Saturday, June 18, 2016

For Kids - Krishna Conscious FUN! :)

Real Krishna Consciousness is joyous. Here's some Krishna fun for kids - or grand-kids! :-)

1) Print or sketch. 

2) Have child color, and cut. [Supervise!] 

3) Put together with tabs, maybe add a little tape or glue to the tab. 

Next, they can also have fun playing with them! :) Adorable.


Just found more:

 Basically follow the same instructions as above.

You can see how to make it.

Optional idea: Get an old cleaned milk carton or any box, add cardboard wheels etc - and have fun by assisting your children to create their own little RathaYatra! Maybe even add an oatmeal [circular] box as a mrdanga. Happily chant as kids pull the Ratha cart with their Lordships inside it - around the living room. Make a cone-shape from paper plates etc  - put some dry prasad in it to be distributed during the "parade." Great way to get fussy kids to eat as well.

 That idea next caused me to think about the other pics above. ... Collect some twigs or  buy craft pipe-cleaners & make them into trees. Grab a small mirror like those in compacts or just cut aluminum foil the size /shape you want - make a body of water, place the trees around it, add Krishna and Balarama having fun in the forest!

Add some of your own creative ideas to the mix. There ya go. Just see how your children are helping you to be Krishna Conscious as well. :) And it's fun for everyone.

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