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Car Accident!

                                                           [Govinda dasi]

In the very early days of Prabhupada's Movement, there were some devotees that stood out. They did a lot to help him get it started. Govinda dasi is one of them.

Actually there is much I'd like to post about her past and the specific help or service she did, simply at this moment something more pressing has hit:

It first showed up on my fb, and has since been growing and going all over the place. Here is the first post I read- 

DAY 1: 
"Please join us in prayers for our very dear Godsiblings Govinda dasi and Dasaratha Suta who were in a car accident. Dasarath Prabhu was driving his van and some deer ran onto the highway and he swerved and hit a tree on the passenger side where Govinda Dasi was sitting. She has many broken bones in her face and will be in the ICU of xx  Hospital for some time. Dasarath was not seriously hurt, but those of you who have been following him, know that he was just making a miraculous recovery from [something else] that left him with very serious injuries, so this will not be good at all.

DAY 2:
 "Our dear Govinda Dasi (ACBSP) is waiting for an open OR for facial surgery. The damage appears to be to her left eye and the bones surrounding the eye, and she is in a neckbrace for extra precaution. She is in the trauma ICU at xxx Hospital. I just visited with her, Stritama and Dasaratha Suta. Stritama has taken Govinda's personal possessions home, for safekeeping.

Dasaratha Suta just had CT scans of his head to waist and is waiting on the results to see if he will be admitted or sent home. A godsister is coordinating someone to sit with Govinda at least for today. When Govinda dasi is moved to a room after surgery, then we can bring in a tape player or sound device to play Srila Prabhupada's tapes, pics of Krishna, Prabhupada, etc. Right now, there is absolutely nothing in the room. She told me that she was not in physical pain as much as mental pain; she does not like hospitals or the thought that she may require surgeries and a long recovery.

The trauma ICU nurse was all over me about visiting, and I work here.

Staff are very protective of trauma patients and will not permit visitors to overwhelm the patient. ..... So it will be necessary to coordinate visits and keep conversation and noise to a minimum. Sent to me by Jayasri, who just came from visiting her in the hospital!"

DAY 3: 

"Update on GovindaDasi's surgery

"The surgeons were successful in repairing her eye laceration. It will be a few days before they know if she will recover her eyesight in her left eye. I will post daily updates.

The nurses requested her friends not call the hospital as they cannot give you information and they were besieged with calls today. She will be in ICU for a week or more.

You are welcome to share this post.

Thank you for continuing to send Govinda dasi your love and prayers."

DAY 4: 

CLARIFICATION regarding Govinda dasi's and Dasaratha Suta's car accident, written by Dasarahta Suta himself:

"It took me a few days to figure out exactly what happened in those 3 or 4 seconds, due to my concussion. We did NOT "swerve to avoid hitting the deer" -- the deer jumped out and one of them hit the bumper which set off the airbags, I was blinded by the impact and by losing my glasses, I knew another car was right behind us so I couldn't slam on the brakes, so I GENTLY applied the brakes and GENTLY steered off the road. Govinda Dasi was badly injured by a faulty airbag deployment system because she was moaning BEFORE we even hit the tree. This is why I got only a few scratches, whereas she required 7-hour surgery to fix her facial damage. My van's heavy-duty solid metal chrome bumper and truck frame saved her from being squashed by the tree. And the Holy Names I was screaming protected us both from a worse fate of rolling the van, possibly breaking necks and ejecting into the treeline. RadheRadhe!"

DAY 5: 

A devotee writes: Update on Govinda dasi. 

"She just called me from her hospital bed and is nicely alert and stable. So no worries. She is still in ICU only because there are no beds available on the regular floor. The hospital is packed. The doctors have talked about discharging her in the next day or two and devotees are finding her a nice place to stay along with care givers as she heals. 

She is still having trouble seeing out of her left eye but the return of the sight may take time. 

She basically just needs time to heal as she gotten pretty beaten up by the airbag plate that deployed and malfunctioned. The devotees here will take very good care of her. Myself or others can keep you posted. y.s."

DAY 6: 

"Govinda dasi may be released tomorrow or the next day from the hospital. This came as a total surprise to Govinda dasi this morning, and Chitra called me from the hospital with the news. I spoke with the nurses and requested they keep her a few more days. I am oversees. There are no arrangements yet for where she will stay and who will care for her. Please message me if you can host Govinda dasi
and/or care for her for short term or long term.

DAY 7:
"Govinda dasi is an amazing devotee! She is very grateful for
everyone's prayers and love. She is feeling a bit better ... and is starting to drink green shakes and soup. Chitra and Stritama will help coordinate visits for those who would like to bring her homemade, light prasada. Please understand visits should be short, like 20 - 30 minutes, while she is in ICU. It may be that she feels up to a longer visit when you are there, but please don't expect it.

She is going to need care from all of us for a while into the future. If you would like to offer to help care for Govinda dasi after she leaves the hospital (2 - 3 weeks from now) please let Chitra, Stritama, or myself know.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and concern. It means the world to Govinda dasi.

DAY 8:
"Update on Govinda dasi. She is out of the hospital and comfortably situated at a god sister's home. She needs lots of rest and recuperation but is making phones calls, eating etc. etc. She said she is so appreciative of every ones prayers for her. .... y.s."

DAY 9:
No comments from anyone, instead today Govinda dasi herself posted! Hurray!  Uploaded a pic mostly. But vision is needed even for that. Yet one eye will work for that. It will take time to discover if the left eye is working, yet I feel hopeful since she at least recovered "some" vision in it - and the doctors themselves say they won't know until some time has passed. I also hope she considers Energy Healing if needed - but for now - this post today was encouraging.


What would you do if such a thing happened to someone you either care for or highly respect? 

What would you do if it was the other way around and you were the severely injured party? 

I hope these posts stir some ideas toward that direction of thought. And here are a few of my own suggestions. :)

And may these two simple questions inspire readers to take it deeper, to figure out what's doable to increase spiritual activities. Gaining understanding that life on this planet is temporary -  even for the best among us - accidents or problems can show up out of nowhere. It's just a matter of time until its our turn

Thus, study, prepare, especially chant! We get the small tests now to help us get ready for that final exam. Never know when it will be a pop quiz. :)  

Next is an article about a beautiful dream - by Govinda Dasi.

                                         World Acharya Dream

"Some time after Srila Prabhupada left this world, I had a very powerful dream... In that visionary dream, I saw Srila Prabhupada sitting on a huge lion-flanked and jewel-bedecked Vyasasana. His Vyasasana rested on the brightly shimmering globe of Mother Earth, and was positioned just above the sacred land of India. Behind him, the vast curvature of the earth planet was visible. A silvery bluish-white light emanated from the center of the vision, forming a giant oval, in which Srila Prabhupada sat.

"Below him were many crowds of people -- all races, nationalities, and all ages -- all the people of the world, reaching out from darkness. They were pointing toward Srila Prabhupada, in awe and wonder, exclaiming, reaching out, praising, and acknowledging him according to their various abilities. Many were in darkness, in worldly life, yet they were all reaching out toward Srila Prabhupada, seeking his mercy.

"Above Srila Prabhupada, in the shimmering silver-blue sky, ......"   Full story at this nectar web page, I invite you to click all around this site.

Here is Govinda dasi's personal web page. This includes her Art Work,her Persona Experiences, Vidoe's, downloadable files, and more.  

                                  [Govinda dasi, Srila Prabhupada, Yamunna devi dasi.]

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