Friday, January 26, 2018

The Evils of Black Mold

My last post, "Life and Death," was about high risk pregnancy, and the lucky healthy birth of my grandchild. Tho there "were" initial issues, and time spent in N.I.C.U.  However, after about a week or less, baby was fine and went home. So what is the connection to this post?

My daughter, and her doctors, could not for the life of them figure out what caused this high risk pregnancy. She is young enough, and healthy. [Or WAS healthy.] I feel I have resolved the source of the issue, and my daughter simultaneously agrees. Black mold!

For a couple of years or more, my daughter kept coming over to my house and every now and than, complaining of weird health problems. She would ask me what they were. We both talked thru all types of issues coupled with natural solutions for what it initially appeared to be. While there was initial relief, no resolve lasted very long. And yes, she went to the doctor, who could not find anything serious. Yet there remained chronic and screaming symptoms.

She had tiny red skin marks show up, but with this or that treatment, went away. 

Next got what appeared to be an allergic reaction, but changed their laundry soap and again the symptoms went away. 

After that, started to feel as if little bugs were crawling all over her, but nothing could be seen by the naked eye. She treated for parasites, and for a while it reduced. This one however, did not go away and over time got worse. 

Next, she and her daughter started to get black spots in their mouth, and that is when she moved into my house. [Within days they started to reduce.]

Prior to some of the above, and once upon a time :) her and her husband decided to put a new floor in their kitchen. A happy event! 

Not happy for long. As he pulled it up, he saw huge black mold growing under that floor, as well as spread to other areas of the house. It even went into the bedroom where my daughter and her other child, sleep!

After staying at my house, all their symptoms began to go away. Tho a few were stubborn but close to near extinction, which I feel with so much avoidance of black mold, is probably all ready gone.

However, my daughter did not know she was pregnant while living in her house. Tho in her defense she also did not know it had black mold! And moved out within a few months or less.

I feel the reason the pregnancy was high risk, plus the initial "Infantile Pneumonia" in the baby once born, is all due to black mold! 

Why write this post? Because we were unaware of it, and it could have taken a life, tho it did not. I do not want anyone out there to be unaware of it and wind up with disastrous results. If you've a mystery illness, at least look into the possibility of Black mold.

Simultaneously, I do not want everyone getting fear based and self-diagnosing everything as black mold issues. ha Just use common sense, take the time to figure it out. Go slow in your reading on the net about it, because my daughter read some scary things that never turned out to be true for her. 

And yes, one can get rid of black mold. It usually requires putting in time and effort.

First internally, tho I do not recall everything she took, I do know Golden Seal herb helps get rid of basic mold. But she did much more than that. If you need medical advice for alternative help, hit google. [Just added one really good link on that below.]

Regarding the house, it's not easy to get rid of, but some had my daughter thinking it was impossible. Yet her and husband now have it out of their house. 

How do we know? Well, in addition to testing, she became super sensitive to it. When it was still there but they were in the process of cutting it out or etc - so thought maybe she could visit - she would break out and get itchy. Had to return to my house quick. Whereas now she lives over there, perfectly fine.

What did they do? Many things. Including putting up plastic, wearing protective gear, and ripping out as much of it as they could see!

They also used chemicals. As much as I hate them, I hate black mold more. It's better to have a short use of controllable chemical "black mold bombs" set off in the house where you can leave, and return at a safe time to clean - than it is to live in black mold.

They also used bleach and/or white vinegar as they kill black mold.  But this does penetrate things like tiles. Plus, if the mold has gotten into small cracks or way in the back of old furniture, or etc - bleach may not reach it - and did not in their case - thus the Black Mold Bomb came first.

Then they bought natural products to keep it at bay. Sulfur seems to help relief the itch and I found her nice lavender sulfur bar-soap on Amazon. Also, sulfur power was good for her bed-sheets for a while. Fortunately, no longer needed by them now.

Something else that kills black mold is the extremes of either hot or cold. So a hair dryer placed on the hottest setting and aimed at it should help a lot, as well anything extremely cold like ice or fire extinguishers that are specifically made of something cold. These can be aimed between floor boards, or behind drawers, places hard to get at to clean.

Smudging helps, as black mold can't stand smoke! 

When the mold was gone, we bought her a special type of Essential Oil Diffuse advertised to help in such situations.  [Do not smudge at the same time.]

I have listed these solutions in order. They need to be done that way with the most intense first.

And I do hope this helps someone out there! 

Black mold can torture or if ignored long enough even kill. Especially babies in the womb. Death can come at any moment, but lets do our best to keep it at bay. 

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy.

[Bala-Krsna dolls, crocheted]
[My friend made me these and sent them all the way from Germany! Aren't They adorable?!]

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