Tuesday, February 16, 2016


How many of us feel we could be with Krishna more, if only our situation were different? 

I'm no exception.

Yet, I'm not going to get into all that went wrong, not in the Movement, not daily life. Tho if that helps you, do so privately in a journal or somehow - to release and figure it out. The idea is not to get into it however, but to get over it. 

Anyhow, I'm here to say it's a reality, one we can stop beating ourselves up over, accept, and seek ways around it. Maybe even beyond.

Oh, I'm quick to admit, I've repeatedly become upset about this. And in regards to myself, wishing I were stronger. Still do - a little. I desperately wish things were as they were, in the old days. The good parts. 

However, if I spend too long in that thought mode, it doesn't heal, nor change, anything. Over time I've learned to feel what I feel "but" process it quickly. That is the only way it's helpful.  

Next to move on regarding how to think of it, better ways to view it - and especially what to do - just for you.

Sure, they changed things even tho Prabhupada said don't. And you may have your own private issues that significantly get in the way of the spiritual life you dream of. The bliss you hanker for.

There is no denying things that are true. How we deal with it is another topic.

Briefly: Therapy has its place. It's not the purpose of this blog. If ya need it, get it - from those who are not inimical to Prabhupada or Krishna. Simply, it became vox populi amongst devotees in the 80's and 90s. While a professional helps "some," too many armatures arose with a "one size fits all" psychology. Amateurs often result in pain, not gain.  

Do not drag therapy into the church/temple as some have - almost like it's a religion. I've been hassled because I would not "convert." LOL

Moving on, this blog is to focus on that which offers spiritual solutions. Now, what action can we take to bring about the spiritual life we desire, hanker after?

I have some ideas. One is to start finding what makes you feel extremely happy. Then dovetail it. [Ummm within the 4 regs please.]

Songs uplift me. In addition to actually changing brainwaves from the negative and up toward the positive - they are chantings that do not trigger any guilt or shame. :) I'll put one link below. 

From there, pesonalize it and go looking for some of your very own - some that do this for you. When listening, you should feel happiness! 

You can also put on headphones which has an even more profound healing ability. 

And/Or collect pics that inspire you, then run them as a slideshow 'while' singing /chanting along with the spiritual music. - A fun activity, for sure.

Another idea is to figure out what brings you down, and slowly modify those things. If sensibly possible, weed them out of your life - replacing with happy activities instead! 

While sometimes we can renounce, we can't always. If a child has 2 hands filled with dirt, they do not want to put it down. How to get them to do that? Easy. Give them a Simply Wonderful [a common Hare Krishna sweet]. Or any such treat. Make a trade if necessary.  

So lets stop making it so hard on ourselves, and instead make it easy for ourselves - do the same thing.

Whatever is taking you down, blocking spiritual life, yet it either has to be there for reasons too lengthy to get into here, or you are attached to it even tho it's bad for you.... what to do? 

Just as you would for the child. Take out the time to go and find yourself something better as a replacement. Only you know what that is. It's worth it, and it makes one much happier.

Moving on, just make your day bright, and your life light.

For some reason the thumbnail won't upload. Do click on this YouTube link - it will make you smile. Well, it did, me. And notice how at the very beginning, he says "Hare Krishna" into the microphone. :)

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