Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gallery of Holy Names Blissfulness

Why does anyone take to this chanting of Hare Krishna? And why on earth to the keep to it? I thought to answer this in photo's. Maybe I'll say a word or two, but mostly its either quotes on the pictures - or no quotes on some pictures send the message just fine. Enjoy! 

Joyous, personal discovery:

 Change your fate:

          The sound vibration is easy yet not material:

Expand your consciousness!


Reach up to bliss!

Ever feel down and out, hopeless, contaminated? Simply start chanting [which includes singing] because first it instantly changes that mood and secondly:

No need to worry:

Krishna / God wants you to be happy - and chanting makes a person happy! :)

                                  Chanting creates a real connection with God, right now.


Not everyone can travel to holy lands, but everyone can get the same results by chanting!

Do you feel the mind, or tongue, or what you listen to [tv, commercials, etc] are uncontrolled? The way out - is in. Chanting of course. :)

He love you! Therefore gives Himself to you thru sound / chanting:

Remain in a liberated state:

When we water the root of a tree instead of each leave, the various problems get resolved. That root is chanting.

Japa, bead bag, Krishna -  the name is the same. :)

There is no question of Caste, Creed, Color, Social Position:

Sing it loud! I chant and I'm proud! :)

Even a child can do it! :)
Everyone and everything benefits, moving and nonmoving-think about that one! :)

Freedom, Freeeeeedom, FREEDOM! :)

Everyone wants happiness. Chanting is how to get it.




There is no need to join any organization. Simply chant, dance, be happy! :)

CHANT and BE HAPPY: wonderful, blissful interview with George Harson. It's good to have your very own copy. Inexpensive paperback version, click here.  For the Kindle version, click here.

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[You can have a guru and not join any organization - OR you don't have to have a guru to benefit by chanting. What you do at home is your business. Just thought to add this link in case anyone has questions.]

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