Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dr Mishra's Ashrama

When I was a teenager, I was looking for 'more.' Especially I was looking into yoga. One day someone made the discovery that there was a yoga ashrama relatively near us/my group of friends. So one day - we all went. So exciting! :)

This was Dr. Mishra's ashrama.   As I walked in the door, first thing I saw was a young man with a garland of flowers over his ear. Ok, I all ready liked it. ha 

Then, with my friends, I began to walk around and chit chat with the various devotees there. It felt like a very peaceful atmosphere. 

Dr. Mishra had arrived from India. So exciting for the first time in my life, to see a guru! Any guru - ever. He seemed nice.

Later a very young woman there found a bird with an injured wing. She brought it before Dr. Mishra. He kind of ignored the poor thing. She lived there, and maybe felt comfortable enough to pursue the matter. She kept insisting he touch it or at least say something. He did not want to. But she would not let up, ha, and this was all happening in front of a relatively large group of people! Finally he placed his hands over the injured bird and said a few words of blessing. The girl was satisfied. Tho also seemed to have an attitude of: "There, now was that so hard?! " lol

My feelings after he did not show compassion for the bird?

Tho I still liked the ashrama, I lost interest in him. 

However, I will give him credit for something else. 

There is one story. I will tell from memory. You can probably find it with a google search if you want it word-per-word. 

The story is from a devotee who had also gone to Dr. Mishra's ashrama. He kept asking Dr. Mishra all sorts of questions on spiritual life. Dr. Mishra would give an answer, to which the young man had another question. Finally Dr. Mishra told him that if he wanted a deep level of spiritual life, he should go to Prabhupada's Hare Krishna temples. How nice is that! :)

Below is a vid of Dr Mishra's ashrama at a time when Prabhupada and devotees visited: 

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