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Camping Self-Sufficiency Tips, Life Hacks

If ever there were an emergency, could you pitch a tent from scratch? Heat up in winter or cool down in summer? Cook without fire? What about getting stuck somewhere out on Sankirtana?  Or just some fun & simple overnight camping in your own backyard?

I began to wonder these questions for myself. As a result, gradually, I learned how to do a few things. 

This is for everyone. Man, woman; boy, girl [with parents permission & supervision]; renunciant's and grhastha's. Everyone can benefit knowing a few basic skills of this sort.

This page is to share some tips I discovered. Don't worry, I'm not a fanatic about survivalism. But I do feel a little self-sufficiency is good for everyone to put into their memory banks. It will be there for life and can be pulled out to use whenever needed or wanted. 

Be, or get, prepared. Knowledge will save one, but if we don't know what to bring, or we do know but forgot it - it won't help much. Figure out what you need, then place it where it will always be easily available.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any non-Vaisnava things they say or items used on videos, tutorials, or anywhere. Tho I feel I kept it down to a low roar, if any pops up. The greater picture is to take gold from wherever found to push forward with Sankirtana, or health for more time on earth for purification, or to get alone-time spiritual life in the woods to recharge & revitalize.
* SHELTER: Easy Tarp Tent:

Set up in 90 SecondsAccording to them anyhow. ha I tried and tho it took this beginner longer, it still was easy and quick. My one different preference is that I rather put the tent-peg thru the corner tarp holes and not the 2nd ones. It gave more space to the inside, which mine desperately needed. The rest was right-on and simple. Do what works best for you. Video: How To Set Up A Tarp Tent, Easily & Quickly - 90 Seconds. Any plastic will work, like a shower curtain, or 'large' picnic table cloths preferably from the dollar store. Tho a tarp is easier and more sturdy.  Yet it's good to know these alternatives when a tarp is not available.

Tarp Shelters are a bit different from a tarp tent and quite easy.  Some additional good tips here.

Really good ideas via this A-Frame Shelter that also apply to tents. Life saving.  Also: how to tie a Clove Hitch Knot [mentioned in the video].

If you're all ready pretty good at putting up a tarp-tent, or else practice the above mentioned 90 second set-up a few times, try this one with a floor.

IMPORTANT: Always pitch a tent etc 'away' from "widow-makers." These are limbs that can fall from a tree during a rain or even unexpectedly, and crush someone in a tent under, or even somewhat near it. Look up before you set up! 
Health Benefits of going outside into nature.
* COOLING OFF: Since it's currently summer, and most camping goes on at that time, how about a little A.C. in your tent? Ok, maybe it's not quite that good, but how to cool off? The following video will show that. 

However, there will not be electricity in the woods that they use in the video, so buy a [good sized] battery operated fan coupled with a battery charger. This means you also have to buy special batteries, but it's better than sun stroke and cheaper than an air conditioner. ha  Can recharge them many times. That info coming up, first the "How-To" video: 

Turn a fan into a cooler system.

Alternative: If you are like me and don't own or don't use a drill - here is one made from a styrofoam cooler.

Misting Box Fan

If you're more talented than myself, this one uses copper, ice, water, a fan, etc - the closest I've seen to real AC. 

Before buying a battery charger or the special rechargeable batteries [as you can't use just any battery in the recharger], first figure out what size batteries fit your fan. With that said...

Chargers at Amazon.

Batteries that can be recharged, available at Amazon.

Can also find a battery-operated-Fan there too. Of course, get these items wherever you want. I bought my fan at Walmart.

Just discovered this product: It's a small fan water cooler. Runs on USB cord or small batteries. 

     Or if less is needed, try this:

* HEATING UP: When the summer season begins to wane and coldness is just starting to enter, some don't want to give up a little trip to the sattvic woodlands on a weekend, or over night in their backyard to get last healing benefits of EARTHING without having to buy earthing products. Or maybe the car broke down and ya just got stuck somewhere. How to heat up in an easy and affordable way? The following video shows one method

Oh, but like everything else, a little preparation is required such as stopping at a store to buy rubbing alcohol, keeping a soda or similar can available in the car trunk, plus baking soda etc for extinguishing fires. 

[Dirt also works, but sometimes it's not as easy as one might think to get up enough of it quickly to put out a fire. And oil or ghee fires can NOT be put out with water - it makes them worse. Use a lid or again the baking soda for that. However, water is important to keep nearby and works on other types of fires.]

Soda Can Stove 

[Some cut the can with mere scissors. I want to return with an additional version of this type of stove. So stay tuned.]

This one is a Wood (& gas) burning stove made from 2 cans. 

How to make a Smokeless Campfire.

One-ish minute video on how to put out Campfires.

Never light a fire under or close to a tarp, or plastic - or anything flammable.

* COOKING: You've some time on your hands but know you'll be hungry in a couple hours. Can't do a major offering tho something small would be great. But it's hot outside! ha Fire is the last thing you want to make. What to do?

Extremely simple.

This one is using the heat of the sun inside a car

I've also seen it achieved with jars. Some say you must paint the outside of the jar black. I know little about this so don't try it unless you do some research yourself. UPDATE: Just found a video on how to do this.

Others have successfully used pots that have glass lids. I've no experience with it but this one makes sense to me. [A stainless-steel bowl inside a pot with a glass lid under the hot summer sun? Yeah!] Therefore, I want to try it. Getting a cooking thermometer to place inside it can be very helpful.

Important note: Wild animals - I've not time to get into this vast topic and how to be careful in the many different areas of the world of the many different readers. So do the research "before" going camping!  

                                          Sleeping Issues? - Read this:

Sooner or later some way to tie this or that will be needed. The following are great ways to recycle, plus save money on rope

Make Rope from Plastic Bags: Here is a 6ish minute version from a camper guy. He also demonstrates it's strength when completed.

These are kids showing how to make a Jump Rope out of plastic bags. Nearly the same thing as camper guy - thus anyone can make rope. This video is less then 2 minutes. 

NEXT, how to make a Sleeping MAT from plastic bags. Intended to make for the homeless so I'd feel bad if I didn't say... while you can make them for camping for yourself, no harm making an extra one for a someone in need. Just ask them to say "Hare Krishna." Sankirtana ki jai! :)

How To ARM KNIT and ARM CROCHET - which comes in handy using plarn. By the way, men do this too. Especially when they're cold enough. 


You can even make clothing out of plarn, tho I could not decide via my google search - so you will have to do one and pick. 

Make a PILLOW out of plastic bags. [No knitting involved. lol] Sure, you could just stuff a bunch into a pillow case, but is it really that comfy or pleasing to the eyes? Check out this tutorial.

*  Showering in the woods? Well, you can bring towelettes or similar. But this is an interesting tutorial.  

The Simple Shower - technically an advertisement , feel free to buy it if you want BUT I suspect one could easily make something similar. And poke holes in the lid of a water bottle, hang bottle in a tree. I'm also thinking to tie or tape on a closed lid to avoid wasting water during a shower. ....Or, we once had a watering can where the spicket fell off. If you have one, or similar, use that for the shower head. ...No, I've never used a shower in the woods. lol But it's nice to know in case of emergency.

Here's how to turn large Trash Bags into a Shower. Good tips here even if choosing the others above. 

Next when time allows, I want to research some type of privacy material and how to hang it around a shower. So check back.

UPDATE: Found it! :-) And it was the only one! Apparently most like to buy theirs. Great if you have the money. Tho it's not just about money. It's about knowing what to do in an emergency [along with having fun while practicing]. Check out this guys PRIVACY SHOWER TENT.


Slipping and sliding with poor boots or even mere shoes? Tie on some chains for traction [for mud as well]. And avoid mere shoes when you know you'll be walking thru rough terrain

NEW:  Waterproof shoes with beeswax.

 Portable Washing Machine :-) Funny but works:
Obviously - buy a brand new plunger. :) And notice holes in both plunger & lid of bucket

Need a Broom for your camping area? Make one out of plastic bottles. Here's how:
Splinter Extraction:

Fill wide mouthed bottle with hot water nearly to the brim. Press affected part of hand tightly against mouth of bottle. It will soon draw out the splinter. 

No light due to no candles?

Try kids old crayons.

Be fire-conscious please. Place at a distance, preferably on foil, keep baking soda nearby, kids far away.

 Another tip to create light is to follow this Tutorial on how to make a pocket size Oil Lamp out of those free bottles of shampoo etc you get at hotels. Works for most any small bottle just make sure it did not have any flammable chemicals in it beforehand! According to this article, it gets hotter than candle wax. Good when cold, but must I keep saying BAKING SODA? :) It works in cases where water inflames! [Like oil fires.]

How to pack for ease and mobility.

How to Stop smashing fingers when hammering in a nail:

Wind keeps blowing out that incense before it can even light? 

Try bringing a few pieces of long spaghetti with you. In the box of course. Or heck, put them in a used but clean incense box.

Still need to watch out for that wind tho. Matter of fact if it's windy, forget the incense.

This is also a great tip for indoors

Repel mosquito's by burning sage bundles. Actually most anything smokey keeps them at bay BUT some have additional properties mosquito's can't stand - like SAGE

Items getting lost in the camping pile? Try this:
                                                              A rope would also work.

 Hear KIRTANAS or Lectures: 

Use a paper towel roll, cut to size

See insert made on pic & copy.

Tacks are used for feet.

Basically just follow the picture.

Lastly: Make sure fires are out "thoroughly." [Sometimes they appear out at the top, but under the earth they are going strong.] In case you missed it above, this is highly important so: One-ish minute video on how to put out such a fire.

And clean up well. Leave no trace that a human was there. 

Really, most on this page is easy. It's just a matter of acquiring new knowledge, picking from it what works for you as an individual, then a little [fun] practice to develop the habit. It's for health as well - on every level.

* Doubt I'll make another post on this subject, so bookmark and check back here in the future to see if I add more tips and tricks. :)

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