Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Beautiful song! Loved it since the day it was released! Then met the singer/song writer on fb. Here is an interesting tidbit about what she wrote, how this song came to her:

DEVOTEE: Beautiful, Stunning! Is this the one you dreamed & wrote yourself Gaurangi? 

GAURANGI / PIA: Yes my love. <3

ME: You dreamed that! Wow!

GAURANGI / PIA: Yeah I woke up and sang it into a dictaphone. . Then the morning came and I sang it to my mum and she cried.. so I thought oooh this might be good!:)

Listen to her song/dream, here:  

What is your dream song? Its not required to go to sleep to think one up. Or a poem. Or just a short creative story on Krishna's glories. :) 

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