Saturday, June 18, 2016

An Herb that can kill Cancer Cells in 48 Hours

I have not made a thorough investigation, but it sounds promising. Maybe we should just start drinking it on a regular basis to nip those bad cells in the bud. Hopefully one less thing to worry about. :)

Remember in hot weather, like right now, just turn it into iced tea.

Read their article and decide for yourself. <- That use to be a link that went defunct. At first annoyed me, ha, but now it has given opportunity to add more about cancer on this page.

First, another link on the exact same topic.

Scientists Discover Root thFat can kill 98% of Cancer Cells.

Cancer Killing herb - $157K Research Grant!

Frankincense Oil - A Wise Mans Remedy for Bladder Cancer.

Alternative Remedies - Stop Cancer Now

The Truth About Essential Oils and Cancer.

3 Reasons Wheatgrass is a cancer healing powerhouse.

Wheatgrass Testimonials - Cancer. 

Chris Beat Cancer - I juiced page.

Avoid these 3 common Juicing Mistakes.
I hope no reader out there has Cancer, and I can not tell you which healing path to take, but whatever you choose, I hope I have helped in some small way. Hare Krishna!

I would also like to invite you to my healing yahoo group to receive the free Mantra Healing Course. Science has proven sound heals. Actually I have done a lot of research in that area, too much to put here! Lets just summarize: 

From shock wave lithotripsy to crush kidney stones, to cymatics evidence that sound moves matter, the power of yogis of the past - to the power of modern medicine, the recognition that airplanes can break decibels thus ear drums if too close - to an opera singer intentionally breaking glass - mantra is something worth adding to your medical program. It is Complimentary Medicine, and every little bit helps. Please read our front page to see if you are a good fit.

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