Friday, August 26, 2016

Prabhupada's Appearance Day - and the World Around Us

Today is VyasaPuja or the Appearance Day of our Spiritual Master

Initially some may wonder why we celebrate such a day. However, that is not hard for most to understand. The Christian Holiday of Christmas is glorification of the appearance of their guru, Lord Jesus Christ. [Now lets not waste time getting into accuracy of dates. lol Save that for some future post, maybe.] Similarly, we too, celebrate the appearance of our pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada.

In so doing, I want to bring up a story that has been on my mind a while. 

Approximately two years ago I was hospitalized for almost 3 months. Several surgeries, etc, but am fine now! :) However, while there I saw something disturbing. Hospitals have TV's. The "Today Show" came on. I heard Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira. She was doing the main broadcasting, he was interacting but off camera. They kept talking about "the religion." So of course I wanted to find out "which" religion? 

As they talked back and forth, I realized it was ours! Over and over again, they'd say: "The Religion." ..."The Religion yada yada," and "The Religion blah blah." ....What the heck was that about? But this is only the minor part of this story.

What bothered me more, was their constant reference to Srila Prabhupada as a mere "Hindu man." 

I wanted to say to them: "Apparently, you wouldn't recognize a pure devotee if you fell over him." LOL I also wanted to say: "I don't call your Jesus Christ a mere Jew who started some new religion, so don't call my Prabhupada a regular, run of the mill Hindu." Well, a disciple can't help but to protect their guru. And I have to remember, no one knows how to recognize a pure devotee until they are taught this unique knowledge

Yet something more was going on. How much of it was their highly inaccurate perception of Srila Prabhupada, and how much was our own misrepresentation of him to the world?! 

Yes, that had a lot to do with it. Matt and Meredith talked about devotee men as narcissistic, issues with the children [tho admitting some stayed devotees], and problems with "in-fighting." No longer the peaceful Movement we use to be. Sad.

To a degree, they were not totally off the mark. Although they did not appear to have looked into any other direction. ...Mostly I was irritated that they blamed OUR issues on Prabhupada.

However, I was pleasantly surprised they also verbalized to the world that Prabhupada himself was not a narcissist. Phew. Tho they still did not agree with, or understand, his views on women. I've done my best to clarify it here on this blog for others out there.

The chances of them getting such info when it's far more gratifying for certain devotees to hit that keyboard typing unpleasantries about females, ignoring needs/protection of children, or to passionately fight in public - is rampant. Thus it is far more likely as 'what' will come the way of anyone who investigates us. sigh.

So devotees out there, take responsibility. Think twice before you speak in some odd way. Ask yourself, are you really doing it for the sake of preaching [benefits others], or to release your own negative feelings. 

I've been saying that for decades, how this free-for-all in the name of preaching, is in truth, not preaching - and I don't see how so much negativity can be pleasing to Srila Prabhupada either. Now we have further proof! Well, we always had proof, but just see, it's effects do not stop and it hit 'major network Television!'

So own your stuff and type with thought, with care - regardless how you feel inside. Sure, most things can be discussed, but use self-control coupled with intelligence. A little humility wouldn't hurt either. :) And how about pitching in where there are issues, instead complaining.  Push a-w-a-y from the computer. lol Get involved.

Moving on....

Prabhupada did so very VERY much for us. Let us not forget this, and may we each, individually, find a way to pass it on.

Prabhupada even stayed up late or got up early - to translate these books in our language for our benefit.

Prabhupada taught us our very 1st songs - which hopefully will remain our most used tunes.

 Prabhupada was kind to children, both boys AND girls. They are all special birth. Make sure to treat them as such.

 Books, books, BOOKS - so important to Srila Prabhupada. [His, not others copies or changed.] Prabhupada's books are so transcendental - with Krishna throughout - that he even said we could offer arotika to them.


"My dear beloved Children,

Please accept my blessings. I am so much pleased with your kind and affectionate words on the occasion of my birthday anniversary on the Nandotsva day this year (1972). My Guru Maharaj wanted me to spread this Krishna Consciousness Movement in western world, and you are all helping in this great attempt.

My Spiritual Master knew it that alone I could not do this great work. Therefore He has very kindly sent you all to help me in this task. I accept you therefore as respresentatives of my Guru Maharaja playing as my affectionate disciples.

It is said that child is father of man. Kindly therefore continue your help in this great task and act as my young father and mother in my old age. I am

Your ever well-wisher,,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami



VIDEO - Prabhupada speaks on the importance of Books. "Where Do You Get The Money?" 

VIDEO - "Thank you Srila Prabhupada."

VIDEO - "Original Maha Mantra." It's been said Prabhupada transported his tunes from Goloka. Let's keep using them! Oh, it's ok to use other tunes, just make sure not to forget this one. Especially in the temple room

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