Thursday, February 18, 2016

Realizations & Life Lessons

We have so much trippy stuff going on in our Movement.

When we get one drop of it fixed, or at least blocked, we feel a sigh of relief. "Ahhhhh all better - at least for now." :)

However, what would happen if visualize with me cuz it will take a bit of imagination hehe .... So for a moment think what it actually would be like if ....One day GM and ISKCON devotees found a way to get along, ISKCON and Ritvik devotees found a way to get along, VAD and Sankirtana devotees found a way to get along. And so on.

NOT saying anyone to give up what they believe, just to accept the fact that this is the world we live in and it has not changed with fighting. So can we locate some thread of commonality to get along over? 

If we succeeded, what would we do with it?  Would we get bored? Do some just love the drama?

While some do love drama, it is a mistake to assume everyone does. Many can't stand it. 

There are yet others, not necessarily in the category of enjoying drama, but they find peace bores them. So that too can become a problem in a world that finally found peace.

Next may be a category within a category ha.... Some fault-finders think they're preaching, think they're purifying you - but often are perfectionists [not healthy!] who need to work on themselves to over-come fault finding, and learn how to tolerate others when those others are less than perfect

Often they are just seeking perfection in the wrong places. We all may do this at times, it's human. The difference is, they do it too often and can't put on the breaks. Prabhupada is perfect, not me. Krishnaloka is perfect, not this entire Earth planet or every community

Those who are qualified would not be upsetting you with preaching, rather they'd find ways to be inspiring for you. 

Sure, sometimes we need to be corrected. A little humility is good. But heavy preaching has been overdone. Now it's time for the enlivenment aspect. 

So lets not go out of our own way of "unnecessarily" expressing negative emotions to a person. That seldom resolves anything anyway. Often just creates a cycle of the same argument. [This post is not about abuse.

Besides, many bad habits etc have been 'seen' to fall away 'automatically' when one keeps reading the books, chanting, and doing service. All very pleasant and fun activities! :) 

Therefore, circling back: What would we actually DO if we figured out how to put all that at bay - and everyone just got along? 

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Maybe it takes going thru enough 'stuff' to ask it, but I sure have. And my reply to myself was....

I feared someone out there would merely stir the pot again, that somebody would cause trouble - cuz they were bored, or did not know what to do with the peace, or use a fault-find style of preaching, or have issues of their own they don't want to admit they have.

We 'could' all unite in this Movement. Often this gets confused with giving up. Mixed with concepts of taking on others belief's and throwing out our own. It's why I mention a second time - no - we can keep preaching, nicely, what we believe. Just stop seeking out "reasons" to fight!

Someone's not perfect? Nobody's going to think exactly as you do. Nor exactly as I do. Thus, why bring to the surface what it is about them - that bothers you? Instead, either walk away - or show them a beautiful picture of Krishna. 

And a certain amount of [sane] forgiveness may be required, because everyone can not always be on exactly the same page. That is called "Personalism." Not to worry, in shastra even pure devotees had disagreements. It's normal. How we deal with it in kali-yuga, now that is a different topic. 

If we can understand all this, and utilize it to move forward.... next .... What would we do with that "getting along" thing?  :)

Would some stir the pot anyway?  Others seek out the fun of drama cuz their own life is null? Would some say "Look at this tiny spec of imperfection that's irritating me which I discovered within you..." ??

Or would we get back to the mood of the old days where Prabhupada showed what is more important - to put all our personal focus on Krishna, not on each other? [Referring to the tendency to fault-find when it's on others too much or imbalanced.]

I like to hope, we would stop wounding one another, especially out of ignorance, but even with intent. Instead if such a world ever comes to pass - may we all do what we each do:

Be it Deity Service, or Sanskirtana, or Sharing/Preaching online, or Prasadam distribution... etc ...whatever is one's natural propensity - to do it without creating wars.

Vaikuntha on earth. It IS possible.

Can we please start working toward this goal? Actively, and not just lip service. Actions speak louder than words.

Thanks for loaning an ear.

Priitaa dd

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