Friday, December 15, 2017

Life and Death

My apologies for taking so long to post another blog. I have a bona fide reason.  You see, I was about to become a grandma but it was a high risk pregnancy. And a very scary one. First informed this horrible thing was going to happen, then it did not and all was well. Shortly after, told some new awful thing was going on, then with testing it revealed everything was ok. On and on for most of the pregnancy like that. So, I'd rather not go into all the details. 

Finally, the baby was born, and healthy. We were relieved. However, within hours - went downhill. Came close to death!

I believe medicine has it's place, be it allopathic, natural, or both. Also, I believe that Energy Healing has a place, plus the power of sound vibration or the "chanting" of Vedic Prayers, andddddddd :) mixing everything together with the God connection - all have their place in healing. That is what we did. 

Although the details on "how" is a different topic and I don't want to get sidetracked, if you want to learn healing with Mantra as well as with Energy, even the power of Candle Work - check out my yahoo egroup specific to learning that, here.  

Long story short, baby fully recuperated, is perfectly fine, and I am a happy grandma! Phew. 

However, it forces one to think about birth and death, how they have so much in common, and how even if we get a shot at an auspicious birth, we really never know. Anything can be taken away from us at any moment.

Now things have settled down and I am able to write this post, However, I must say, please oh please take spiritual life seriously cuz at any moment death can raise it's head.  By serious I do not mean fanatically or etc, because true spiritual life is blissful. 

Yet we do have to commit to some action. I've given many ideas throughout this blog on practical ways to do that, even within the home. Look around at the various links. Open them up, see if they tickle your fancy. If one doesn't, keep looking and find one that does, because life on this planet is temporary - whereas spiritual life never ends and is eternal. Unlike material banks, whatever we deposit in our transcendental bank account is never taken away. So lets keep depositing more.

In the Mahabharata the question is asked: What is the most wonderful thing? [Wonderful meaning surprising or filled with wonder, unexpected.] The reply given was: Family, friends, and so on are dying all around everyone, yet each person thinks they themselves shall not die.

This does not mean logically we do not think it, as we all know with our intellect we must die. Rather, we too often live our life as if death is far away, or sometimes that it is not even a thought we allow in order to remind us that life is temporary - therefore go do something permanent.

Anyway, it is there in ancient scripture as a warning, not as paranoia. It is simply a reality of the material world.

Some may say this is a morbid topic. I disagree. Nothing here is speaking of eternal hell fires or how we are always bad. ha What is being pointed out is to take this golden opportunity Krishna has given us, and put in some time to make spiritual advancement.

After all, we are given free will. No one is forcing. It's up to each individual to either take out time to serve God/Krishna, or we will be forced by the laws of material nature to serve Maya. 

Maya can be anything from our jobs to cleaning the house to etc. And sure, we have to live in the material world. But when we add Krishna to the mix, we may be in the world, yet not of the world.
We were built to serve, but we were also given free will. It is up to us, what we wish to do. By making the endeavor to serve Krishna, we are cutting the binding chains of our individual material existence, while simultaneously reconnecting with God. Yoga means to unite, and that is what Bhakti Yoga is all about. Uniting through love and service. 

P.S.  Love is a verb. :) We show our love to God by the actions of devotional service. And there is so much blissful service available that can be done even within the home. It is not a drag ha, nor boring - rather it is nectar!  Please open links at the side of [or beneath] this blog to find something that does it for you. Life is short, chant and be happy.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Saradiya has left us, going higher

October 5th the last full moon, known as Saradiya Rasa, the devotee Prabhupada named Saridiya devi dasi left this planet [passed on]. 

I can not claim to have known her, but that will not stop me from posting what a wonderful devotee she was! I wish I had known her. She joined the Hare Krishna Movement at the age of 16. How rare is that?! Prabhupada asked mother Malati to adopt her. :) And she did. 

Saradiya devi dasi dancing before Srila Prabhupada in 1968:

Saradiya was also an artist. Here is the link to her art page.

Now something very interesting happened. A young, new devotee, barely a year older than Saradiya when she herself became a devotee, took pictures of the full moon that night. She knew Saradiya, got her first BhagavadGita from her. She got more than a full moon when taking those pics. 

What would that be? 

In her own words: "This was the full moon on Saradiya RasaYatra. After and before I took this picture, I saw this orb. I was talking to Saradiya and telling her how much I miss her already. I believe this orb could be her energy. If not, it could be the Lords energy. Either one makes me happy."

[Click pics open to get the 'real' effect!]

Notice how it moved a bit too [click open]

Traveling somewhere: 

Next, I wish to thank PrabhupadaConnect / PC for giving me permisison to use anything from the site, which I have. :) Therefore I'd like to add this link to theirs; an article written by Saradiya called: "Bonds Of Love."

And here Saradiya wrote: "It was the summer of 1969.  I was cleaning A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada’s apartment on 26 2nd Ave in New York City.  His apartment was behind the Radha Krishna Temple, across the small courtyard, up the stairs, and on the second floor.  His rooms were small, but functional.

The temple was a small storefront that the previous tenants had made into a gift store with the sign: "Matchless Gifts."  The sign certainly alluded to the real matchless gifts of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings generously given to all who entered the transformed storefront.

The previous summer, I had the good fortune to attend a few of Srila Prabhupada’s darshans (discussion/gatherings) in this apartment.  He had asked the devotees if they were painting. ..... "Full Story here.

How interesting she left her body at this exact point in time. Prabhupada knew what he was doing when he named her. :) Plus, a very auspicious time to go:

Sri Kavi Karnapura describes the autumn of Vraja in his Ananda Vrindavana Campu: 

The splendorous season of autumn is characterized by lakes full of deep blue water filled with red lotus flowers that look like the lotus feet of Visnu being caressed by the loving lotus hands of Laksmi. 

Brimming with water, these lakes are as clean and pure as the sinless heart of a devotee aspiring for prema. 

As Narayana is beautified by the presence of the joy-ful Goddess of Fortune, similarly, the autumn lakes are beautified by the presence of cakravaka birds and blossoming lotuses.

Groups of lazy swans sport freely in the lakes. Gliding along the water, they resemble liberated souls (paramahamsas) swimming in the ocean of spiritual bliss. 

The cooing herons appear to be echoing the tales of Rama and Laksmana. 

Blue lotuses please everyone with their splendid fragrance, spreading through the land like the fame of the all-attractive Lord. 

The white lotuses (pundarika) ornamenting the lakes are like the elephant Pundarika who decorates the Southeast direction. 

The bees ravage the honey of the kumuda lotuses growing in the lake, just as they enjoy the liquid oozing from the body of Kumuda, the elephant of the Southwest direction. 

Red lotuses cast their colors across the autumn lakes like the setting sun coloring the evening sky with it pastel pinks.

Like an impassioned lady, the autumn season holds these lakes, the reservoirs of all beauty, to her chest in love. 

The autumn moon shines brilliantly like a glinting sword unsheathed before battle. 

As dharma fully manifests in Satya-yuga, the bulls, as representatives of religion, manifest a type of madness during this season as they turn every field into a play-ground. 

The large lakes of this season are very beautiful with warm water on their surfaces and cool water within. They resemble a peaceful man who keeps cool within, even when harassed by the words of a fool. 

The rows of brilliant wispy clouds adorning the autumn sky look like sandal-wood paste on the limbs of the directions personified as women. 

These cloud wisps appear like the white scarf of a young woman waving in the breeze, or cotton fluff carried by the winds personified as young girls.

When the groups of pure white clouds reflect in the Yamuna, it appears like a brilliant white sandbar in the middle of the river, or that the Ganga (which is greenish-white in color) has taken shelter of the Yamuna to gain the fortune of bathing Krsna. 

Three wonderful features fill the autumn season with bliss, namely the fragrant pollen from blooming lotuses, the directions becoming darkened from swarms of bees maddened by the in-toxicating fragrance of the chatina tree, and the wind driven clouds mov-ing like freely roaming elephants.

The autumn season can be seen as a beautiful woman whose waist-belt is the cooing herons, whose ankle-bells are the sonorous quacking of the ducks, whose breasts are the cakravaka birds, whose moon-like face is the half-blooming lotuses, whose eyes are the blue lotuses, whose eyebrows are the fickle bees, and whose attractive garments are the pollen from various flowers.

When the mud (kardama) dries up this season becomes blissful with the sight of the faces of many brown calves (kapilas). Similarly, when Kardama Muni renounced his home, Devahuti took pleasure in seeing the face of her son Kapiladeva. 

This season is like a king who has a flower bed in the middle of a forest of land lotuses. Its canopy is the sky overhead sparkling with the constellations. Its camara whisks are the swaying of the tall kasa flowers.

In the monsoon season, the elephants of the directions jump on the clouds and push them down so that the sky appears to touch the treetops. 

On the other hand, when the tree branches become free of these clouds, it seems the elephants of the directions have departed. In their absence the space above the trees increases.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Stevie Wonder - Hare Krishna

Some have criticized me for posting this. I have no ill will toward them, simply wish to clarify where I am coming from:

Not everyone is going to shave-up or move into the ashrama. When I hear famous musicians trying to share Krishna's holy name with the world, and risking criticism doing so, yet they do it - I am proud of them. 

And lets remember how George Harrison combined Hallelujah with Hare Krishna. :) Prabhupada was pleased. 

Great preaching. With both George - and maybe not to the same degree, yet I really don't know much about Stevie - thus him too. He is also spreading Krishna's holy names throughout the world.

I remember working the front desk at the NY skyscraper temple. It had a huge [paper-mache type art] of Lord Chaitanya to the side of the entrance door. That made it's placement before the front desk where I sat. 

A devotee who had been there quite awhile, told me that Stevie Wonder came to visit, and he asked permission to "brail" Lord Chaitanya. He was given that permission. That was long before he did the following, below, so it must have taken. :)

Sankirtana ki jai! :) Peace. <3

Darn, can't get the thumbnail pic to come thru. Please just click here.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

It's A New Day

Just a few days past,we had the fear of Hurricane Irma, category 5, hitting Florida. For that matter, other areas as well.

When there are disasters, either in the world or in our life, we turn to God. And that is good. 

However, to only pay attention to God at that time, not so good. ha That is, it's unwise to ignore God during other times. 

If we are tired of being battered around by hurricanes [or their threats!], or people [or their threats ha], or anything in the material world, we need to DO something about that other than limiting it to taking shelter of the Lord only during danger.

Now I am a rascal, fool number one, and admit I struggle doing this myself. Simultaneously I keep trying. That's all we need to do, keep trying.

Desire to increase our service. If that's too hard, then desire to desire to increase. If that's still too hard, then desire to desire to DESIRE :) to increase service. Keep on going in that way, until you find where you can function to do so.

Thus I am adding my yahoo Distant Healing E-group here. If anyone would like to mildly increase their service, coupled with taking the time to "learn" our technique of healing, this is a FREE school, so both can be accomplished. And you can indeed connect with God through our healing technique! 

It's yoga coupled with healing. What more can one ask for? :) Yoga means to yoke up to, or connect. Unite with God/Krishna, plus heal self or others. Many charge high fees for such knowledge, we give it at no cost - at all. 

Tired of feeling powerless over a situation, self, a loved one? Enroll in this free online school that teaches you ancient techniques to help get a handle over that. 

Read our front page and see if you are a good fit. Hope you are! :)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Florida Hurricane Prayers

Those in India or other countries may not know there is soon to be one of the biggest hurricanes we've ever had in America, and it may wipe out the devotees, and/or temple in that area!

I also have a daughter who lives there, and am very worried. Later I may return and add more to this post, but for now had to get it started, cuz help is needed, now!

Please pitch in and say a prayer or chant some mantra for the protection of all the devotees, and the deities, in Alachua Florida. And all of florida.

First, Intent: Any [Vaisnava] prayers or mantra are fine, simply this is one example-

"Dear Lord Narasimhadeva, My obeisances unto You! We are in need of your protection, as Florida devotees and temple are seriously in danger due to this upcoming Hurricane Irma. Please push it far away, please protect the deities there, and the people there. While this is being reported as one of the most powerful hurricanes in decades, we know You are far more powerful than any hurricane. Please show Your mercy and bestow Your power to push far away, this Irma hurricane, and protect all devotees threatened. Falling at Your lotus feet, thank You. I am but your fallen servant, YS, ABC" [Insert your own name, and modify however you wish, or compose your own.]

If anyone wants to add my daughter to the list, I thank you. 

After saying a prayer of intent, follow with this chanting [or some mantra to VishnuTattva of your own]. Here are the words to this one:

Ugram Viram Maha Vishnum,
JwalanTum SarvaTo Mukham
Nrsimgham BhishaNam Bhadram
Mrityur Mrityum Namam Yaham

Mantra is not wishful thinking, it actually sends out specific sound vibrations to change/ modify the atmosphere. Coupled with the God aspects too. 

So vibrate dear folks, vibrate. :) Do your part, and in that way God notices you are sincere, and does His.

And if a reader out there does not know who Lord Narasimha is, here's a summary: 

A demon named HaranyaKashipu asked for a benediction that he would never be killed, and back than they could give benedictions. In this case, was kind of tricked into it. Tho NaradaMuni said he can not grand him immortality,  Haranyakashipu said ok, then never let me be killed by man nor by animal, etc etc. Interestingly HaryanKashipu's own song was a great devotee! That made Haranyakashipu mad. He tried and tried to convert him into becoming a demon, but 5 year old Prahlada would makes replies like: "Father, please just try it, just chant Hare Krishna, and your anger will leave you. You will become soooooo happy." This only made stubborn Haranyakashipu more angry, to the point of abusing his son.

He had him thrown off a mountain. He had him put in a pit of poisonous snakes [who never bit him because he was chanting Hare Krishna], even tried to boil him in oil (!), 

So when his son, Prahlada, a pure devotee, prayed to Krishna for protection, God incarnated as half lion, half man, as not to break the benediction. [Well, being God He never would have broken it, but for the eyes of humans, He mercifully appeared like this so no one would think He disrespected benedictions].  Also to avoid breaking the benediction that Haranyakashipu never die never inside or outside, he killed this demon on the doorway. Clever. :) 

It should also be noted, anyone who is killed by God - goes to God. It should also be noted, this is a pastime, not to be imitated. Briefly, this story leads to another, regarding how Jai and Vijai the gatekeepers above, had to take birth in the material world. They were given choice, to take many birth as devotee, or take few births as demon. It was their choice, and they both wanted to get back soon, so they picked demon. In Krishna's rasa of course so that is special. Ok, phew, done. :)

With that explained, phew ha, I share with you the following video that protects the devotees and destroys demons. Right now this hurricane feels like a demon, killing people. Please chant to shift it's course, as well as to have all devotees and pious folk protected!

Briefly mentioned in this video are certain things to do prior to chanting - while it is nice, do not think you should not chant if you are not up to, or don't have additional time, to chant the mantra itself. Just chant! This is an emergency and everyone in Florida needs protection! Sitting right here, behind your computer, right now, chant along! Please. Help those in danger: Chant.
After that, if interested in learning and participating, join my fb Mantra Healing Page. And/or join my Yahoo e-group on Distant Healing which now includes mantra. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Becoming Free

There are many ways to become free, and the most transcendental will be posted after I explain my personal need to clear a few unexpected maya blocks [attacks?] that suddenly entered my life. Maybe it will help others in some way as well.

It's been a while since I posted, which also was unexpected. Many problems hit out of the blue.  The electricity crashed. When it was fixed, the Internet went down. Next, they took turns, back and forth, even together, going down. Arrrgh as Charlie Brown says. ha

What to speak of some personal issues that I did not know were going on for a few years! But suddenly came into the light. Issues: a fancy word for problems ha. They were revealed and I had to deal with them - big time.

Saturn retrograde was doing what it does. Yes, I was effected by that as well. Readers may have been able to notice this by the recent addition of items I now must start selling. [Am working on an ebay store.]

By the way, it was not my plan to add sales to this blog - it became a necessity. A serious one. What happened even effected my ability to spiritually practice. Thus I merely want to get back on my own 2 feet via a simple purchase.

In case you're curious, it was someone outside the family who took liberties with my family and caused a variety of problems, including financial.

Saturn has the propensity to bring what was hidden, into the light. Especially in my chart. ha In it's own way, that is good, but can be painful. I'm glad Saturn has, just recently, gone direct. Phew. It may take time until everything gets back into sync. There are often some shadow or lingering effects. If you too had problems arise, soon you will likely notice them reduce and, though according to the chart, go away or get resolved.

Moving on, this brings up the topic of Astrology. To be specific, I only trust Jyotish/Sideral/Eastern/Vedic astrology. Not Western. With that clarified, some say: "If we are Krishna Consciousness, astrology should not effect us."

My understanding of this, or my reply?  "All who are pure devotees, please raise your hand." No one? lol Ok, until we become pure devotees, there will be influence of planets, just like there is influence of sunshine, moonshine, gravity, or wind. They are all natural forces.

What to do about that? It does not mean we must become absorbed in astrology. Instead, a person can spend 24/7 thinking of, actively serving, etc, Krishna. And/or until we become 100 percent pure, with a schedule plus lifestyle to support that - an easy solution is to make a daily habit of "attentively" chanting or singing DASHAVATARA. This covers nearly every planets [Vaishnava] lordship while simultaneously glorifying God.

Next, it is soon to be RADHASTAMI, the 'appearance' day of Srimati Radharani. Let us remember, She is our Divine Mother. Also, one who approaches Radha, Krishna listens to Radha. :) But always keep awe and reverence to Her. Both of Them really.

The date for Radhastami changes from year to year, according to the Vedic Calendar/sidereal. This year it is Tuesday the 29th of August - in America.

If you are honoring this day at home, make it festive and fun. Can cook something special. Radha Red is a wonderful Chutney, both sweet and spicy. 

Also, a good read comes from Krishna Book, etc. These are pastimes, not to be imitated. Not always understood if we use only the left or mundane side of our brain. They are on the highest level of transcendence. Relish them. 

Dance in front of your altar or in your meditation area, while chanting Her transcendental Names on her special day. 

Invite a few friends over too and share it with them. Of course make sure they respect what you are doing and won't give you stress. However, if you have someone who would enjoy doing this holiday with you - go for it. And if you don't, do it yourself. Connect with the holiday all on your own.

Prayer Containing Ten Names of Radha,
Ananda-candrika (The Moonlight of Bliss)
by Srila Rupa Goswami

[NOTE: If you are new or for any reason have trouble with pronouncing the Sanskrit, do not worry, just scroll to the English. Radha knows your intent. - Those who can read Sanskrit, should. :) ]

radha damodara-prestha
radhika varsabhanavi

1. Radha, 
2. She who is dear to Lord Damodara, 
3. His greatest worshiper,
4. the daughter of King Vrsabhanu, 
5. She who is the crowning garland of
mallika flowers on the decorated braided hair of all the gopis,

Text 2

gandharva lalita-sakhi

6. the first of Krsna’s beloveds, 
7. an expert singer and musician, 
8. Lalita’s friend, 
9. She who is delighted with the friendship of Visakha, 
10. the flower blossom that attracts the black bee of Lord Hari’s heart.

Text 3 and 4

imam vrndavanesvarya
ananda-candrikam nama
yo rahasyam stutim pat het

sa klesa-rahito bhutva
tvaritam karuna-patram
radha-madhavayor bhavet

He who reads this confidential prayer, which bears the title
Ananda-candrika (The Moonlight of Bliss), and which is beautiful with ten names of the queen of Vrndavana, becomes free of all troubles and decorated with great good fortune. He quickly becomes the object of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava’s mercy.

UPDATE: It is now the day after Radhastami and I wish to let folks out there know, it does not have to be that holiday in order to practice what has been written here. It can be done on any day! Chant or read the benediction prayer, do an offering, make it a great day! Yesterday I was surprised that even this fallen rascal had a blissful day. It was all because of spending it in a form of singing/meditation, and doing some readings here and there. Anyone can do it. I actually wanted to report in ha, that my day was so especially nice yesterday, that I plan on repeating bits of it today, and for as long as I can. I will probably go looking for a variety of transcendental tunes, but am going to start out with one I found that really got me motivated. Of course, do remember to include the Maha Mantra: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. :) 

Related Post:
"Who Is That Girl With Krishna?" :) And other details are explained on that year 2011 Radhastami blog post. Very nice. Plus more ideas you can do if you wish. And another benediction prayer / mantra. Etc.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Moon Gardening

Krishna says: "I enter into each planet, and by My energy they stay in orbit. I become the moon and thereby supply the juice of life to all vegetables." ~ BhagavadGita As It Is, 15.13  


It was fascinating to me, learning that certain flowers bloom not in the day - but in the evening! 

Years back I had one flower that was advertised to open at night, then close during the day. Had to give that a try, and it was true. So endearing to see that! 

Next, to find out recently, there are more that also open to the light of the moon, well, I just had to share.

How would we use this in Krishna Consciousness? Well, it makes me think of the Rasa Dance, tho Prabhupada warns us not to get too into that. He tells the story properly however, so here is a link to read that.

If you have a temple room or space or table / altar or meditation area [which includes pics of Krishna etc] .... accompanied by a window for the moonlight to get in - you could grow these flowers for Krishna so at night He also will have something pretty to look at, and not just the day.

If you do not have a window, maybe try a special grow light. I've used these to replace sunlight in the Autumn and Winter. They worked pretty good. But I have no idea how they would work for replacing Moonlight. Give it a shot, but don't spend much money on a lot of plants until you have experimented on one.

Most folks have a window, :) even a small one. If it's not too far away, the plant should aim itself right toward the moonlight.  With that said.....

MOONFLOWER: This is what I originally had flowering at night on my windowsill. Actually, I bought it in seed form, planted, and they grew!  So easy! Apparently, some think of them as counterpart to Sunflowers. :) 

EVENING PRIMROSE. These bloom at night, but if the day is cloudy it may bloom than too. It does spread fast. If you want that, great! If not, simple solution: Just plant them in pots outside. This plant also has medical value.

Very fragrant! And it opens at night, under the evening moonshine.  A great offering flower too. Good border plant. It's an annual, meaning its lifespan is one season. About a foot in height.

Dear Friends, I've found myself in a difficult situation where I need to help earn a living. Therefore, if you are going to buy things like this anyway - will you please click on the Amazon link "embedded" above in the name of each flower - so I can get accepted into their affiliate program? Thanks.

Here are a few optional but lovely ideas to add to an outdoors moon garden:


I had to put this here because I like it myself. :) Click on pic since it will enlarge and you can see better, just how pretty this is. Adorable 6 hummingbirds and beads that illuminate at night.  Surreal visual effects. One color gradually transitions into another. Beautiful chimes. Durable well-made construction. Easy to use. Beautifully crafted. These Wind Chimes are so unique, and lovely, that I could not help but to add it here. :) Please buy it thru this / my link. Thank you! 
       UPDATE: Tho different, here is a different one that costs less and is lovely, no pic here right not but just go to my link to view, and if you buy, kindly do so thru this link.
       ANOTHER: Can't help myself, ha, they are so pretty! These are beautiful dragonflies that show color at night. Go to site and check out pic, humbly ask you buy through my link.

GARDENING 'CLAW' PAIR of GLOVES: Confession: I want these. lol So cool / unique. One glove has a claw. So many times I've had to put something down while gardening, in order to pick up a shover or etcetera, to dig. This would no longer be needed with such gloves! Merely turn your hand and dig, scoop, plant, rake, more. Kindly buy through my link. Oh! I just saw - they offer both a RIGHT hand claw glove [Currently same price]. How quaint. WOW! With this next one you can get BOTH, a right hand claw and a left hand claw! ha Smart person who thought this up. If you decide to get any, please obtain through my link please.

Bhagavad Gita on Moon Nourishment, Vegetables, Planets, and much more:

"It is understood that all the planets are floating in the air only by the energy of the Lord. The Lord enters into every atom, every planet, and every living being. That is discussed in the Brahma-samhita. It is said there that one plenary portion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Paramatma, enters into the planets, the universe, the living entity, and even into the atom. So due to His entrance, everything is appropriately manifested. When the spirit soul is there, a living man can float on the water, but when the living spark is out of the body and the body is dead, it sinks. Of course when it is decomposed it floats just like straw and other things, but as soon as the man is dead, he at once sinks in the water. Similarly, all these planets are floating in space, and this is due to the entrance of the supreme energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. His energy is sustaining each planet, just like a handful of dust. If someone holds a handful of dust, there is no possibility of the dust falling, but if one throws it in the air, it will fall down. Similarly, these planets, which are floating in air, are actually held in the fist of the universal form of the Supreme Lord. By His strength and energy, all moving and unmoving things stay in their place. It is said that because of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the sun is shining and the planets are steadily moving. Were it not for Him, all the planets would scatter, like dust in air, and perish. Similarly, it is due to the Supreme Personality of Godhead that the moon nourishes all vegetables. Due to the moon's influence, the vegetables become delicious. Without the moonshine, the vegetables can neither grow nor taste succulent. Human society is working, living comfortably and enjoying food due to the supply from the Supreme Lord. Otherwise, mankind could not survive. The word rasatmakah is very significant. Everything becomes palatable by the agency of the Supreme Lord through the influence of the moon."  ~ Purport of the above verse, Bhagavad Gita As It Is, 15.13

Thursday, May 4, 2017

WWIII - What Would You Do If the Internet Collapsed?

"The Blessed Lord said: Time I am, destroyer of the worlds, and I have come to engage all people. With the exception of you [the Pandavas], all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain."  ~ BhagavadGita 11.32 

What if World War II hit? How would your spiritual life wind up if there was no longer an internet connection?

Currently, many are concerned that there could indeed, be a war. From fears of Ebola to the start of WWIII, people are talking!

Even those who are not, still have concerns over how long the internet can last, or if someone can hack and shut it down.  Or living in an area of chronic electrical outages, will everything on their hard drive be left when they get back online. What to do?

It is the age of kali. That means there is a lot of insecurity. With a propensity in the world to bicker/argue/fight. People have a more difficult time holding on to peace, happiness - what to speak of God. 
It does not have to be this way. Simply, without the know-how, or the endeavor, to work toward positive, good vibrations, the negative ones have a better chance of entering in this kali-yuga. [Yuga means age.]

The Hare Krishna Movement began in the 1960's during the Vietnam War. It seems when there is upheaval, unrest, etc, people are open to listening, to learning how to love and be at peace. 

When there is peace for an extended period of time, oddly, people loose interest in God. Maybe not fully, but noticeably. Sense gratification starts to crawl higher up on the list of what is important. Businessmen and women try to up the corporate ladder more than usual. Too much self-absorption becomes the norm. What to do?
Many do not realize, or haven't been taught, that God is not a grumpy old man sitting in a rocking chair with a white beard, just waiting for you to slip up and so something wrong so he can cast you down into eternal hell fires. As a result, those who find this a ridiculous way to believe in God - turn away from Him. 

So fortunate are we, that Prabhupada came to the West to teach us that the above is not what God is like! Phew. :) God/Krishna does not have a psychical material form but a transcendental form. And it is blue, with long flowing hair, plays a flute, never ages, God always has fun, is blissful - and by the way, loves us! :) So, not the above fanaticism, but this:

Thus there is no real deprivation of pleasure once one learns the science of Krishna Consciousness. It is the highest, most fun :), pleasure! How could hippies of the past give up so much sense gratification [drugs and illicit sex] other than the fact that Krishna/ God brings huge pleasure.

Anyway, must there be another huge war to open the minds and hearts of some, for true Krishna Conscientiousness to get thru, and according to the way Prabhupada taught it in the beginning?


But we are also speaking of  a loss of the internet, for any reason. Tho war being most likely. Anyhow, there are lots of sites on what to do physically, but here we ask the question: what would you do spiritually?

Some ideas:
Vedic scriptures reveal that war is the result of violence done unto others, meat eating [which is violent to the animal], illicit activities, and so on. 

For those who have not fully gone vegetarian, here is a link to our free unique online cookbook to start. And here it is in pdf.

Offer it with prayer/mantra. If you are not a vegetarian, and this is not about guilt, but simply learn how to be one - and learn how to offer your food to take it even higher than vegetarian, rather prasadam! This means it was first taken by God /Krishna and now you get His left overs. The unique ability of God is that unlike humans, when God is finished eating, everything is still left on the plate. :) God eats through love, to make sure we too have food.

Next, what else would you do if there was a war or no internet to get some idea of how to live a Krishna Conscious lifestyle at home? Or online association?

This is one reason I promote at-home worship.

And at-home japa /chanting meditation.

But what more could be done to protect yourself and family?

Many will point out, learn how to hold peace and kindness in the heart. That it sends out electrical and other unknown forms of good vibrations. I agree. There is actually quite a bit of science behind this. Simultaneously, I do not see how anyone can hold on to that without a God connection. Mediation on His love, on His transcendental names, etc, are what keep us from getting down, it's what maintains us when ok or up, it even grants us bliss! Thus that higher vibration is Krishna, to be shared with the world, creating the best type of change.

I remember a point in the late 1970's when there was a very real threat of WWIII. Our government, other governments, and even the United Nations - were having big scary meetings! 

Srila Prabhupada instructed all of his temples world-wide to go out on HariNama [chanting Krishna's Holy Names in every town and village]. And we did! A lot. :-)
Put my toddler in a stroller and went out on Harinama too. Tho I could not do it as much, being a mom, but I wanted "in." ha  So, off we went, myself, child, and other devotees - blissfully chanting down the streets. This went on in all our temples in the entire world!

In case you didn't notice ha, WWIII did not happen. Srila Prabhuapda revealed, it was this chanting of Krishna's names that stopped it! It is, after all, a transcendental sound, not to be confused with a material one. 

Yet war is once again a threat, and every now and than, tries to reoccur. Why? 

Srila Prabhuapda explains:

"If you want to stop some diseased condition of life, then you have to follow a regulative principle. Just like when you go to a doctor for curing some disease, he gives you some medicine and some direction also, that "You should not eat like this, you not sleep like this; you should do like this." Some do's and some do not's. That prescription is followed.

So here, Śukadeva Gosvāmī gives this example that na aśnataḥ pathyam eva annam. Suppose if you have got indigestion; you cannot digest food very nicely. So you have to eat such things which are easily digestible, or which may not cause acidity, flatulence, air. 

The doctor prescribes. So if you neglect those principles, then how you can be cured? Similarly, if you want to eradicate your ignorance how miserable conditions are arising, problems are arising, and you do not try to subside them with real knowledge, how there can be solution of the problems?

Try to understand. Just like if you do not follow the program given by the physician for curing your disease, you cannot be cured. If you violate the rules given by the doctor, then how you can expect cure of your disease? Similarly, if you do not think wisely, like wise man, as they're prescribed in the Vedic knowledge, how you can stop the problems of life?

That is not possible. Simply by atonement there may be temporary suppression of something, but it will arise again. The same example can be given: The whole world is trying to stop war. But by some means like League of Nation, United Nation, but it is stopped for the time being, but again, after some years, there is huge war.

So Śukadeva Gosvāmī says that this material sinful life, we are acting in a way, we are forced to commit some sins, and you are suffering as a resultant action. This is going on. But if you want to stop this business—one suffering and one again becomes victim—then you have to become advanced in knowledge. Karmī-jñānī. Ordinary people, they are karmīs, or fruitive actors. Fruitive actors. They're working whole day and night, and getting some result, enjoying, again suffering, again there is problem.

This is going on. They are called karmīs. So this will not solve the question, problem. He suggests that you have to elevate yourself to the platform of knowledge. How it is done? That is prescribed herein. The first thing is tapasya. The first... Tapasya means you have to accept some austerity."  ~ SP lecture on
SB 06.01.11, date 710725, New York


I hope the above answers some readers question regarding "why" we have war. 

Additionally, a natural question to arise is:

"If you did Harinama in the past to stop WWIII and claim the Holy Names will do it, than why has the threat of war returned?"

Good question! :) Easy answer: You see, Prabhupada once stated that if we, the initiated devotees, were serious, we could make the entire world Krishna Conscious in 18 days. Clearly we have not done that. Therefore, whenever there's an increase in irreligious activities, as well as forgetfulness of God, there eventually will be war. We still have a lot of work cut out. Yet it is blissful work, and we are happy to do it. 

One does not have to be an initiated disciple, nor living in a temple to go out on Harinama. Can we be saved like the Pandava's?  (See quote atop this page.) While we are clearly not on their level, yet we can still be saved / protected. Simply learn how to do Harinama, the right and super-easy way presented here, go for it! :) Be an activist - this is the best peace process ever! 

John Lennon's, Give Peace a Chance, makes me think of this book: Excerpt: "In 1969 John Lennon invited Srila Prabhupada (the Founder-Acharya of the Hare Krishna Movement) and some of his disciples to live at his Tittenhurst Park Estate near London. Search for Liberation is based on a conversation where John Lennon, Yoko Ono and George Harrison ask Srila Prabhupada questions about liberation and spirituality. The Beatles questions and Prabhupada's answers create a fascinating book."  Small inexpensive book. Besides, you're going to need some hard copy books if there is an emergency! And even when there isn't. :) 

Another question may arise: "Do I have to give up so much? It says tapasya/austerity, but my life is hard and I don't want to add anymore austerities." 

Another easy and pleasant answer: In this age of kali, the austerity is really not austere, it's fun! Simply chant Hare Krishna. "Kalu nasteva nasteva nasteva  gatir anytha." Change the sound vibration in the atmosphere around you, and watch all the positive unexpected good things pop up no one can explain. To you, but also to the world. Well, we can explain. :) Chanting draws the bliss of Godhead to travel all around, creating a highly charged positive atmosphere where more and more people actually "want" to get along. It's not austere to do this, it's a joy!

Some might consider it austere to become a vegetarian, but in our modern times, less and less are feeling that way. And if you do, I suggest you take a real life tour of a slaughter house and see first hand, what goes on. Oh yes, they give them! At least they use to because I know someone who went. The bottom line is, don't put your head in the sand and pretend meat eating is not violent just cuz it is purchased all clean and warped in saran.  It did not grow out of the ground, that is a spirit soul who lost its life, or its baby's life. Violence begets violence. And it's easy to become a vegetarian! IMHO tastes better anyhow! :) [Again, here's that cookbook link.]

This post was not limited to physical survival of WWIII - but more-so how to spiritually survive it, and/or a loss of the internet. After all, such emergencies are sometimes accompanied with deep loss, therefore we need to take care of our souls to have them prepared.  

However, with that said, the following may be helpful as they include physical suggestions like growing your own food/medicine - plus more spiritual ideas I find highly imperative. Feel free to print out hard copies of these or any you find helpful - and save!

* Self-Sufficiency Camping: Ideas for camping can also be good for surviving if the electricity goes down - for any reason.

* Longevity: Can you do your own Dental work if there is no dentist around? Of course not all forms, but some? From simple eating to Hatha yoga [yes worrywarts, it's bonafide,ha], plus more. Check it out.

* How To Grow a Flower Clock: Do this and you will always have a good idea of the time even if there is not any electricity, led or other clocks are no longer available.

* Herb for Cancer: Grow this and read of other help for cancer. God-forbid anyone get this disease if there is a war and not know ahead of time of any alternative help.

* Depression - Not clinical but situational. And if there is a war, people are likely to feel depressed from that situation to some degree. Want to know little tips and tricks how to snap out of it? If you are not clinically depressed and its only due to a situation, this link should help. If you have clinical depressing, take your medication [be it natural or allopathic] and after that, this link should help. Of course, one has to truly desire it.

* A Fun Spiritual Place - Your Home!  Make your house a blissful place for yourself and your family, any close "trustworthy" friends. This is crucial for spiritual life during a war or when the internet is not regularly working.

* George Harrison - Be Here Now :) - Hari's son, as Prabhupada named him, quickly lifts spirits or even helps keep them positive.

* Humor - Good grief, laugh a little. Devotees are so serious, which has it's place,but even Prabhupada told jokes! Lighten up. If it's not a habit now, imagine if the internet were to collapse. What a grouch! ha That too was a joke. :)

* Anyone Can Go To  Krsna-Loka - That's right. Never think you can't! :)

* Christ and Krishna - the name says it all. 

* Guru - How to pick your guru while the lights are on, and internet functioning. :)

* Is Lack of self-love really a predominant cause of illness? - During an emergency, the last thing you want is to get stuck on the mental platform and start self-blaming for sickness, problems, of that which is not! Pop psychology makes us think it is science when this is not a fact. Even, it changes all the time. The good part of this link? It also goes into detail about various forms of healing!

* Life and Music - Under stressful circumstances one tends to freeze up. What to do? Find out here.

* Energy Healing - learn Free: If there are no doctors nearby during a war or some other type of emergency, learning this can be a help! 

fNo one gets out of this material world alive. While I don't want to worry anyone too much, I have also found that never mentioning such things helps folks keep their head in the sand like an ostrich. Then what if someone comes along with an axe? Yikes! :) So once in a while I have to post this stuff to keep that axe away from folks. And if readers utilize this information, it delivers blissful results. 

In case I haven't said it enough - or a reader has not seen it: No one need join anything, you can practice on your own at home and feel the bliss! :)

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