Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tick-tock, Grow a Flower Clock

Yes, it can be done! I've thought of it when hiking around, wondering what time this or that plant wakes up or goes to sleep. Then a godsister, tho unknowing of my desire, shared this link, below.

Oh, I have not done it yet. ha It may take me time - but it may not take others time. Spring is not fully here, but its getting close. So buy the appropriate seeds and you can grow a flower clock in your backyard! 

Shhhhh Don't tell anyone. Than when you tell time by taking a sneak-peek at your flowers, everyone can think you are a great mystic. LOL Just kidding, but you can find ways to have a little, honest, fun with it. :)

Article: "Five Minutes To Moonflower."

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