Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gardening Time, VAD?

What has been pressing on my mind lately? For one, it's gardening time! At this point it doesn't much matter where you live, cuz you can always germinate seeds inside. Later transfer outdoors.

    For the past two years I've said to myself: "Self I said" ha, "Grow your own medicine." And I did grow some, which was great. However, certain things left me unfulfilled.

    One was my concern that some plants are invasive and I did not want to irritate my neighbors, should they happen to visit their land. While I still have some concerns in that way, but previously lived in city or town or suburbia, which I suspect aspects of it has lingered. Now I live in an area of much land! I think I'm worrying over nothing. lol

    Additionally, anything can be "container planted" if there are such concerns. One way tho obvious - put the plant inside a pot. There is another way slightly more natural. Cut a hole in the bottom of the container. This creates a wall around the plant but lets the roots have freedom. [For some highly invasive plants - do not cut off the bottom!] Dig appropriate hole in garden. Place container hole. Tho some plants tend to invade via the root system. Than, back to full pottery. :)

    Another concern for many, or why others don't do this too, is the cost. Now I will say upfront, I prefer organic seeds or organic plants, and buy those from  However, what about folks who can not afford to get ahead that way, or can't afford much at all?

    Discovery! :) A place that sells very inexpensive herbal seeds, and some plants [located in the USA.] But I do not think they are organic. You would have to email and ask.

    With that said, herbal seeds run anywhere from 40 cents to $1.20 [as of this writing] Herb Plants when compared to richters, those at Artistic Gardens are about half that price. 

     So if lack of money is blocking the average housewife trying to keep in a budget, or a college young man, or the many other reasons and situations that may get in the way, here is a link to them:

    Next Topic.... I've been reading postings about Vedic Culture lately. So many perspectives, and so many giving a large variety of feedback to such articles. Guess I have my own to give.

    I wonder why some are writing articles, even if it's from the positive perspective, on how women should behave, or men should behave, or children, and what our society should look like, the laws, so on and so forth.... some complaining... complaining....when the reality is they have not done the work to create that type of society in the first place.

    It's almost as if some are in "La La Land" with  complaints we are not a Vedic Society - when that specific type of society has never been built. We have to deal with the reality we actually live in, not the one we wish we lived in.

    Thirty years and counting, still they have not made this, so why all the lengthy articles showing us how far away from Vedic we are? If they truly want it, then stop typing about it, walk outside, get dirty, pick up a shovel, dig up mud, bake it into bricks, build the buildings ....  or leave us alone. ha

    Prabhupada put more emphasis on Book Distribution and Sankirtana, as established by Lord Chaitanya. And his own spiritual master said he would sell bricks of temple building if it would pay for the printing of more books.

    Not to misunderstand. Temples are important. But whenever we are made to feel what we do just isn't good 'enough' - remember - preaching / sharing Krishna with others, is top of the list!

    Anyone can quotes what a Vedic society 'should' look like, but so few are willing to either do the work to make one for the whole of our society, OR else pick up a book bag and go out to distribute Prabhupada's books. Make a choice, and take action.

    To clarify further, IMHO the creation of a [genuine] Vedic society, one that is fair to all, and honest, would be an asset. But lately some do not outright say the words Varnashrama Dharma /VAD -- yet if you dig into what they offer, it sounds like very similar. So I wonder how many are trying to imply that? I wonder if "Vedic" or Vedic "Society" is used by some as the new term for "VAD?"

    Until we can do the following, and not misuse VAD for bodily power positions, bullying, control-freaks, or even 'politely' reminding others they are inferior etc - then I myself do not see how we can do a true VAD society in the first place:

    "The whole system was that.  Love exchange.  I give you some service; you give me something, out of your love.  dadāti pratigṛhṇāti.  Love means six symptoms.  I give you something, you give me something.  I give you something for eating, you also give me something for eating.  dadāti pratigṛhṇāti bhuṅkte bhojayate, guhyam ākhyāti pṛcchati.  If I am in trouble, I express my mind, I open my mind before you, and you also try to help me.  These are the six signs of love.  That is Vedic civilization.  Everything exchange of love.  No business, mercantile." ~ Srila Prabhupada lecture, Los Angeles, June 22, 1972

    Again, am not against VAD, simply it is not a requirement to go back to Godhead. 

    Plus, it is is not for everyone. Not every spirit soul out there gets a calling to work the land or has VAD related desires, nevertheless are lovely devotees of Krishna with other talents.

    And if VAD is done, it must be done right, not the male superiority way - twisting scripture. Everyone is to be allowed to do what is their natural propensity, not what others think "should" be their natural propensity by something they read. 

    Prabhupada actually looked at the person, and had no problem engaging them to 'whatever' their propensity was. It did not always go along with the books, but that does not mean it is contradictory either. Both can exist. Co-exist.

    Because I love to garden and grow things, once upon a time I use to think this automatically put me in the category of VAD, which I knew did not fit me in any other way. 

    So I darn near stopped gardening! Well, that wasn't the only reason. But after seeing too many people misuse VAD for personal sense gratification, I did not want to become part of that!

    However, lets clarify: truthful VAD is not about selfish sense gratification, self-glorification, or automatic rubber-stamped superiority due to the material body. Quite the opposite. It is to gradually elevate anyone according to their natural propensity. Gender does not matter. The "fair" type of VAD is called "DAIVI," or Daivi Varnashrama Dharma.

    I remember in only 3 or 4 letters, did Prabhupada say we could be successful with VAD in this age of kali yuga. In the rest I have seen, he said it could not be achieved in this age.

    As time went on, I realized it was ok for me to be a gardener, or do any such thing, and did not have to view myself as a practitioner of VAD. Yet still respect it [when done in truth]. 

    So what am I than? A practitioner of Krishna Consciousness, or Bhakti YOGA.

    Disciple is suppose to practice yoga, sense control mixed with service to God / Krishna. Just as I realized I could be a pujari in the morning by offering my home Deities [or Murti's] incense, etc, than later putting on my old clothes and go outside to get dirty and plant things... you can also do like this without converting to VAD.

    The Vaisnava is automatically above sudra, vaishya, kstriya, or even brahmana. Similarly anyone who wishes to do these things mentioned in this post, can do it with the consciousness of Vaisnava.

    I do wonder why so many devotees still TALK about Vedic Society or VAD for 30+ years, but don't DO "enough" to create one. In which case, they have proven Prabhupada's point, where they can't even get the basics together to start [or maintain] VAD. Thus I wonder why they don't just pick up a book-bag and do that service instead. It is a higher service after all.

    Claims of saving society thru VAD [& inferior opportunities for women and girl children] are resolved "AUTOMATICALLY" thru Krishna Consciousness, and that comes from putting a book in someone's hands.

    It can be frustrating, and a little demeaning that some of us would not 'fit in' as good "enough," after reading so many articles complaining we're not a Vedic Society. Actually we are are, because we are a Krishna Conscious Society, and that's better. 

    If some things needing to be tweaked, like the Gurukula system, do it! Correctly this time. :) Seriously. This is something that needs attention. Because we need to stop thinking there can be society without children, shipping them off or annoyed that they make noise when they play, or do silly things. Geesh. [Not all think like this - just hope this reaches some who do.]

     While that may not be consciously a train of thought, but omitting them so often may be part of the reason solutions or a nice school - never comes to fruition, or not long enough. Thus build or open more, correct, sane, Gurukula's for our children and grandchildren.

     Please note, I agreed Prabhupada wanted farm communities and considered them important. I love the countryside, and growing things. Simply farm community does not have to be a VAD community. Unfortunately that has too often been the aim. Maybe someone can do it differently tho, in accordance to a transcendental level. 

     If we struggle with the basics Prabhupada instructed, it's beyond me why anyone thinks they can [properly] do VAD. Instead, create farms, preferably don't try to make it VAD, as it's much more difficult than meets the eye. Fitting everyone in to perfect little categories. sigh.

     Or if insistent to endeavor creating VAD, than do Daivi VAD, that's fine. But not to act like others are in maya if they do not wish to be part of it. After all, we simply need a few Sankirtana devotees stories to show or remind the power of spreading the glories of beautiful Krishna. :)

    And it may surprise you as I am now going to reveal myself as part of an egroup on Vedic Living. That's right, as I said, I'm not against it. And not everyone of such groups are into VAD. They too are practicing Krishna C and want to truly create a whole of society for all walks of life to also practice the highest method of spiritual life: Krishna.

    Do I think they will succeed in doing this? I don't know. What I do know is they teach how to do this. If we choose, we can take that knowledge to begin, and use it at home. See where it goes from there. If drawn to that. 

     If not drawn to that, that is perfectly fine, as Prabhupada made available, different types of devotional service for all walks of life. Find one that suites you, your calling - at least for now to check it out. Maybe egroups to learn Deity Worship, how to be a pujari, Or egroups teaching what ashrama lifestyle is like and how to put that into action at home. 

     Those things are best, as one should learn how to do the basics first and foremost, or may wish reminders to inspire maintenance in that area. If one all ready has saddhana organized, a bit of both can be ok. I love self-sufficiency. Merely, soul-sufficiency comes first. :) It's all good, just know 'what' each has to offer, pick wisely, and fit them in a functional, realistic schedule.

    All I know is, when I read my albeit well-intended, 60+ year old godsiblings writing concerns of no large scale Vedic System in place... then I become concerned that life airs are getting shorter so take action with what we DO have available: Devotional service to Krishna, book or prasadam distribution or Harinama. The later being soul-sufficiency, and it's time to stop minimizing them.

   Thanks for loaning an ear. As I always say [or think], you've a right to your opinions, and the lifestyle you live. Hopefully such choices will be made knowingly, that's all.
    Priitaa dd  

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