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The Old Days - Now A Days

I've often written on this topic ["The Old Days - Now A Days"], yet can't seem to stop ha, and for good reason. Why? Because no one should be left out! 

While Prabhupada may have disappeared from our vision and that aspect of him is not available, he is still fully accessible to anyone who puts in the effort.

Often I hear some say that they feel so bad having either missed the old days, or were not even born yet. I use to spend a lot of time trying to encourage, lift spirits, and get folks to realize that they can still do what we did!

These days I may spend less time at that because I ran into many who only wanted to complain. When I told them they can still have Prabhupada now, most happily said yes, but did not put in the effort to do anything different to achieve it to the degree they said they desired. Later I'd find them complaining on some other site or forum. (sigh) 

It makes me sad, cuz it is a waste of life airs when it's a spiritual fact that anyone who wants spiritual essence, and more, can indeed have it - merely by doing it! Actions speak louder than words.

Next, some feel they are indeed doing it, yet not getting those vibes. That could be true. However, knowingly or unknowingly, you are passing over something, or negating. There is an omission, probably quite a few. Keep reading Prabhupada's books & Letters to figure it out. 

Also, look within, honestly, to add onto finding solutions. What is it you don't want to stop doing, or start adding? Or is there some other issue? If it's something so huge you can't see the forest for the trees to resolve it - have you written steps to start digging you way out? This works, by the way! [Later if I find one, I may come back with a link or two, if that helps.]

Update: Here are the links I promised to help those who "really" want to do this, get there. Ten Steps To Achieve Goals. Interestingly, here's one that only takes Five Steps, just be  sure to keep your goal focused on becoming Krishna Conscious so you can stop your cycle of repeated birth and death. Of course, it's up to you. Basically we all get out of something, whatever it is we put into it.

Additionally, please don't take on the misconception of rejecting the word ISKCON or insisting not to belong because of abuse or etc. ISKCON is not where abuse goes on, nor any nonsense. Prabhupada said ISKCON will rise to the Spiritual Sky.  Do you really think the ones [which is not every member] that cheats or hurt others will be the ones rising on up? ha No, it is the meek, the humble, the strong but polite in Vaisnava Etiquette, the truth seekers, and so on.  Prabhupada is Iskcon.  

Some who are new may have no interest in joining anything and that is perfectly fine. Since I'm speaking to a wide audience I must also include a variety, some even initiated - thus it is different for everyone. Some specific points in this post are to the disciples. 

However, anyone can chant Hare Krishna plus invite folks over to share in the singing, feasting, and make spiritual advancement without joining a thing.)

Nor am I about to criticize the whole Movement. It's not my job to get into politics. I'm smart enough ... and old enough haha ... to know better than to waste time meditating on what I've no power to fix. Rather, my job, service, is to share how anyone can go back to Godhead even now, by taking action and doing what Prabhupada had us do.

I joined the Movement when it was actually moving. ha Temples were so often being opened, preaching centers started, people were breaking the doors down to move in! It was soooo exciting. 

Yes, that was a long time ago, but anyone can start something up on their own, to whatever degree they feel comfortable doing, if they tap into jagat guru Srila Prabhupada

It was always him empowering us, we are not special. Lucky, but not special. Everyone is part and parcel of God/Krishna and therefore each and any soul can tap into this blissful Krishna Conscious technique.

If you open anything, consider calling Isckon, like Bangalore did. Now, I am not sure of the legalities, maybe combining the name as they did, helps. Be ambitious and look it up. But lets make ISKCON what it should be again. Prabhupada's Movement. And do it right.

Best to keep it small to medium, and avoid centralizing as Prabhupada instructed = makes that much easier. Safer, kinde

Moving on.... Actually, I didn't intend to get so involved in those topics. Tho I DO want to wake folks up to the fact that if they want to feel spiritual bliss, they may need to up the ante. ha  Mostly with this posting, I just wanted to share some feelings and a story of the previous times. 

Thus, without further ado :)

What I like about the old days is the simplicity of it all, the innocence, the turning of any space - into a spiritual place - like a store front. Prabhupada never wanted everything centralized. Connected, but not centralized. Everything was to stay local

That's another reason I say we can have the old days back these days. For those with even a little ambition/desire, they can open their own little temple, or just start something in their living room. [For those they trust.] It's bonafide. :) Anyhow, this is nevertheless a fun read. And you can have a similar story to tell one day, if you open up your own store front, basement, go to the park, etc. 


          "The storefront itself is only a fifteen by forty foot unfurnished room. Someone had placed straw mats on the floor for sitting. At the far end are two windows, a closed bathroom door, and a badly chipped sink. A bare lightbulb hangs from a cord in the middle of the room, another at the entrance. They are the only lights.

          "As we wait, others come in. Then, through the back windows, I can see the Swami crossing the courtyard to the storefront. He enters through the hall door and quickly slides off his white pointed shoes. Then he sits on one of the straw mats and faces his new congregation.

          "His attire is humble, ascetic: a saffron dhoti worn in the style of a sannyasi monk, and a saffron chadar over his shoulders. As he sits erect and cross-legged, his body seems to dwindle. His magnetism and personality are concentrated in his face, large and noble like a Buddha's. It is a serene, meditative, grave face, a tranquil face, encompassing joy, compassion, sorrow, and much more. It is a face unlike any other I have ever seen." ~ Full story.

Yes, it is true that you will also have spiritual experiences. They will be different - yet not. And like so many devotees in the past, you too will indeed have unique experiences, specific to you! And stories, MANY stories, to share with your children, grandchildren, devotees - if you create a spiritual gathering.

Hmmmm I should remember I am not only speaking to new devotees, but senior devotees as well. They know this, but a refresher is helpful IMHO. Most older devotees have found their niche, but that's another story for another time. :)

THE SCIENCE of SELF REALIZATION - This is such a lovely book! Packed with knowledge. When I have time I may come back and describe it more, as I like it so much. However, you can read the descriptions on Amazon, and especially, it's nice to have your very own copy. You can get either a paperback here, or Kindle, here.

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