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Nityananda's Appearance Day

Who is Lord Nityananda? The most merciful incarnation!

Now it annoys me when I go to a blog, then they just give me a link to another blog. Yet here I am, about to do that. :)

In my defense ha, this is my first time, thus its not a pattern. Plus, I find the one I'm about to point you toward, to tell a wonderful story about Lord Nityananda.

And more than a plain link, I'll give a good sized excerpt to wet your whistle. :-)

"Nectarean pastimes of Lord Nityananda

Source: Caitanya Bhagavata

On the order of Gaura Krishna, Ananta Deva had already made his appearance in the village of Ekacakra in Radhadesh. In this way, Nityananda Prabhu appeared like the moon from the sea of the womb of Padmavati, the wife of Hadai Oja. And just like the rising moon, he dispelled all the darkness covering the land of Radha by his auspicious appearance. As a child, Nityananda constantly played with his boyhood friends imitating the pastimes of Krishna.

Nitai's favorite part was that of Lakshman, and He enacted it with so many apparently authentic scenes not described in the Ramayana, that people would wonder if He was making it up or actually relishing His own pastimes. The village of Ekacakra was completely absorbed in the love of little Nitai, where He spend the first 12 years of his earthly life.

The children, in their innocence, would take Nityananda Prabhu's absorption in the mood of Lakshamana to be nothing more than childish play. They did have any knowledge of his position as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Some of them would roam about as the five monkeys, and taking the role of Lakshamana, Nityananda Prabhu would ask, "Who are you monkeys who roam the forests? Tell me! I am the servant of Raghunatha!" They would tell him, "We wander here in fear of Bali. Lead us to Rama! We accept the dust of your feet upon our heads." Giving them hearty embrace, he would lead them to his master and bow down before the feet of Rama, falling flat like a rod. In the role of Lakshamana, one day Nityananda Prabhu was beaten by Indrajit. Another day he would play at killing Indrajit. Having made one of the boys take the role of Vibhishana, he would lead Vibhishana in the presence of Rama and then install him as the king of Lanka.

Another child would shout, "Look! Here I come as Ravana. Beware the shafts from my bow. Let Lakshamana protect you if he can." With this, the child playing the role of Ravana hurled a lotus flower at Nityananda Prabhu, who dropped to the ground, senseless, in the mood of a defeated Lakshamana."

Don't sotp now! :) Its such nectar. Click here, or go to:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Learn Reiki, Pranic, or EnergyHealing

While I no longer do the particular Course directly below, I have an E-group that offers something similar, imho better, and FREE. Am including that basic info here

The following is what I "use to" teach in a different Course. The newer egroup course differs in some ways, better ways! :)  It has success stories to be read in our links section. And includes my empowering spiritual path of Krishna. (No need to join any organization.)

Also available are unique Vedic healing methods, Sound / Mantra Healing Course, and more.

With that said, first is my former "Yoga Reiki" Course info which I "use" to teach. No longer do, just want to give some idea of the knowledge.

Feel free to scroll past the small typeset of the old course directly below - which I can't seem to correct the spacing 😳, and go right on to 😊😇 the updated info about my Healing E-group. 

Why do I include the old info? 

In part for me to save it ha, but also so others can get some idea of my credentials. Including the credentials of my heart. 💗💗


[Formerly: "Yogic Reiki Ryoho." Why the name change? My personal path is yoga related, therefore through historical investigative work, India's yoga info has become a significant part of this Course. However, all the Ryoho information that was previously included, is still there, just as it was before. And of course, the Reiki info.]
Presenting Reiki in a way that's unique and possibly viewed contradictory by mainstream Reiki practitioners, as I tired of the Reiki cliques, overpriced courses, and limiting the existence of this energy to one country or culture - which can be respected but not a monopoly. The use of reiki/prana was also employed by yogis of ancient India (to do all sorts of things!).  For those who want typical Reiki with fancy (unnecessary) lineage, this is not the place for you. My course may even be considered a little rebellious by some. :-)

On the other hand if you would like a very practical Reiki system that can work for anyone, and surprisingly turns out to contain more truthful, original information than those following what's vox populi, AND is exceptionally potent, this is it.

Additionally included in each Course will be the often unknown or minimized connection between Reiki and Prana / India. Therefore giving recognition to Vedic Reiki, an ancient science which currently has received little to no credit for healing and the various forms of help it has offered humankind for millenniums.

These are all Online e-mail courses. You will receive your lessons, and send answered assignments (easy and fun), via e-mail. Simple and convenient. To read details, scroll down to "The Lessons."

You won't need to take additional Reiki courses. All which is necessary can be found here, and more. This is the only Reiki Course you'll ever need. Please notice it's affordable too.


I have bought some reiki DVD too, but surprisingly it does not give me so much information as reading your lessons. Why? Simply, interactive way of reading, practicing and sheering experience and opinions after each lesson is the great advantage of your course. ~ (Luba)
The self-healing was a wonderful experience for me. I had been having constant pain as you know for months. At first I felt I was being selfish with the healing, then I thought "healer, heal thyself." If I needed Reiki 4 to 6 times a day, that's what I did, that lasted about 4 days. I have been pain free since then. Thank God! ~ Peace, Jeri Hughes
One of the most important things that I have learned is PranaYama breathing exercises. I have been using it repeatedly and feel my energy levels improving. It makes sense because Prana is part of everything. ~ With Hands Together, Daisho Eila Rampa
I think before I came to Reiki my prana was very low. I was in physical pain all the time. Emotionally, I was a mess. Spiritually, I felt like I was just hanging on. Today, all that is different. My prana bank is full up - from giving and getting Reiki. It's probably been 2 weeks since I've needed something for pain, I'm fairly lucid, and I'm at peace with God. ~ Blessings, Jimi Mills
The Reiki lessons are so elevating and the way you have given us the details of each and every action of practitioner as well as the patient. After following the instructions in the lessons the energy flows gently and easily.
I had pain in both my knees last Sunday and troubled me a lot. I tried part I and II and got relieved of the pain.

Even while reading your notes I feel the prana. When I move the mouse I feel it. What else is required.

I am very grateful to you and thank God for giving me your contact at the right time. ~ Pranamas, Geeta Subramanian, India

[Click the following link for my improved healing info, via my egroup.]

Reiki has 3 basic levels: Reiki I, Reiki II and Masters (sometimes called Reiki III). Read the following descriptions. I include what is to be found in other Reiki courses, then add the more powerful yoga techniques.[Different but More potent - found at my yogic egroup!😉]

This is the beginners level, and all sincere seekers of hands-on healing are welcome. It includes physical touch Reiki and Self healing, the Reiki hand positions, Reiki principles, Chakra info and its inter-relationship to Reiki healing, Basic PranaYama (or the yoga of breath), Touch issues and Moral conduct, Polarity points (body's natural magnetic fields) to increase the power of Reiki sessions, How to energize water, Reiki and pets, Reiki and plants, Tuning into your hands, Receive your first Reiki Symbol as well as the truth about symbols you are not likely to be told of in too many other places, information about Attunement with the truth about that too; how to self-attune, and more (See below).

While I make available what is commonly thought of as traditional, the lesser known information of what genuinely is original Usui Reiki is revealed within my lessons, starting with Reiki I. 
Also included is a glossary of diseases and how to use Reiki hand positions on them. (Please know that Reiki is a "complimentary" treatment.).

Topics Covered:

* What is Reiki.
* Brief history.
* How Reiki works.

* The Reiki "Industry."

* What is the Reiki Lineage?
* Hand energizing methods to help feel Reiki (chi or ki) soon.
* How to see the Reiki energy, also known as Prana.
* Is Reiki A Religion? (The short answer is no, it's nonsectarian)
* Your First Symbol (Cho Ku Rei or Power Symbol).
* The little known "original" definition of the first symbol and Dr. Usui's original purpose behind the use of all symbols.
* Pure Foods. (Link to Vegetarian Recipes.)
* The Chakras, their relationship to hand positions, related disorders or imbalances, each chakra's spiritual lesson, corresponding herbs and/or essential oils to help, chakra illustrations, etc
* Introductory info about the Aura.* PranaYama ~ a yoga breathing technique.
* Who really does the healing?

* Karma and Healing / Disease.

* "It's Against My Religion (etc.) to accept spirit guides. Do I have to include them?" (Again, the short answer is "No.")

* Hand Positions with illustrations.
* Grounding.
* Introduction to a clearer perspective of the emotional components which sometimes coexist in Healing and Disease.
* Reiki Ethics.
* How to give a Reiki treatment to self and others.
* Keep It Simple.
* Become Self Empowered instead of dependent upon another for your Reiki empowerment.
* Glossary of health problems and how to treat them with Reiki.
* Certificate for students who successfully complete this level.


Every now and then I receive an email asking, "Will your certificate cover me legally and allow me to practice in my area?" The short answer is that no Teacher or Reiki School, ETC., can offer this to you. Unfortunately the way the laws work are - they do not honor Reiki or various forms of Energy Healing, therefore they do not care if you have a certificate or don't have a certificate.

Each state (or country) holds different laws regarding energy-work. Some states give laws for bodywork but not any for laying-on-of-hands or energy healing, while in a few others some favorable laws exist. (Though can be changed.) And some are even different from one county to another.

There are couple of alternatives, which are explained in the course. If you wish to find out your legal requirements you'll need to contact the law makers of your area.
So why get certified?

I myself have often felt a certificate is not necessary, just the skill is necessary. However, in Reiki circles a certificate is respected. And the type of clients you are inclined to attract often view a certificate in an honorable fashion, usually taking it seriously.

[P.S. If you are a Reiki Master, or have all ready taken some level of Reiki, please scroll and read "Note To Other Reiki: Masers, Level II, Even Level I - Wanting To Take this course." Thank you.]

THE LESSONS: There are a total of 8 lessons per level, each with an exercise and a "homework assignment" :-).... fun and awakening, which you are expected to complete and e-mail back to me at the end of each lesson before the next lesson will be sent. All you need to complete is one per week, approximately. I don't suggest rushing. Matter of fact, the idea is to go at your own pace, gently, in the comfort of your home. However, do view this as a real course, something that requires study time, practice time, and homework time. Approximately 45 minutes 4 to 5 days per week is recommended for each lesson. First make sure you can fit all of that into your schedule before enrolling. Remember, this is fun!

There will be a Completion exam at the end of each Course, which is simple. Nevertheless, a student must be sincere and not try to bluff their way through or they will only be cheating themselves. Besides, I'm not too fond of being tricked either. :-)

Students must understand the philosophy, know how to give a Reiki treatment, and more. The tests are E-A-S-Y for anyone who has sincerely studied the lessons and put them into action.

A criticism about learning Reiki online is the absence of teacher / student interaction - holding to the ancient belief that one must learn directly from a Master (teacher) who gives them personal time and assistance; whereas many online just send a course with an automatic certificate. I agree! (There are exceptions, just not enough.) It is why I insist on interacting with students, and made it pleasant with these fun homework assignments. Then I can give feedback which will help one grow. UPDATE: learn and interact on my egroup, read page description first to be sure you're a good fit - hope you are! :)

A few have tried to buy this course in the mood of getting all the lessons in one swoop, even though I explained above that this is a real course, there are homework assignments, etc. Still they buy it, then write me: "Where is my course?!" My reply: "I sent you lesson # 1 and am waiting for your experiences from that homework before I can send lesson #2. Each builds onto the other." And this is what I will tell all students because I don't want to be one of those who just sends automated courses with automated certificates. 

Thus, if you are too shy or afraid or have some other reason you do not wish to interact, don't get this course. It's not the one for you. Simultaneously I wish you well, and you may locate your needs elsewhere.

My course is for those who desire to make a genuine study of energy healing & able to offer it time, practice, developing in experience, advancement, willing to do the simple homework assignments, etc. This is the only way (for me anyhow) to offer this online and feel right about doing so.

Thanks for loaning an ear. Now you can better evaluate if this course is for you or not. Either choice is a good choice. ~ Namaste, Priitaa


UPDATE: I have "edited" most this part OUT since I no longer teach that particular Course. However, you can get a FREE one, plus other significant, powerful healing modalities - here at: egroup.]

The following is a part that I did have on my former page which I feel applies in general:

Previously most teachers who taught Reiki required $150 for Reiki I, $500 for Reiki II, and for Masters (Reiki III) from $1,000 to $10,000! Outrageous! Currently in some healing circles these prices have come down, yet there are still many that remain too high. My wish is that everyone who has the sincere desire to learn how to heal with their hands shall not be deprived of it due to money, but instead be able to afford to learn how. 

[FORMER] CLASS SCHEDULE:  OPEN from the 1st to the 7th of each month. After that, classes are CLOSED "until" the following month. Please only send registration info or hit that paypal button (cuz it's always operational) on appropriate dates. This change had to take place due to an increased number of students enrolling - which is great! Simply to share with everyone personal attention needed, cut off dates for workshop plus student intake had to be added. It's better for everyone really. - If you found this site when classees are closed, simply BOOKMARK to Favorites. That way you can find you way back timely. :-) 

[Sign up for egroup - anytime. Still must fill out and return "Enrollment Form" to become a member/student.]

This is the next step in advancement, leading to use of symbols and attunements, unknown truths about them, and an empowering Yoga Reiki method. Many find this exciting. Plus it's the level that teaches how to send healing over time and space, coupled with increasing strength of the pranic energy or ki.


"Love the cranial suture points. I was always drawn to work on them, now that I understand the whys of it, this makes more sense. So I thank you again for the thoroughness of all that you teach in this course." ~ Colleen Dougherty, Dunmore, Pa

There are various things you will learn, such as:
* Ryoho level two or 'Okuden.' Includes Hatsurei-ho and others.
* Two Symbols (Emotions - Sei Hei Ki, and Distant Healing - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen).
* Toning, Chanting and healing with sound vibration.
* Listening Awareness. 
* Unique, special PranaYama or Yoga of breath technique, continued beyond level one and not found in other Reiki Courses. Taught in a unique way, it is especially empowering for healing. This increases the potency of prana (or ki) of the practitioner. In most cases this enhances the healing ability even for those who all ready knew how to heal prior to this course. 
* Understanding more about healing the mind and emotions --- free from the common, modern guilt-inducing methods. (You receive the symbol too.)
* Going deeper into the relationship between sickness and emotions, thus gaining a realistic, genuine, and helpful, understanding. Or "how to empower your recipient."
* Chakra Balancing & introduction to mantra's sound-healing effects - simple, effective method to balance the chakras.
* More on the truth of Symbols, Attunements and how you can self-attune!
* Ki and turning it into Life Actions (Peace).
* Prana / ki and the Mind.
* Details about Aura’s.
* How To See The Aura.
* More About Ethics - specific for this level.
* Guided Meditation.
* Distant Healing - HOW to send healing over time and through space; plus fine tuning it.
* Scanning (Picking up various energies from recipient), Beaming (sending), Disconnecting and Grounding (freeing yourself).
* Group Distant Healing – Sending distant healing to more than one person at a time. Also, Distant scanning, etc.
* Unique or Yoga information about Prana (ki) and food, air, herbs, specific tastes, the elements, from plants to planets prana, more.
* Atma (soul) and ParamAtma (Supreme Soul).
* Karma, disease, health - a clear understanding.
* Etc. , Etc., ETC. :-)
* Certificate for those who successfully complete this level.


With respect to all other Reiki Courses, I require everyone to start at the first level of my course even if they have completed the higher levels from others and are certified. Why?

The short answer is, though mine does contain the same knowledge, it also adds other information - types of healing not found elsewhere - as well as giving a very 'different' perspective on some of the same teachings. I feel this is especially empowering, though you have a right to your opinion of course. Anyhow, if a person did not start this course on level one, then level two won't make sense. Therefore I must require all to register and begin at level ONE.

UPDATE: Some have emailed, stating they all ready took Reiki and don't need another certificate "Etc.," so could they go through the lessons quickly, or some other special privilege.

While I understand they may think they know enough to do that, they don't - - my course is different.

As touched on above, some of what was all ready learned, including traditional info, is there; however one will also receive knowledge they generally have not learned from any other Reiki Course. This applies to every level (with the Second level most prominent).

I've been emailed and asked to let some skip the preliminaries and just do what they themselves feel they need to study; I've been requested to send all lessons at one time (like a book); it's been inquired if I could send 'just' several lessons at once; Or can they go faster... therefore can I hurry up with the reply (required feedback)? This list goes on, hit up from various angles.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the enthusiasm and interest, simply that is not the way it works.

Now that I've clarified this point more thoroughly, kindly do not email me with this question anymore. The answer will always be:

Everyone who wants this course must go about it the same way as anyone else, AND not to rush thru the lessons thinking they've all ready "got it". (Then why enroll here?)  Instead, please take each lesson seriously, don't skim, and do follow through on attentively performing the assignments.

This Yoga reiki courarse requires time, effort, and cent-per-cent interest - from everyone and anyone. There are no exceptions.

Thanks for loaning an ear. ~ Namaste, Priitaa

You need an email address to receive lessons. I don't send them snail mail.

ALSO: Some email servers automatically put mail from new addy's into your "Junk" folder. To avoid, add mine into your address book right away.

Yes, you can teach Reiki too! That is, if you have come this far, are thoroughly practiced, answered assignments, and just really want to do it! :-) However, unlike (some) others, I don't require everyone to go out and teach in order to take this level. Many simply enroll in it for the extra knowledge. All I require is sincerity, and a willingness to do the work. ..... Desire, coupled with discipline, is key. 

It may help to know that in the orient, the word “Master” has often been used as we would in the West for “Teacher.” 

In level III or Masters you will learn:
* The Reiki Master Symbol (Dai Ko Mio) and what it means, how to use it properly.
* Special, more advanced yoga prana (ki) meditation to help increase your personal awareness even further.
* Receive a third attunement - traditional and/or nontraditional will be up to you.
* How to attune others, again, traditional and/or nontraditional will be up to you. Both are taught.
* Live the Rei-ki Lifestyle – how to further bring ki / Prana into your life, establish peace and connectedness.
* Various Attunements Methods are Examined, and, what does this word “attunement” really mean anyway? Attuning from the heart, attuning from the soul.
* How To Give Distant Attunements – Procedure.
* Meditations of heart and soul.
* More on sound vibration and its power to assist healing through  music and mantra.
* Avoiding Use of Your Own Energy thus Draining Yourself when Giving Attunements.
* More advanced tips on Yoga Reiki information not covered in the first two courses.
* Genuinely caring about your pupils.
* The Importance of Practice even after achieving this level.
* Experiments that are tangible, offering you real evidence of your abilities, and ways to fine-tune them as well.
* Ethics for Masters / Level III - Professional behavior, consideration of others and so on.
* 40 Hours of actual practice time on others is a requirement:
Certificate for students who successfully complete this level. However, some like to study this for the knowledge even though they do not wish to get involved in the 40 hours of actual practice. (Email me, should you want details.) If that's you, and on the condition you are willing to go without the certificate, you can still take this level (after taking the previous two). For those who will actively offer their services to others 40 hours - I will give a document for "completion" of lessons for level III. This way you will get credit, though to receive the certificate,40 hours of real-life practice is a requirement.

Again, while I respect all other Reiki Courses, I do require everyone to begin at the first level here, even if they have completed the higher levels with certificates from others. My course does indeed include the same knowledge, yet it also contains other information and knowledge those do not, as well as a very 'different' perspective on some of the same teachings, which you may or may not agree on, and that's ok. The fact is, if a person did not to begin on level one, work their way through level two, just suddenly took Masters, it wouldn't make sense to them. Therefore I must humbly require all to begin my course at level one. Thank you. ~ Namaste, Priitaa

You must have an email address so you can receive the lessons. I don't send them snail mail.

ALSO: Some email servers automatically put mail from new addy's into your "Junk" folder. To avoid, add mine into your address book right away.

Sorry to be repetitious but a handful keep looking for angles around this and there aren't any. Thus while I respect all other Reiki Courses, I do require everyone to begin at the first level here, even if they have completed the higher levels with certificates from others. My course does indeed include the same knowledge, yet it also contains other information and knowledge those do not, as well as a very 'different' perspective on some of the same teachings, which you may or may not agree on, and that's ok. The fact is, if a person did not to begin on level one, work their way through level two, just suddenly took Masters, it wouldn't make sense to them. Therefore I must humbly require all to begin my course at level one. Thank you. ~ Namaste, Priitaa

Even for the Egroup: Some email servers automatically put mail from new addy's into your "Junk" folder. To avoid, add mine into your address book right away.

DISCLAIMER: Reiki, etc, is not to be used to replace any medical treatments. It is harmless and complimentary only. Everyone should always see a professional medical practitioner. All disclaimers apply.

Thank you for your time.
Priitaa devi dasi 


HOW I CAME TO REKI - MY STORY -  Just holding the space right now. Someday I'll transfer that page over, but right now am busy transferring this one! ;)


LEARN REIKI ~ If you have questions ask them on my e-group [not email.]
I invite genuine inquires on my sites. However, smut mail or unsolicited advertising of any sort will be reported or dealt with. I've never purchased from spam in all my years on the net, so please don't waste your time or mine. Thank you.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though the above is not a carbon copy of what's taught on my e-group, you can ask questions there and I will be happy to give answers and tell you "how" to do healings. Plus other ideas on healing you may or may not yet know about, are now offered! :) See if we are a good fit for you, check it out and decide for yourself - tho hope so, and hope to see you there. :)

There are no egroup certificates but can tell you how to get one on your own if you 'really' want one. You'll need to ask, and only after taking my course on that group and completing it. 

However, my group is not about getting certified, and not about making a business of it [except for those falling on hard time you could figure out how to do so, and that is perfectly fine]. 

My group is for Vedic prayer/mantra, & students helping self or loved ones freely. I give you so much at no cost, merely except participation. My wish is for sincere students who will participate.

Thus any legal responsibilities & protections are your own. This is after all, "complimentary" medicine & not to replace anything else. All Disclaimers apply. Be responsible.

Moving on....Too often I'm taken advantage of [spammed, trolled, sales, ignoring our technique to promote someone else's, and much more]....  therefore I humbly ask folks to first read the front page plus fill out the member/student Enrollment Form and return it to me. 

I seldom let anyone in, or stay if I quickly put them thru, who refuses to fill out a mere enrollment form they would fill out for any other school. 

With that said, hope you like what you read and find interest in the unique Vedic modalities revealed on that group.

Now, I will let you in on a little secret. Some of the unique, special, info I talked about in my 'pay for' course, came from ancient Veda. :)

P.S. - And so it happened, someone has since asked me if they could have the older course for free since I now offer bits and pieces of it on an egroup freely. The answer is NO.  Aside from it simply not nice to make such a request, I'm saving that in case I ever have an emergency, need to pay rent, or just want to work again. :) 

However, it needs to be recognized that all egroup members receive tons of unique healing knowledge that is just as good. Actually IMHO, better. 

Thus, for those willing doing [fun] homework & the practice as any student of any subject would be expected to do, results follow. 

Plus, one can make specific inquires how to do "yada yada."  

Again, more important is the spiritual connections and unique ancient methods of India, now shared with anyone who sincerely wants to apply them. 

No curiosity seekers - serious students only please.

My Sweet Egroup, called "Krishna's Distance Healers," -- is just one click away - on that link. :)