Saturday, October 1, 2016

How I Came To Krishna Consciousness

While previously "touching on" how I became a devotee, there is more I left out. It was actually a very wonderful journey to go through.

I lived in this little bungalow colony. Actually two. ha. Though I was not seeking them out - it just happened that way.

In the first one, there were about 5 bungalows in a row. The last 2 or 3, us teens or young adults. We often got together and talked of God, the Universe, and all sorts of "far out" stuff. :)

One day an initiated devotee showed up. [Someone who lived there knew him.] He took us all outside to sit on a madras. He played kartals, all of us chanted Hare Krishna with him under the beautiful sun, blue skies, and white clouds. Terrific experience! Then he left.

The landlord changed hands and it became too expensive and complicated to stay. By chance found a 2nd bungalow colony. It may sound like they were all over the place or that I was into them. But neither is the case. With hindsight, since the people who lived at both of them were open to Krishna, I at least wonder if Krishna arranged I find them. Don't know for certain of course, but it's an interesting thought.

At the 2nd one, I met this young married couple who attended the temple. Tho they never moved in, they gave their daughter a devotee name. He loaned the Radha Krishna album, and I was fascinated by Yamuna's chant "Om Purnama Adah Purnamadah." It was so mystical! I'd play it over and over.   LINK TO THIS SONG.

There was another young couple, but they were into a different guru at that time. Nonetheless, they too liked to talk about yoga and God, believed in Krishna.

Somewhere along the line I learned about offering food. I had this little dark color wooden table, put a huge poster of Krishna on the wall behind it. Later learned to put a Prabhupada pic under His lotus feet. I'd set plates of food on this table and offer by ... well chanting... but also singing and dancing Hare Krishna. haha Did not know dancing was not part of offering. lol [Tho it's fine and even encouraged after the special mantras are said.] The fun of it all, ha, I learned as I went.

Visited the temple once and on the 2nd visit, moved in.

Times have changed so please be aware that you do not need to join anything. And  there is no need for fundamentalism - actually, that is discouraged.

I started out at home and it was so much fun! This idea that spiritual life should not be fun is bogus. If anything, it should feel good, Krishna feels good. Anyone can do this and have a blast, like I did. :) Music, dancing, feasting, chanting, Etc... what a great path toward God.

The goodness of pudding is not in reading the recipe over and over, but diving into what was read once and tasting it! Please give this Krishna C some ruchi or real tangible taste via experiences you create in your own home.

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