Sunday, July 17, 2016

Understanding the Contradictions

Lately I've been reading some discussions about the appearingly contradictions Prabhupada has made. [Which IMHO are in the minority.] Those discussions were not intended in a bad or doubtful way - more along the lines where some were wondering how to comprehend them. Well, I say two things:

1-If you've all ready accepted Prabhupada and find most of what he says right-on, don't beat yourself up over perfect comprehension of every tiny thing - it WILL come in time. Realization will find you. Have had it happen and I am no one special, it can happen to anyone at all.Actually, many of what appeared contradictory - no longer did - at all. A combination of spiritual education [Prabhupada's books, letters, etc], chanting, and patience - it will arrive.

2) Prabhupada's books were written for "everyone." Think about it. That means there are different things for different people. For example, what is good for the Kanishta Adhikari may not be good for someone higher. Or the Kanishta may have different rules to follow to get higher. There may even be many gray areas where some parts of an individual devotee is strong in one area there for can follow yada yada, but weak in another ares so should follow blah blah. Madhyama adhikari and the Utthama adhikary are the other two levels. The short answer is, do what works for you, and look into those grey areas we all have, to do the best for them. [Don't try to water anything down, the only one that hurts is you. Make it functional, but keep it honest.] But regarding what might appear as contradictions, this explains a lot. Everyone is one a different level. So they're really not contradicting, ya just need to see where they apply and where they do not apply.

3) This lovely quote explains even more! 

 [Click on the pic to make it big and easy to read.] 

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