Sunday, April 16, 2017

Guru Training

My dear prabhu's and pious readers,

I have always tried to present a calm and balanced point of view in my postings. This next one is, admittedly, hard. Still, I will make such an attempt. It just feels so much has changed since Prabhupada left, and he instructed not to change anything.

Right now I will simply give readers the link. No time to research on Easter day with grandchild here. :)

Must give my 2 cents of a starting point tho. And that is:

The following editorial states that there's going to be education on how to be a guru. From the day I joined I'd always been taught, guru comes from qualification, everything one needs for education is all ready in Prabhupada's books so no special or additional classes, or etc, are needed. That guru will shine and stand out amongst others; will arise naturally when one sticks with Prabhupada's teachings.

They include many quotes on the following link from Prabhupada. Yes, they are bona fide. Almost overwhelming for some. My concern is, the omitting of quotes where Prabhupada repeatedly instructs that first and foremost - one must be qualified by realization - not by what's in the head, nor any psychology / behavioral tips. Rather, by what is in the heart and in the consciousness. 

I am concerned that new devotees [and some older ones], after reading the article, will not place much emphasis on the aspect of qualification to be looked at first. Or, due the article's overwhelming nature - some may get bedazzled :) and wind up unintentionally minimizing the point. Thus this post. Here's the link.

Please remember, one need not join anything to make spiritual advancement or practice Krishna Consciousness. 

You don't have to join ISKCON, you don't have to join any Ritvik organizations, you don't have to join any Anti-Ritvik groups, and don't have to join Gaudiya Math. At this point in time - why join anything? Too much confusion and arguing. These days so much information on how to practice consciousness of Krishna is easily available in videos and blogs on the internet. Just practice at home. :)

The following are some helpful blog links to immediately, without waiting for initiation, and without waiting for anything else, get ya going at home. And can keep ya going. :) 

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He Saved Me.  Short excerpt from book: "The Hare Krishna Explosion."  After reading, click 'sidebar' for more nectar! :)

Also, to learn how to create your own Home Altar, and/or details on How To Use It, and/or how to Turn food into spiritual Prasadam - all within the home - scroll. :) 

 -->Want to keep up with TIPS on how to practice Krishna Consciousness at home - or else just stay inspired? Subscribe. And share with friends.


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