Monday, February 29, 2016

PISHIMA_Sister Of Prabhupada

Uncanny how much Pishima [sister] and Prabhupada look alike! 

She was also a pure devotee. 

She would sometimes tease or just had a unique relationship with Prabhupada. To her, he was brother. She sometimes stood in front of him / vyasana, so she could see the Deities, semi-blocking his view. lol  

She cooked whatever she wanted for him, regardless. :) 

Sometimes when Prabhupada was busy and not in his bedroom she would use it to take rest - and the brahmacari's would freak out. They asked Prabhupada to talk to her about it. He did. She stopped for a short while, only to do it again. :) 

This pure devotee sister and pure devotee brother had their own unique relationship we may not understand, or to some degree we may - tho we can appreciate it's sweetness.

Her name was Bhavatarini but devotees never ever called her that. Always, "Pishima."

As children Abhaya [Prabhuapada] and Bhavatarini [Pishima] flew kites together. When there was some difficulty getting the kites to fly, they would pray to Krishna. :)

Also as children, their father gave Abhaya [Prabhupada] a small set of Radha Krishna Deities. Pishima became his perpetual comrade in Their worship. [At a later point in time, Prabhupada gave her these Deities.]

She was an initiated disciple of Srila Bhaktisiddanta Saraswati.

Someone I know told me: "I met Bramacharis that she trained up."  

Yes, Pishima ran a temple as Temple Commander.

Never think women must be weak or less intelligent or a staple in a society that maintains lower class sudra ideas. Prabhupada gave something higher.

In addition, we are not these bodies - we are spirit soul. The more one tries to identify with their soul, the less bodily social concepts are so important - Krishna becomes most important. Like peeling an onion, automatically the material layers around us will unfold when Krishna is involved, or rather, when we invite Him into our life.  

The pure devotee usually stays within normal expectations to our eyes, so as not to disturb our minds or society. However, for them it is optional.

Long ago there was a riot in Calcutta India between Muslims and Hindus. This was around 1948. No one dared walk the streets when it was dark outside! But Pishima did. To go to the temple to see Krishna, she did, and never was harmed. 

We must not to immediate. First do the [pleasant!] work to get there. Simultaneously we can understand, there is no discrimination for women who practice "transcendental" Krishna Consciousness.

 Of course, live whatever [wholesome] lifestyle you wish, but find a way to add "transcendental" Krishna Consciousness.

Some think women should not receive initiation, but that is a different group, not Prabhuapda's. We are not practicing Hindusim, we are not practicing any sectarianism, and I myself am not practicing VAD [tho I accept it - but believe it's easy to misuse in kali-yuga]. Prabhupada himself initiated women. 

Matter of fact, the first disciple "ever" initiated by Prabhupada, was a woman. By Krishna's mercy, I got to meet her.

Additionally, here is a comment from a godsister, regarding women taking initiation in the past:

"Devahuti was the disciple of her son Kapila.  Janava wife of Nityananda was the head of the entire Gaudiya Sampradaya and had disciples including her son. Kunti served Devarsha Muni like a disciple, I don't know if she was initiated. Bhaktisiddhanta started a new and improved system of Maths and initiated many women. Mirabai has been criticized by some saying that she didn't have a guru but upon further research (which I don't recall the outcome details), she does have one and her husband became her disciple."

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