Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mr. Gorbachev - Krishna Kids

When I was growing up, kids were not allowed to do much. Tho play, that was encourage and opens the door for a whole other post. ha But today the focus is ...

I really like how we teach our kids to be spiritual activists.In this case, devotees were jailed in Russia. One being a woman and her baby. It was rather shocking to our whole society. 

These children did this song as a plea to Mr Gorbachev. :) And I like how they are having fun while doing it. Prahlad [lead singer] does an excellent job too. They are now all adults! 

"This song was inspired by the letter Sri Prahlada and Raman wrote to Mr. Gorbachev. The lyrics were then penned by the Late Yasomatinandana dasa and Harii Bandhu wrote the music from a tune he had heard Gauragopala dasa humming. How this all happened was written down as a day to day diary by Gauragopala dasa."

Click link to hear and see these kids sing! :) 

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