Monday, February 15, 2016


Wow! Has it been a long time since I've last blogged on here or what? :-)

Ok, at 1st, life took over. After that, I lost my entrance info, and took a while to get it back. But now, I've got it back. Hurray! 

Sometimes it seems like only yesterday when I joined the Hare Krishna Movement. Other times it seems eons away, and even as if it were a dream. 

Nonetheless, I did join, and I'm a realist. Maybe a spiritual realist - still, a realist.

Much has changed since I moved into the ashrama. And much has changed since Prabhupada left this planet. 

Some say, they will never forget where they were when Kennedy was shot, John Lennon died, or something else big - happened.

Similarly, devotees will never forget where they were, what they were doing, the moment they heard Prabhupada choose to leave this world. 

Initially I was going to run with that idea for this writing, but now feel, it's not the mood I want to maintain right this moment. Just the point that this is how important he was to all of us deep in our hearts. And the glue that held our Movement together.

I have memories of what it was like when he was here in that way. Prabhupada instructed the devotees not not to change a thing. Yet changes were undeniably made. But not to worry, this blog won't be filled with tons of anger. That's not even my style. Knowledge is needed. Calm, peaceful, truthful knowledge. I will do my best.

Especially, one goal of my blog has been to try to recreate some degree of the old days, so others can use it now-a-days. :) 

I may or may not succeed, but gotta try. Did you miss out on the 1970's and wish you were there? Start here.

Already on this blog is information explaining "How To Create Your Own Home Altar, How To Offer Food, Devotee Etiquette, Japa," and more. [See sidebar.] 

Now I'll be adding more, beginning with what it was actually like at that time.

Lets try to get things back to the way they were in the old days, which really is not limited to age or time-period, as they are transcendental days - that were never suppose to change. So go ahead and do them now.

VIDEO: Prabhupada at Tompkins Square Park, 1966:

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