Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy Rama's Appearance Day!

                  [Godsister Sila honoring Rama-navami - lovely pic with candle etc]
We are celebrating the appearance of God who appeared in many ways as He choose - one being RamaChandra. 

We take birth, but God just "appears" whenever He so desires. 

Our birth includes karma. God's appearance is transcendental, as are all it's related activities.

What to do on such a day?

Since there are a mix of readers here, I'll give basics. It is after all, a celebration, so should be fun! :)  
Sing His name - a lot. It is most a auspicious day for glorifying Ramachandra through songs and joy. 

My godsister Sila, explains how she uses the above pic: 

   "Ah.. my secret yogic siddhis... :) What I do is, on festival days, place a relevant picture on the kitchen window ledge and maybe stick one or two on cupboard doors, then light candles and incense, with kirtan going too- makes a nice atmosphere -and keeps me focused whist cooking. Please feel free to do whatever you wish with picture and text. I'm glad it has been so appropriate for what you needed!  :) "

She must have read my mind hehe, as I had next written here: One could cook something nice [vegetarian] and offer it to God/Rama. Maybe dance and chant in front of a picture of Rama or in front of their home altar. Details on how to do these are in former posts at sidebar.  But if you simply want to have a quiet day, just you and Rama....

You can read something from Prabhuapda's books about Lord Rama. If not up for reading, or just for fun, see the lovely slide-show at the end of this post, put together by a devotee. It will tell the pastime, theatrically. Plus, includes nice songs, etc. 

I remember giving a cassette to my children of these very same songs. Not the full theatrical predominance here ha, but the music - yes. I am feeling a bit nostalgic. :) 

So make a cup of herbal tea etc, sit back, and enjoy the following:

The Ramayana - Pt 1

The Ramayana - Pt 2

Lastly, an interesting Article proving - via a 3 year Botanical study - that the Ramayana is not myth but fact. 

I've my own 2 cents to add to the evidence part: One may wonder how "talking, intelligent monkeys" can be real. First, they lived deep in the woods in secret places hard to find. Next, likely more significant: Once I read a web page pointing out the fact that many species have become extinct, plus as we moved further into this kali yuga [a large span of time], thus talking monkeys no longer exist. 

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