Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Grammy Awards!

Wow, aren't our youth talented! So proud of them! First I heard that their CD, "Bhakti Without Borders" was nominated for a Grammy Award. And just the other night, they attended the Grammy's! With hopes of winning.

They did not win, but they ran a close second! Matter of fact, if you look closely at the picture, you will see they actually came in second. :)

They wrote: "So close! Thanks all for your love and encouragement. We are proud to be here and to represent. Sankirtan in the house!" 

Below is their music, on YouTube. Check out what gave them so much attention to make the Grammys - these beautiful songs! AND all proceeds go to protection & education of girls in India - a girls school. Bhakti Without Borders does not take profit from this. Madi, the only male voice, has 1 or 2 daughters himself. He wants them having a good environment!
Click to hear AND view lovely video scenes! 

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