Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ringing In the New Year

It is almost New Years Eve. Unlike many, I do not welcome it. I do not ring it in with bells and cheer. Why?

Cheer seldom means joy, but alcohol. Tonight
preparations are currently going on, this very moment, for a big celebration. Right now many are out shopping, buying fancy, fruit flavored alcoholic drinks or heavy drinks, but drinks - to make all laugh and smile.

Is it not but a sign of the times we live in, that so few know how to feel happy without the booze?

The joy religion in their past has in reality, too often been revealed as fanaticism. Thus so many of the world do not know how to gain joy from religion. Even afraid to look for it there, fearing it will disappoint, or secure in their belief its simply not present there. But in a bottle? Quick, fast, but the cheating process which next day may lead to much pain. Especially if some don't survive via car crashes. [Oh please, while we can't control family members or teenagers etc, but everyone as they read, or right after - can send out mantras of protection!]

I myself do not think I would have joined the Hare Krishna movement if it were like other typical religions. Tho some may practice it that way, but that is THEIR problem, and not the right way - at all.

Srila Prabhupada himself has explained, Krishna Consciousness is not a faith or a religion, but reuniting us to a eternal relationship we've always had with Krishna - simply we have forgotten. And it can be one of friend, of parent, neutrality, servitude, lover. Its not some vague or boring thing, tho we must do the work to get there. But it is fun! :)

Here we are, only two nights away from the big New Years celebrations that go on nearly everywhere, ignoring that year after year horrors results, many nevertheless go out and get drunk.

At this very moment someone is alive who no longer will be in but a couple of evenings. This bothers me.
Actually, it's not even a good idea to drive on the streets at all, if one can avoid. Please stay home! Go without that milk a couple days and remain safe, or "walk" to a nearby store, pay a little more, and again, stay safe!

Thus, I am never happy or secure about new year celebrations, as they are not even God conscious in general, what to speak of Krishna Consciousnesses. And I do not understand how Christan can go to church ever so dedicated for Christmas, and now make it acceptable to drink or get drunk. Something I suppose I'll never comprehend. I don't recall Jesus getting drunk. While some say he drank wine so too can they, he also walked on water - master that first, then we'll talk about the wine. :)

My dear friends, readers, anyone - Please find joy in Krishna, in ways that function for you. Put on a joyous kirtana maybe of VishnuJana Swami, or any that get you dancing and happy. :)

And /or use your own voice and sing Hare Krishna all around your home.

Cook up a veggie feast, offer it, and joyfully dance and chant!

Invite some [nearby!] friends over, tell them its going to be a nonalcoholic cool veggie feast. Add a little artoika ceremony if they're open to it, and if you know how. Such info on this blog - but if you want to keep it simple - that's fine too. Just be happy in God, He's not a fanatic, but a really fun Personality. :) Also Radharani, our Divine Mother. Such mercy abound, why not accept the bliss?

When I first joined it was the 1970s :) and everyone wanted to meditate for the experience of transcendental bliss. It turned out to be true! Why else would so many nearly break down the doors to move in the ashrama while Prabhupada was on the planet, unless he gave them greater happiness than they all ready could locate on their own? He give this rare opportunity to all, for the mere taking. Anyone knowing how much joy can be obtained, ever so easily, thru chanting Hare Krishna, thru dancing, thru lovingly offering food, hearing an inspirational CD/MP3, that which enthuses you to be Krishna Conscious, please spend your New Years Eve in this way. Very simply, chant and be happy.

AND stay off the roads! :) Whether I know you personally or not, is irrelevant. You are part and parcel of Shri Krishna as spirit soul - I want you to be alive and well January 2nd.

My Prayer you may use, or create your own:
Dear Lord NarasimhaDeva,
You are the protector as a lioness protects cubs. Please protect those [or reader can insert a name] who may not realize the danger they're putting themselves into, drinking and driving on New Years Eve, or at any time. Enlighten them, brighten them, first by protecting them. Direct them to fall at Your lotus feet, pull them in. Replace their dangerous illusions of [mundane] partying, with thoughts of dancing for You, singing about You, & chanting Your unique glories. Such glories which many of Your children are indeed attracted to - just need a reminder - or a gentle push toward You, to save their life, their soul. Narasimhadeva ki jai!

NEXT: Sit comfortably, then medicate on the following simple mantra. [If this is to protect someone other than yourself, or in addition to yourself, first say/think: "On Behalf Of THEIR NAME." You will automatically be benefited as the chanter.]

"Om Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"

Take long, deep, peaceful inhale............... [no cheating ha] and chant in a meditative mood:

"Om Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"
"Ommmmmmmmm Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"
"AUM Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"
"AUM Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"

Don't let mind wander, but if it does, no big deal just pull it back, and focus.

"Om Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"
"Om Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"
"Om Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"

Continue peaceful, gentle deep breathing while you absorb yourself in chanting:

"Om Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"
"Om Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"
"Ommmmm Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"

Continue on as long as you can, comfortably.
"Om Namo NaraSimhaYah Namaha"

Interested in details 'how' mantra works, how it heals or protects? Online [free] school here.