Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nityananda's Appearance Day

Who is Lord Nityananda? The most merciful incarnation!

Now it annoys me when I go to a blog, then they just give me a link to another blog. Yet here I am, about to do that. :)

In my defense ha, this is my first time, thus its not a pattern. Plus, I find the one I'm about to point you toward, to tell a wonderful story about Lord Nityananda.

And more than a plain link, I'll give a good sized excerpt to wet your whistle. :-)

"Nectarean pastimes of Lord Nityananda

Source: Caitanya Bhagavata

On the order of Gaura Krishna, Ananta Deva had already made his appearance in the village of Ekacakra in Radhadesh. In this way, Nityananda Prabhu appeared like the moon from the sea of the womb of Padmavati, the wife of Hadai Oja. And just like the rising moon, he dispelled all the darkness covering the land of Radha by his auspicious appearance. As a child, Nityananda constantly played with his boyhood friends imitating the pastimes of Krishna.

Nitai's favorite part was that of Lakshman, and He enacted it with so many apparently authentic scenes not described in the Ramayana, that people would wonder if He was making it up or actually relishing His own pastimes. The village of Ekacakra was completely absorbed in the love of little Nitai, where He spend the first 12 years of his earthly life.

The children, in their innocence, would take Nityananda Prabhu's absorption in the mood of Lakshamana to be nothing more than childish play. They did have any knowledge of his position as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Some of them would roam about as the five monkeys, and taking the role of Lakshamana, Nityananda Prabhu would ask, "Who are you monkeys who roam the forests? Tell me! I am the servant of Raghunatha!" They would tell him, "We wander here in fear of Bali. Lead us to Rama! We accept the dust of your feet upon our heads." Giving them hearty embrace, he would lead them to his master and bow down before the feet of Rama, falling flat like a rod. In the role of Lakshamana, one day Nityananda Prabhu was beaten by Indrajit. Another day he would play at killing Indrajit. Having made one of the boys take the role of Vibhishana, he would lead Vibhishana in the presence of Rama and then install him as the king of Lanka.

Another child would shout, "Look! Here I come as Ravana. Beware the shafts from my bow. Let Lakshamana protect you if he can." With this, the child playing the role of Ravana hurled a lotus flower at Nityananda Prabhu, who dropped to the ground, senseless, in the mood of a defeated Lakshamana."

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