Monday, August 15, 2011

My Egroups

A reason I opened this blog resulted from yahoo web hosting improperly transferring my geocites sites, then shutting me down since my pages looked improper. :) [Basically they messed up my onsite pics, then blamed me for not having pics.] Even tho I paid. Anyhow, in time hope to relocate backups and will then start making those pages again.

UPDATE: Have so far located most of my former sites, and transferred two. Scroll to see which ones.

Since this may take quite a while [I'm not in control there ha], so I thought to share my e-groups for those interested. They are all different from the other, so be sure to pick those that fit your personality, interests, etc.

Inspiration Newsletter
A mellow Krishna conscious newsletter for anyone, on any level. Including those not near a temple, desirous of spiritual enlivenment. Not a chat group, but a published newsletter full of nectar, Prabhupada nectar, Gita, Krishna book, veggie links, the 'old days' of the movement, Jayananda info, recipes, Chaitanya Charitamrita, and much more.


Prabhupada Jagat Guru
Ever wonder why, if one desires happiness, they can not always be happy? Why is suffering forced upon us? How can I truly be free to enjoy life fully? The answer to these and many others can be discoverd thru a study of Prabhupada's books and personal letters to his disciples. For those ready to move on to this next level I have opened such a place, not a chat group but one of study. We are not for everyone, read our front page description and see if its a good fit for you.


MY SITES that have been TRANSFERRED Here

* DOM: Direction Of Management
[Written by Srila Prabhupada himself] A document, plus its amendment, deemed extremely important by Srila Prabhupada. Yet, why no one follows it? Why no one even wants to talk about it? Unless they can talk it "away." Cover it over with lots of long sentences. Whereas, IMHO, Prabhupada said it, then I for one, believe it.

* HUMOR - Why should devotees read joke pages? Find out here. [Hint: health, longevity, more.] Lift your spirits and for gosh sakes, laugh a little. :)

* Devotees CAN go Back To Godhead
This arose after I heard devotees I knew had died under auspicious circumstances, certain others spoke as if they had not achieved the goal of returning to Krishna. That is the exact opposite of what Prabhupada teachers. If we chant at the time of death, or die in Vrindavana for example, we go back to home, back to Godhead. Yet upon the death of an 11 or 12 years old child who others heard him chanting as he left this world, we were informed he did not go back. And upon the death of others who some may judge should not to have gone back, but they were factually chanting or passed over in the Holy Dham, then they had to have returned to the Lord. This needs to be better understood. Thus:

* Difference Between Hinduism And Krishna Consciousness
Many are under the impression these are one and the same. Not in the least. Find out more, here:

* Qualifications Of Dksha [Initiating] IGuru
What you do, or who you select, to save your soul, is of course your own individual choice. Simply, do it from a perspective of knowledge. Can you answer: "How does one recognize who is a pure guru?" Do you know: "What are the specified shastric qualifications of guru?" Or "What did Prabhupada say to help one recognize a qualified spiritual master?" Lets not jump on the vox-populi bus, that since everyone is jumping up and down happily dancing or promoting someone, or evaluating by how they feel, then we blindly go along. Instead, let us educate ourselves. Yes, feelings have their place, but so does knowledge. For the answers to the above questions, and more, please read the following link.


The following 2 E-GROUPS are for the very serious, wishing to live the lifestyle of the initiated disciple, OR for those all ready initiated, desirous to associate with others who took it as well.

Please do not join either of these if you have different philosophical beliefs to give difficulties [as we have seen in the past]. Its a waste of everyone's time, as such endeavors have never proven to convert anyone - either side.

Also don't join if you want to post your latest mission [we have our own mission], or post what guru fell down - or the opposite with the glories about other gurus. This is not a group for negativity, ranting on about whats wrong, and its not a group for other gurus either. Its a Prabhupada group to Practice what you preach. To make that very clear, it means: talk about japa, your at-home arotika, how many books you distributed, or what little or a lot you are able to perform at home. NOR should anyone use the above an an 'angle' to get their foot in door, then try to post your mission from a certain angle you think meshes with ours. It does not. That is trickery and is disturbing; we don't want such association either.

To those unlike this, not to worry, its a private moderated group and safe. Its ME who ends up going thru such things mentioned above, not you. :)

With that said, phew ha, please do join if you are a good fit with us. :) Read and see:

Prabhupada Centered WOMEN E-group
Can you, ladies, become a disciple of Prabhupada? Yes, you can, but you first need to learn 'how.' Not about getting into politics as I try to get along with all; simply those who have ALL READY come to that place in their mind where they can not imagine anyone other than Prabhupada as their guru, there "is" a group you too can get devotee association. If you're a Prabhupadanuga and in a female body... here's a place you can find like-minded Vaisnavi's [ladies]. If genuinely and most honestly interested, come join with us. Not limited to those wanting to be disciple but open to those who have. All ages & stages welcome! Then we can share our mirth, poems, hopefulness, recipes, what were' doing [or not doing] at home or anywhere. Not a group for fanaticism [nor the opposite], but for inspiration, strict following [or working toward it], and visionaries. Have you read Prabhupada's Last Will & Testament, July 9th letter, Others? Would you like to? Such documents are viewable in our files section. If we're not a good fit for you, that's fine. Kindly offer mutual respect by joining other e-lists that do fit you better. No politics, the focus is actually actual practice. Doing a Home program, etc. Read our e-groups front page in full to see if we are a good fit for you. We hope so! :) [No curiosity seekers please, only the sincere.]

Senior Devotee Godsisters
Seeking my dear senior devotee godsisters who joined the Hare Krishna Movement prior to Nov 77 ... thus having similar life experiences, etc. Where did you all go? You left many of us who care, standing in the rain, alone. Please come out of the woodwork & join our e-group. Why? Because it's sane, helpful, warm & fuzzy :-) thus a soft place to fall for those of us who have been thru a lot, yet maintain the belief that Prabhupada's real teachings hold different / better ways of living. Tired of no association or something else similar? Put an end to it! Reach out & we'll reach back. No politics, just friends & fun. Read our front page & see if we're for you. We hope you feel you are! Please tho, don't join for ulterior reasons, such as to promote your egroup, a new guru, something you wrote or want to advertise. This group is a Prabhupada only egroup, as well as for association, seeking like-minded older godsisters tired of living in the woodwork. :)


Akshaya Patra
Feed the Children Charity can help relieve some malefic Astrological planetary transits, more importantly its the human thing to do, and beyond that, its great to feed Vaisnava [devotee] children! Anyhow, this program has been given recognition by President Obama & others, etc. This isn't about who you like or dislike politically. :) There are no politics in Krishna Consciousness anyhow. Its about, its authorized! To learn more about this program go to: ...The donation link is what's click-able.

Prabhupada Connect
Here's an article I wrote which the web master, Padmapani das, so kindly posted. Recommended: check out the entire site, as its full of various devotees experiences with Prabhupada, sublime stories of what it was like "back in the day," and simply lots of nectar!

Great Souls Sometimes Re-appear
Fascinating, eye-opening article! Can devotees appear, disappear and then re-appear? Not talking about reincarnation here but something higher. Check it out.

Book Changes [Srila Prabhupada's Writings]
What's your opinion on the changes that have been made to Prabhupada's books? For it? Against it? The choice is yours. Check out this viewpoint.