Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Narada Muni Came To Our Kirtana

Narada Muni is a pure devotee.  The following is a story we often forget happened. "Narada Muni Comes to Kirtana."

Yamuna devi dasi:

"One night an extraordinary thing happened. Prabhupada led the first kirtan and then gave a lecture. I sat on the floor just to his right with the harmonium, and after the lecture, I began leading the second Hare Krishna kirtan. All of a sudden, Srila Prabhupada’s voice cut through the auditorium with the potency of Lord Nrisimha, right in the middle of my chanting. I had never heard Prabhupada do that, nor had I heard the words he chanted.

‘Narada Muni bhajaya vina radhika ramana namne,’ he sang. And then again he repeated it.

I looked up, and he looked down at me, signaling me to carry on. So I continued chanting Hare Krishna, and he continued singing his prayer to Narada Muni into his microphone. I closed my eyes and carried on, not knowing what was happening. Then he started leading with me. We could all understand that something inexplicable but amazing was happening. Everyone was literally jumping off the ground, leaping in the air; even little baby Saraswati was two feet off the ground, and the audience was leaping into the air. We jumped off the stage and all of us began running around the perimeter of the auditorium with the audience. It was one of those Krishna magic moments. Just amazing!

The next morning I asked what had happened the previous night.

“Didn’t you see?” Srila Prabhupada said. “Narada Muni came to our kirtan.”

“No, I didn’t see him,” I answered.

“Yes, Narada Muni came.”

London England, 1969

Read more about Narada Muni here.

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