Thursday, March 24, 2016

Life & Music

Life has it's "Ups and downs."

Adding spiritual life can be easier when we're experiencing our "ups." Well, sometimes.  Other times it may cause a person to not think upon God, since they are having such a great time. :)

Whereas a loss, can lead to a loss of spiritual life. Again, sometimes. Other times it can be the driving force that gets us to place our two hands together in prayer.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all knew exactly how things would wind up categorized so we'd know exactly what to do. 

Yet in a way, we have the basic idea. A combo of shastra [scripture] with heart. Logic is to calm the emotions, yet positive emotions need to be held, and that is where God comes in. We may not do all this perfectly, but keep on truckin.' Ultimately things pan out.

As the reader may suspect, something has happened in my life. Tho not directly to me, rather to a loved one. Which can be frustrating because you can't fix it for your loved one - they are forced to go thru it. 

So what can you do? One is Vedic prayer. The other is, lift your spirits

I don't want to get into the private details, just hoping that by sharing a little - it may help others when they go thru something. Considering the material world can be cruel, and sadly too many will indeed go thru 'something,' I write this.

Under stressful circumstances one tends to freeze up. What to do? As touched on, Vedic Prayer, tho I have written "elsewhere" extensively on that and right now feel a need to write about elevating vibration, which includes your spirit. How?

This morning I felt awful. Then turned on specific music which caused me to notice, I instantly felt better! It's not that the issue was all gone, but my mood was different, significantly improved.

Of course, instantly does not always work for everyone - while for some it does, and for others it may take awhile. There are certain steps or a process to overcome bad feelings, and their accompanying tho past bad experiences.  However, when you get to the point where you want to lift the load, try spiritual music / transcendental sound vibration!

Be aware that bad memories try hard to return on various levels, so it can cycle

Don't beat yourself up for this. Know it's ok & normal for that to happen. Yes, ok and normal but don't allow it to get the upper hand. Simply, keep doing the work to process them, whatever that may be for you as an individual. [And don't "over process" them either. Just balance them.] .....Again, when ready for the music - play music. 

Below is something I found very moving. Tho feel a need to point out, first I played music that was very upbeat and fast. It's what I needed at the time. You may, or may not. The below, goes slowly and is emotional - tho spiritually emotional. Still, make sure you're ready if you are going thru some issue. [If not, play it with joy in your heart!] 

Or do as I did. Start with something that has a slightly faster vibration than you initially are feeling, next gradually increasing that. [Check to make sure it's within your comfort range]. This will create a gentle 'shift' in the cells, in the mind, in the physical body [organs, nervous system, etc], and in the soul. 

In essence, body/mind and spirit will rise.  

After doing that a while, when ready - hear this. It made me feel good, plus helped me think of Lord Chaitanya

Who is He? Briefly: An incarnation of Krishna /God. Considered even more merciful than Krishna Himself, as He forgives countless offenses, He distributed the Holy Names to everyone and everywhere at a time when priests kept this mantra [Hare Krishna] a secret. Plus more. With that said....

[Again can't get video thumbnail to show - please click this - as it is a very melodic and beautiful video, great sound vibration.]

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