zucchini tasted good in a salad.

FOOD PROCESSOR: I admit these cost a little but not as much as doctor bills. :) Food processors slice/cut/puree/ sautees vegetables. Helps it go faster, if you are doing it for more than just one person. Heck, it's even faster for one person. ha  Especially the ones with a large shoot to place large chunks of veggies in, less cut work. Make one big salad and refrigerate it for the day to dig into over and over.  I've been debating if I should remove the pics etc from this blog - but at the moment can't fully decide the best way to edit. So for now, here it is. And in a couple in different price ranges, if you want to do it too. Lowest to highest:


This low-cost one looks very good!

8 Cup

Next, another Hamilton Beach but different


For full details and if you buy it, please do so through my/this link. Thanks.

Lastly, this Cuisinart Pro-Custom - the name says it all. Tho do read the details on the amazon link above. 

My husband, self, and later daughter - found it took so long to cut up each meal. The food processor reduces that time significantly :-) If you do decide to get one now, or later [save my page to your favorites], kindly get it through my links . I need the job. 

A SPIRALIZER - I confess, I want one of these tools ha so had to share it with others as well. And it's inexpensive. Basically, it turns zucchini, cucumbers, or any other vegetable into noodle shape. Interestingly, shape "does" modify the flavor. Yes, you can use a potato peeler . I've been doing that. It takes forever :-) Here are 2 different priced ones, again with the least expensive first. 

This one is hand-held. Check it out
Make Zucchini Pasta Noodles! 
Yes, I want one of these gadgets. ha Details here

 Anything thin-skinned, make sure it's organic because pesticides get through. Thick-skinned fruits or veggies, usually pesticides can't get through but wash it with a little cleansing white vinegar on the outside first.

We also bought roots like radish, carrots. Slice very thin, especially if you have trouble with your teeth. (Dentistry info below.)

Personally I don't like broccoli or cauliflower raw, and they're a block for low thyroid. But if you don't have thyroid issues feel free to grate or chop them into a salad.

(Of course we offer everything. Am under the impression you do too. If not, here's the link which explains how.

 We also use a little Hummus. Protein is an important building block especially as we age. It's also good for autoimmune diseases. Just make sure it's easily digestible. 

Avocado. Small amounts. Too much can be fattening, but going the other extreme and omitting it is not a good idea in most cases.  It's about sense control. Measure. :) Avocado contains DHA for the brain, along with many vitamins and minerals. They are higher in potassium than a banana! A rich source of Vitamin C. Powerful antioxidant. It's one of the good fats. 

We are not vegans and don't get me going on that. [A blog waiting to be posted. ha] … Therefore we often use (organic) yogurt as our salad dressing. Predominantly greek yogurt. It's double the protein, and assists with digestion. Okay, we add the hummus in, mix it, thereby making hummus yogurt dressing.

We also use seeds. Mostly sunflower and pumpkin that are unsalted and free from oil. This is our bread, or rather it's quite filling. Important for the diet. Sunflower seeds contain serotonin which converts to dopamine. Not many foods contribute dopamine . Pumpkin seeds contain zinc which keep colds at bay.

Sometimes we sprinkle a little Nutritional Yeast [good for B vitamins] on the top, with a tiny bit of cayenne. Not everyone may want the cayenne ha. It's our salt replacement. Anything that has bite, can replace salt . If you prefer ginger try that, black pepper...try that. Surely you have ideas of your own as well.

Don't forget the benefit of healing herbs and spices.

[Devotees, just ignore the garlic, the rest are great tips!]

And this next little tip. All I know about it is that I copied the info from a web site onto this pic. I'm no doctor, just that it might help someone, or prevent an issue:

In the beginning my husband would buy so many  nuts. Peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pistachios ........ aaaaaaannnnnnndddddddd I got sick, ha. Therefore, he slowly switched over to seeds , no more nuts. Much better.

I'm not opposed to nuts, and feel it was an important steppingstone for us. It got us where we are now. So if you're going to eat nuts, simply remember, they can be fattening coupled with hard to digest. Count them out . And as always, do what works for you as an individual.

Of course, sprouts. I grew some in the window. Getting colder, moved down out of the window. :-) There are all kinds you can grow. From Chia seeds , to sunflower seeds (special for this purpose), to traditional Mung bean and Alfalfa. Have fun with it! They are filled with all that good green stuff, and other stuff too like enzymes and minerals.

Next ....Coconut use or not to use, that is the question. ha Well, I only mention it that way because some disagree with the use of any oil, while others tote the incredible benefits of coconut oil. I tend to lean on the side of those who tote its benefits. Though everyone is an individual, so figure out if it's good for you or not.

With that said, this is more of a cooking item, so we haven't used it lately. But only a few years ago it became popular or well-liked to add butter into coffee. Better than coffee, why not put organic coconut oil into a hot carob drink or herbal tea. That is, if you want it for its health benefits. (For items more medical, less of an offering such as with teas, we simply say "Hare Krishna" over it.) If you want it for its flavor, put it into soup. It could be melted and turned into part of a salad dressing. Possibly mixed with juice of lemon [haven't tried it myself.] I don't have time or enough pages to express its many health benefits. Please check it out with Google if you want any further information.

In the beginning we found we had to eat a lot, and often. What surprised us was, over time we were eating less and less . That's because the nutrients are getting through easier.

By the way, even before we discovered we were eating less, from the very beginning and even with all those nut purchases lol, the grocery bill went down. I mention this because I thought it would go up. Especially considering all that produce as well. But no, it cost less, we are saving money.   

We also buy frozen wild blueberries. I can already hear someone saying: "They're frozen!, They're not organic!"

 Well, Tylenol's not organic either, and I discovered wild blueberries relieves pain, reduces mucus, and has many other health benefits. I ate regular blueberries for years and they did nothing.

One night many years ago I had a horrible flu in the head, the pain of the mucus kept me awake, I wanted to scream. By chance I ate 1/4 a cup "wild" blueberries and surprisingly noticed the pain go down! I ate another 1/4 cup, and it went down further.  Lastly are one more. Same results. Say what you want, I'm sticking with the frozen wild blueberries. Any negatives are outweighed by the positives :-)

(Just for the record, my husbands pain relief was not due to the wild blueberries. He hardly eats them; once in a while. I am the one; more often. So for him it's the raw food diet that brought him pain relief.)

 While we're on the topic of fruit, we eat plenty of them . Lots of apples and oranges mostly, but anything . It's been fun to pick up different varieties of fruit. Nectarines , plums, kiwi, anything you want … That's the snack instead of grabbing for candy or sweets :-)

Something else we do is fruit salad. Not the syrupy yucky kind in the 1950s cans ha. This type is healthy. Apple's , oranges, pineapple, sometimes a little bit avocado (there's avocado ice cream so I figured it must be ok in fruit salad too) ..... any fruit chopped in small pieces . Mixed with lots of Greek yogurt, sprinkle organic cinnamon. Offer it, of course . :-).

We do not add any sugar, (juices from cut fruit seep out and sweetness just enough). However, if use to stronger sweetness, or just want to tweak it, honey or xylitol are good ideas.

While natural sweeteners are not bad, even good for health, they can result in developing a sweet-tooth "if" overused. We still use a bit of this or that, but really just a bit.
 [Get Creative. :) ] 

Fruit is great for breakfast - coupled with seeds for me, oatmeal for my husband. Oatmeal (this usually must have a little organic xylitol, or stevia), cinnamon , and fresh apple sliced into it . So healthy!


Some of the more strict raw foodists may criticize me for mentioning any cooked foods at all. However, I want this post to be something doable for everyone , and easy. As mentioned earlier, we give ourselves permission to eat something cooked and in that way have less of a hankering.
This next one is a vert important point …. How do I say this gently…… You need some bulk. It's important to have bulk.  A new raw food diet can initially lack ....bulk...., or the body simply is not used to this yet. You don't want any complications along those lines. :-) 

In good weather I always receive tremendous health benefits from walking. It's usually cold and below freezing now, but lately the weather has been abnormally warm . .. I've been able to take a few walks out in our woods again. Instantly, I start to feel my health improve.

No jungle gyms or difficult exercises, just walk. Of course I'm going up and down big hills, fighting gravity. You do need a bit of a challenge for your muscles and not just walking on level ground. Simultaneously, something is better than nothing.

If you live in a warm area, or are part of the warm weather that's crossing America, take advantage. Sometimes we think "it's January, I'm supposed to stay inside" - but check the thermometer :-) Sometimes I need to give myself a reminder.

Go to the park if you don't have woods, not everyone does. I used to live in the city, use to live in towns. Actually, I've lived a variety of places. There's usually somewhere you can find to get a little exercise. Hmmm, well maybe the city is more of a challenge, but then you can take a bus somewhere. Harinama?  :)

Anyway, if the weather is favorable - get out! The prana is stronger in the good weather when you're outside. Sunshine / vitamin D increases absorption of calcium and phosphorus, therefore increases bone strength.

Do some Deep Breathing while out in nature (though never deep-breathe around gasoline or car exhaust fumes, city windows, traffic, jackhammers, etc..... as they will put poison into your lungs instead of fresh air). While you are outside in some natural surrounding, notice if that made a difference. It did for my friend,  who has a slight heart condition and noticed it began to mend, less heart pain, when outside and deep breathing. Can't promise that for everyone, but it sure gives us food for thought. (Of course, anyone who has a heart condition, take it easy! Always talk to your licensed healthcare practitioner before starting any exercise program.)

Prabhupada asked a doctor what he should do for his health, and the doctor told him to go on walks. Thus, his morning walks. Let's follow his example. It works. He walked faster than his young disciples. Ask around if you wish, as it was common knowledge that it was hard to keep up with him. :)

- Isometrics: This is a good option for winter. Prabhupada has explain how those who do so much exercising are actually wasting life airs. One of the benefits of isometrics are that you're pretty much in one spot, not wasting many life airs running around

- Progressive Relaxation: Not sure where, or how to categorize this one. It's used by doctors as well as by spiritual groups. .......It's a basic tense then relax exercise. But it's much more involved than that . It works very nicely and is great for relaxation while bringing in new energy. 

- Balance: The older we get, the more important this becomes. And it starts out somewhat early, around age 40. Once I saw a test:  Close eyes, stand on one leg, do not raise arms to help balance.... see how long you can stay like that before reaching the tipping point. Young people can hold this quite a while. I was surprised to see how soon I started to tip. Good news! The test is also the exercise. :) The more one practices this, the more their sense of balance increases. (Always stand near a wall, or something you can grab onto. There should be zero falling involved. ) 

   ... Another easy tip for increasing the sense of balance: Stand near the back of a chair or anything to grab onto if starting to warble, keep arms at sides, then simply go up and down on toes - about 20 times. This is actually used by occupational or physical therapist. ......Because both of these exercises are so simple, one may be inclined to rush thru them. At first that might be alright just to get started, to gain a better sense of balance plus wake those muscles. But soon the idea is to slow down so all muscles are fully involved .

- Super Brain Yoga: If you never heard of this, it's pretty fantastic. It only takes about five minutes or so a day, is soooooo easy, and works in a variety of ways. Example, it has helped autistic children improve, it is helped regular students raise their grades , and I suspect it will help for cognition of older people. This technique has been verified to work via EEGs! Check it out, Link.

KaphlalBhati: I was a little reluctant to put this here because those with heart problems should not do it. So please check with your doctor before doing this, or any, exercise program. With that said..... this is an exercise that does not require running around or wasting a lot of Life-airs. Simultaneously you should not do it very long!! It is to be used with other breathwork. … For anybody who starts criticizing that getting into any type of breathwork or pranayama as nonsense: 1st, it's for health. Second, am not saying "get into it / spend much time." No. Matter fact quite the opposite; only a little time and then maybe we'll get more time on earth to practice Krishna consciousness.

- Brahmari breath: This offers the interesting benefit of humming, which has proven sound healing advantages. Therefore, chakra's / organs, nadi's/nerves - that which is internal as well as external - benefit. That's yoga for ya :-)

Whatever you select, if any, do be sure to make it fun :)

 While much has to be done in the dentist office, you'd be surprised how much DIY is available online. Did you know you could fill your own cavity? Make your own? In some cases if it's the upper teeth you could make your own faults teeth . My goodness :-) I'm just gonna give you the YouTube video links , and you can decide from there. But one thing I do know, this can save a lot of money, and a lot of tooth pain for a lot of people .

 Briefly want to add, with this new raw food diet we noticed less plaque on our teeth to brush off, and less bad breath.

Prevention or Maintenance:  if your teeth aren't too bad, only have a few black spots that may or may not turn into cavities,  or maybe you've had caps etcetera but you want to save everything else  ,  there is a link I will come back and put in here  .  It is by a dentist and some other dentist told her "why are you giving away our secrets?."  Here's the bottom line for now. Of course brush, then floss, don't minimize the importance of flossing regularly! Now here is her big secret … Ready for it?  She has you put a heaping teaspoon of organic  xylitol into a glass of water and sip it throughout the day. It helps keep plaque at bay, but especially strengthens teeth because it strengthens bones, and teeth are bones.  If you doubt its ability to strengthen teeth, pick up a pack of Dentine, flip it over and read the back. That's right, the ingredient in it  that made it do what other gums could not do in the past at least, is xylitol. The granules can be bought at most online health food stores.  Relatively inexpensive.  Just make sure to sip it throughout the day. If you finish a cup, no harm in making a second. By the way it tastes exactly like sugar, but it has the opposite effect. Matter fact, some spilled in my cabinet one time and  not one ant or bug went near it.  If you wish to research it you could start with Wikipedia, or just buy the stuff and start healing your teeth. 

     ..... Found It! :) Though the web site has changed over the years, it still makes the point! Check it out.

The following are Video's:

How To Fill Cavities Yourself: This may not last as long as the one you get in the dentist chair, but it lasts longer than the little product you buy at the drugstore. :-)

Bees Wax To Fill A Cavity - They do not claim this to be permanent, but only until you get to a dentist. Nevertheless, it's interesting and may help someone :) 

How To Make a Temporary Tooth - with an over the counter product. It runs about $25 or 30 dollars BUT I know for a fact you can buy the white crystals for about ten bucks if you get the name of it off the back of the box. I use to have it but lost it after my comp crashed. Anyhow, this shows how to use the product, regardless which one.

Fix and Repair a Broken Tooth: Yes, this is a pretty interesting video on how you can do this yourself! Approximate cost for materials? $10!  .....P.S. "After" watching it because then this will make more sense, scroll down and read some of the comments as they have extra help. 

Fix A Chipped Tooth: Another DIY, this one for approximately $20. This one tells you where to buy a package that contains everything, also goes through the steps visually.

Healed Tooth:  This woman healed her cracked tooth with Vitamin's K and C.

Make Your Own Dentures: Are you at the point where you just need false teeth? :) This is a real dentist who sells kits to do it and shows you how. It cost more than the above , but a lot less in the dentist chair. He also points out if you think you can't do it, they do it in India all the time. So one day I did a search for that, and saw that yes indeed they do :-) Anyhow check it out and see if it's for you. 

Make Your Own False Teeth: This guy is also selling a kit like above, but may be less expensive.  He says it will only cost around $35! I don't know, check both out and decide for yourself.

Press-On Veneers:  For a missing tooth or two but 'also' for those those who still have a few teeth but don't want to wear partial dentures, can find out if a they are candidate for these. Probably only for upper teeth.  They have decent reviews and some say you can eat with them, though I'm unsure if you can chomp an Apple or Raw foods. Maybe. Be okay as a quick fix for going out socially. They cost a bit of money but are still cheaper than the dentist. It's up to what you can afford, and what you want. One web site, as there are many companies.

The following are web pages. [Not all but some may be sales. Hey, if you decide to save money via the dentist chair you are going to want an idea regarding where they are availble.]

I wish to add, I have not made a thorough investigation of each site, price, quality, etc. They just looked good to me at a glance. Its up to each reader to check it out for themselves.

8 Tips or Hardening A Decayed Tooth: Fascinating site! Free info. If this is what you need to do for a tooth, take a look. Many natural ideas are presented.

Make Your Own Flipper: These people sell the items to do so. Check it out here

Make Your Own Dentures: This is a blog. No charge, except you have to buy your own materials, but he tells you step by step, what to do, how to do it. Interesting! 

Herbs To Cure Dental Decay: "There are herbs to cure tooth decay, prevent tooth cavities, relieve toothache, reduce the formation of plaque, treat receding gums and mouth sores. [On same site see: "Repair Teeth Naturally," or "Tooth Remineralization," or "Repair Teeth With NovaMin" and more!]

Dental Supplies For Anyone: Get unrestricted access to dental supplies and repair your own teeth. 

How To Make Your Own Tooth Caps: After buying the materials elsewhere, this ehow site explains how to use them to make a cap yourself.

Get Dental Work For Free: This site offers to help you figure out how to do that. It may be from students, unsure. Check it out for yourself.  

Dental "Impression" Kits:  They offer quite a variety.

DIY Dental Bridges:  Site Quote: "You can replace your missing teeth with a homemade dental bridge you make yourself from a durable, natural looking, non-toxic polymer. By following the instructions virtually anyone can make a realistic, functional and/or cosmetic bridge that will match their own teeth.

Make Strong Compound Tooth Filling: Info from e-how.

I've actually found some articles about regrowing your own teeth, but so far, I've not seen it as a practical, or doable solution - yet. :)  

* MANTRA HEALING:  I started seriously getting into healing with mantra and sound vibration around the same time as the raw food diet, so can not yet tell which did exactly what. Therefore I'm going to keep doing them both :-)

 Healing mantras have scientific or medical backing that revealed the health of the chanter does indeed improve.

 It is also known to rejuvenate old-age into a younger age.

 I'm not making claims that it's going to turn a 70-year-old into a 20-year-old ha ha, but it just may somewhat turn back the clock, or improve a health issue, if we only put in the time and effort. Too often folks, even myself at times, do not want to put in the time and later issues or illness arise. I am learning ha, and hope others will hear. Besides, it's blissful and spiritual to do. Want to live a magical life? Add this.

So practice, because were not going to get healthier or turn around a medical issue by merely wishing it, or by reading this and that - plus a hundred other health articles. I know because I prefer to read, or maybe that's because it's winter. Anyhow, I do give myself kicks, which I require ha, in order to practice :-) And it's so pleasant….

Raam.  :-)

However, it's a science with a specific technique behind it. If you would like to learn the details on how to put this method into action and how heal with mantra, please join my Yahoo e-group. Age doesn't matter. You can be 18 or 98 ha.

Let me clarify, this is not a place to ask for healing. Did that in the past and it became overwhelming, with the majority asking for help but so few learning how to take care of themselves. Now it's a place to learn it, FREE, and you will have it with you for the rest of your life.

We are over there talking about Bija mantras, short mantras of 2 or three words, and some longer such as stotra. It is all up to you, what you wish to chant - that is, after you read which one is best for what issue. Interestingly, we are also including details on the scientific evidence that it works. From Telsa to Yogis :) .

 Self-sufficiency ki jai! Here is the link: Krishna's Distance Healers.


Avoid stress. Don't worry - be happy. We all know worrying does not change things. Except inside our bodies. It makes us sick! If you have a problem, do something about it, or stop worrying. What if something is so devastating that it's hard to let it go? Directly above I have a Healing Egroup where you can "learn" to take action spiritually. Otherwise, find a way to detach from what you can't change, cuz its only going to give you an ulcer, or worse. Consider using music to lift spirits.

A good quality daily vitamin / mineral pill is important. Scientific tests have proven this . Google if you want details.

Flossing teeth daily has actually shown to help maintain cognition. Yes, there was a scientific study.

Avoid soda. Avoid store-bought juice because natural sugar is still sugar . If you can't renounce it, here's a simple trick. Buy Pierre etc bubbly mineral water, fill a glass halfway with it, the other half with juice. It's great!! And in time you may be able to reduce how much juice you add. … Anyhow, drink as much pure water over juice in order to wash out toxins, as well as redevelop your natural taste buds and yourself water for quenching thirst.

The brain. Often we hear doing crossword puzzles or similar keeps the brain alert. Firstly I can't stand crossword puzzles . There are better alternatives . Interestingly, learning a 2nd language has also been shown to do this , probably better. As well as reading . Read Srila Prabhupada's books, memorize verses, chant mantras aloud - all help to maintain cognition.

Researchers discovered orchestra leaders live especially long, so it makes me suspect the same about kirtana leaders too. Or singing bhajana/kirtana a lot at home. (Please scroll here, under the link embedded in the following words: "Get "into" it even if alone. Often.") Later various researchers followed up with other music related healings. (Doubt this involves rock stars due to the lifestyle ha). Therefore, put on some of your favorite Bhajanan's, kirtana's, use kartals or just clap hands, sing Hare Krishna all around the house . You know that saying that when you're alone to singing dance however you want because no one looking listening? Why can't we do that with the Hare Krishna mantra? However, Someone is looking and listening .... Krishna :-) And this pleases Him.

Salt is not as simple as we previously thought.  Many went without it for a long time only to discover new health problems, like weakened adrenals as a result. While others who use salt have high blood pressure. It's individual. If it's good for your personal health and you choose to use it, moderation, plus a good quality like Himalayan salt which also contains minerals.

Humor - We tend to be so serious, and that reduces longevity. Lighten up :-)

Juicing - Haven't mentioned a lot about this because we only do it once every week or two. It's not something major that we've included a lot at this time, though I strongly believe it would speed things up if we did it more. However, I wanted to make this post for everyone, so if you don't have a juicer, or don't like the time & mess of juicing, that's where a raw food diet gives many of the same or similar health benefits. .....  Now there is a very inexpensive juicer that makes a simple 1-2 cups and is quick cleanup . It's called the "magic bullet." Though you can get knockoffs at regular stores for about $25 as of this writing.

MAGIC BULLET I love it. Small juicer. Don't have to clean out our huge Vita Mix all the time. We have that too ha. It has it's place, but since obtaining a smaller one, I use it so much. More simple. Anyway if interested in not having a huge mess when you want to make a quick, healthy drink - click here

With all that said, I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do, or how to do it. I'm merely sharing ideas that have helped me, others, and since I figured out a few steps the hard way, maybe that can be reduced for someone else. What works for us may or may not work for others. If not, that's fine too. Take what you like, trash what you don't, I'm not attached. Please do chant Hare Krishna and be happy.

 The purpose of this longevity information is to increase our Krishna conscious time and activities, so we can go back to Godhead and don't ever have to undergo the death process again.

So please use longevity to avoid rebirth too, and find what Krishna conscious activity you can add into your own life with this extra time , instead of sense gratification added in  ha ha. More devotional service. That includes chanting , but others should not be left out. Harinama, at-home deity worship, book distribution, and more.

I'm tired of seeing so many senior devotees dropping like flies. If some modifications are made into lifestyle, there is a possibility we could all live longer. At least we can try. Krishna be willing :-)


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