Tuesday, May 8, 2018

ISKCON Child Abuse

Child Abuse within ISKCON

I've had it with the child abuse. I hoped it would be corrected, but still kept hearing the stories. Plus, I have had it with my hands tied behind my back! I gave them plenty of time, too much of it - now I MUST speak.

Prabhupada loved the children! And specifically said to protect them!

In all fairness it must be noted - there were schools and teachers that did not abuse; were even loving.

Matter of fact, I know a teacher who was so loving that the children approached her the way they did their own mothers. The mom's attested to that as true. However, she was removed from her teaching position. Why?!

By now many have heard about actions the GBC have taken against a certain person whose name I will omit. This lead me to read about more - committed by others. And I am fried!

Fried with the kids getting hurt, fried with the blame placed almost everywhere but where it should. Well, maybe this is starting to improve on the last one, tho can't help but wonder what is behind that. 

Prabhupada started a Movement based on love, kindness, caring, and of course spiritual life - but they keep letting known abusers get away with it - thus causing more damage to how others view Prabhupada. Sometimes they'd relocate them [like the Catholic Church] or make excuses, or just act like it's over - so get over it. 

Really, this makes me sick to my stomach. Talk about Vaisnavaparadha! Prabhupada started a Society of the heart - but some exploited that. So do not give up on him, simply protect your & children hearts from those who misuse him. Take care of your own. [More on that below.]

I am torn between sharing some of the posts the now grown kuli kids wrote - and not doing so. For now will not, but in that case the reader needs to understand, there is a good reason for my strong reactions here.


Surprisingly some believe this. IMHO it's because they do not know the truth of what he wanted. It was often twisted and than spit out with his name attached to it.

Gurukuli's have often been taught since very young thAt Prabhupada knows everything the same as God, and is the same as God. This is inaccurate at best. To be a pure devotee does not mean one knows everything the way Krishna knows everything. It is unfortunate this was not taught to the Gurukuli's.  

What individuals do wrong should be blamed on the individuals who performed that wrong action. If we think during the time of Jesus there weren't also followers who deviated while under the pretense of repeating Jesus perfectly, we are sorely mistaken. 

It happens in any spiritual path. Put the blame on the molesters, on the people who let it happen - knowing that it was happening. Please do not expect the pure devotee to be a mind reader.

I get it that some have been taught that way. Then, because every once in a while he did something mystical, it may make some feel if he could do that - therefore he could have taken care of the Gurukuli issue. But that's not how it works . Never blame the pure devotee, be it Christ, Prabhupada, Buddha, or any other saktyavesh avatars sent by God. 

Incidentally, God sends them for a reason, often because the science of how to get back to God has been lost, contaminated, and in our case degraded kaliyuga taking over. Under such circumstances there are going to be a mixture of people who joined any of these paths during their prime time, with some of them having shady backgrounds and refusing to purify it out of themselves.

Next, at least in regards to the sexual abuse - some blame the strict vows of 4 rules & regs as the reason some men would use the children for sex. Hogwash!  Sexual preference is inborn, be it gay, straight, or mentally ill sicko's. No one suddenly has an attraction, nor interest, in having sex with children. They only turn to children because they always were a pedophile, and did nothing to correct the problem [from medication to meditation!].  

No one is forcing anyone to take spiritual initiation. Similarly, no one should try to have their cake and eat it too. If celibacy is difficult for an individual - easy solution: do not ask for initiation. 

Like that of a [good] Catholic priest or [good] Buddhist monk, initiation is a serious commitment, and celibacy is required in many religions for priestly persons who find a calling and want to surrender. It is not for everyone.

Yet anyone can still be a devotee, worship Krishna, and the whole 9 yards. But we are not going to change that which can be traced back in our Parampara from one pure spiritual master after another, because some born in kali yuga do not want to do it, yet do want a big position.

Yes, I've read some claim sexual misconduct with children by fully grown adults is due to this strictness - and that the rules and regs should be changed. I don't buy it for a nanosecond.

People do not molest children because they are sexually frustrated - they molest because of a sick mind, maintain criminal desires - all of which they make a conscious choice to act on! Even make plans to do so.

Next, to further point out how all the types of abuses had nothing to do with Prabhupada, look back to the one time he heard about it. What did he do? He cried! 

He also made a comment of severe consequences for such actions. I myself can not find a reference for that comment and is why I do not include it, but I suspect it is true.


We are not the congregation. We are the priests and the nuns who were allowed to marry. At a time when the preaching was to surrender, to trust, to believe God is in charge so how dare you doubt - now that certain aspects didn't turn out well, there is this flip-flop to put all - or too much - blame on parents. Not saying parents played no role but really, most parents I know were tricked, lied to, etc - and it was expertly done. 

One mataji was raised in a loving home and never heard of abuse. Thus she trusted when authorities, spiritual people [?] told her to send her child away and trust in Krishna - all will be well. If one does not come from a criminal background where molestation or abuse went on, the thought of it ever happening is often miles from their mind. Especially in the 1970's.

A point also made is that many parents were barely out of their teens. Remember? Many joined quite young. Naive? Yes. Simultaneously, whose mind goes to such places? Who thinks like that? Anyway, young parents were often innocent albeit ignorant too. 

IMHO, disproportionate accusation is sometimes put on parents when in fact they did inquire about their children, &/ or visit, &/ or phone, &/ or correspond, &/ or talk to teachers and children alike, etc - only to be lied to, tricked, a show of kindness put on when they visited. 

Plus, told they were causing a disruption to their child, so to stop doing those things. 

How often it was preached, strongly, that parents are in maya. Or the mother was said to be unwilling to cut the umbilical cord. This list can go on. Those in charge can't have it both ways where they preach like this, but when it backfires, suddenly it was not their fault but 100% that of the parent.

I was lucky that my kids did not go to any abusive Gurukula's. However, I can not come down on the parents who sent theirs away - trusting those they respected - and could see no reason not to. It was well hidden.

I'll never forget hearing how the boys in India had to copy a lovely letter off the board of how happy they were, then send it to their parents as if they wrote it. A parent receiving such a letter would not doubt the handwriting of their own son. This is just one example of the trickery pulled on the parents. 

When word finally got out that there was abuse going on, at least my experience was that very many parents began to check out the teachers, the schools, engaged in home-schooling, hired a tutor, or used other options [private religious schools is one]. They are not the kids or parents we are are hearing complaints from. Also, it was predominately before that time period.

Yes, there are quotes by Prabhuapda to be submissive and/or surrender to the authorities. However, the problem lies within the lies. Nowhere did he say to be blindly submissive to conditioned souls. Especially when they twist his words to get something they want, even when it may not be good for the other they are saying it to.

Matter of fact, the common preaching back than was that "love" [or other positive feelings] are maya nonsense 'emotion,' to be viewed always in a mundane way - mere sentiment that caused spiritual blocks. However, that is nonsense! 

To have no feelings, no emotions, was misunderstood to be above it all - when in truth it was more along the lines of Impersonalism. No one can exist without emotions. They are put inside us by God. It's simply a matter of using them the right way. 

A Vaishnava [devotee of Krishna] actually has compassion, sensible comprehension, and feels empathy toward others who are suffering. Look up what Prabhupada describes as the quality of a brahmana/priest. He explains them to be softhearted with feelings, not hardhearted, or enjoying the so-called punishment of children. 

Of course feelings are not to go rampant [which also causes damage.] Why must we be extremists? [Rhetorical.] To control the mind and senses does not require hardheartedness, otherwise that person is doing it wrong!  And highly immature, spiritually. They should not be in any authoritative positions.

What happened in our over-night gurukula's are a direct result of deviating from Prabhupada's instructions by [some] teachers and authorities who knew it was gong on. 

Let us not place so much blame on the now suffering parents, when those in charge misrepresented Prabhupada's teachings, mood, instructions that included love and kindness. Simply from now on may we accept the fact that when it comes to conditioned souls, regardless of any high position they may hold, always use your sound judgement and logic. 

Don't let anyone who is not a "pure" devotee pull the wall over your eyes. And let it be noted, some [not all] back than were expert - they studied books explaining how to manipulate the masses. That is not a speculation, it is a fact that can be proven via any google search. Thus the average [normal] person at that time would not have seen thru it.

Now we have knowledge this might happen; lets put it to proper use to increase our awareness, and to give truthful protection.


Some say it was the karma of the child. Others disagree. And for some it is a mere philosophical discussion. However, we must address this topic because so often when anything goes wrong, we are fast to turn toward blaming the victim that it was their karma.

Others want answers - how did children born of devotee parents, loving, kind, etc - wind up so abused? It is after all, a bit hard to comprehend. There may not be perfect explanations in what follows, but it just may run a close second. :)

First, karma can change. Dissimilar to God - the jivatma /living entity can indeed influence nearly anyone's karma. Thus, because it is not solid, but mutable - it puts a lot of responsibility on those in positions of power. Particularly if they exploit, as well as ignore, those who are vulnerable. [Children, women, jobless and/or homeless men, the elderly, the poor, etc.]  

Since karma can be shifted even into a negative way, others out there who are not so kind - due to bad association with such persons - can move someone else's karma in a bad way - bad karma added. Then what to do when that bad association is a teacher? [Again, rhetorical.]

Such teachers [not all teachers] need to be removed from their positions, be it by ISKCON authorities or by the police.

Lets make sure to be kindhearted and move the karma of children and others in the best direction by route of good actions, including amiable Krishna Conscious actions. 

Next, we do not know whose karma is what. And it's impossible to know it to the depth or certainty that God does. Some devotees engage in chronic speculation on a child having bad karma. Yet in truth, suffering is not always a bad karmic reaction, as there can be a variety of reasons. We can look in our own scripture and see that while Yudhistira suffered it was not due to bad karma. While we are not pure devotees like him, we still never know when God is intervening for whatever reason.

Matter of fact, some believe when devotees appear to suffer greatly, it just may be that the process may have been sped up, therefore the devotee was receiving several lifetimes of karma all in one lifetime. 

In other words, that the karma one suffers in this life doesn't necessarily correlate with what one did in past life. I have not decided how I feel about this, but it is something to consider - so I am throwing it out there.

Lets stop analyzing a person or child's karma to death and just try to live on a "transcendental" path which is automatically above karma - the one Prabhupada wanted us to live.

My experience has been, too much attention was placed on anything bad as someone's karma in an effort to take less responsibility to protect children and others from karma happening to them in the first place. This needs to end.

If a reader does not believe in astrology please skip the following paragraph, but know there's a huge difference between Western and Eastern astrology. In Western the math is "off," therefore the houses, sign, aspects, Moon and Sun, etc are usually in wrong placements. - - Also if you believe in Western astrology, do not email me with disagreement. I am far more attached to Krishna Consciousness.

To briefly summarize: It is well known to Jyotish [eastern] Astrologers, that karma can be reduced by chanting specific mantras which appease a malefic planet's pull or negative effect. Many who have engaged in such chanting have reported success stories too.

Therefore, karma certainly can be mitigated with something higher - the hearing and chanting about God/Krishna. If we don't blow it. :) If we don't turn it into "milk touched by the lips of a serpent." At the very least, be kind to one another.

Next, others believe that pious, good birthed persons accumulate some bad karma by accident. Possibly through serving a bad diet to, for example, to a person with an unknown, severe heart condition. Then they serve them high fatty foods, which effects them poorly.  Whether known or not, karma still functions, though it will be lesser for those who did not know any better.

Also, while kind persons perform acts of kindness, they still may - again by accident or out of ignorance - cause someone pain. In these ways, even good people can accumulate bad karma. 

What they receive is not always in correlation of the exact act of what they did. For example, if you dig wells for those who need water, that is a pious act. But in your next life you will not have a well dug for you [as you will not need one]. Scripture states the result will be, that person is sent to the heavenly planets!  

It works the same way in reverse. Sure, it is true that karma is a law, and it is very stringent. However, it has many layers, like an onion. We simply can not guess "what" that is for 'each' situation we notice someone go through in their life. Nor is it helping that person.

Let us take a senerio?. Say someone was being very cruel to her brother. The brother could not make her stop. He was suffering over and over again. She said it was not harmful, it was stupid that he was upset about it. However, it DID upset the brother - immensely!  Finally in this senerio, he replies to her: "If you do not stop doing this to me, in another life it will happen to you as bad karma." The sister replied: "So what? That would never bother me." The smart brother said: "You fool. You think you can control karma? You can't. It will not happen to you with something that does NOT hurt you, it will come to you as something totally different from what you do to me - only the FEELING of pain will be the same."

The "It's Their Karma" philosophy is used to blame the victim rather than understand the vast details of the laws of karma. Tho we need not get into them, but we do need to recognize some points made on this blog imho. 

Anyhow, the "It's Their Karma" blind belief, is often an excuse used by abusers who want to get away with abusing. And some who want an answer to what happened but can't find a better one.

Simply, no one is devoid of karma, we all are filled with large varieties of it - and have no idea what it could be. It could be anything. 

We joined the Movement; these children were born into the Movement -all of us to get rid of karma thru blissful chanting of Hare Krishna and loving devotional service. To put a spotlight on getting free of karma thru abuse - is utter nonsense. 

The best way to get free of karma is thru hearing and chanting, dancing in kirtana, basically transcendental activities.

Who knows or cares what the heck karma we or the kids have. We need to stop taking shelter of, and turning toward karma - instead get back on the higher, transcendental path. 

That can not exist when there is anger, cruelty, trickery, or lack of kindness.I n other words, someone claiming they are going to smack the maya out of a child, is not doing that at all. They are doing the opposite!  It's time to get out of our heads and cease putting so much interest on karma - instead to focus on those who performed such actions. 

It's ok to appropriately use karma in relationship to understanding one's self, but to pass the buck and speculate on others karma, is unwise at best. Sometimes I feel it is selfish.


Both materially as well as spiritually many want an answer to this as well. Again, I can't promise perfect answers, but feel I've done enough research to run a close second.

Why didn't God answer their prayers for help and protection? 

I am not sure but will say this goes on in any religion. God does what He darn well pleases. It may be hard to understand with something this serious, but the minute we start blaming God, we are in deep doo doo. 

Lets remember that "free will" thing where everyone is given opportunity to make their own choice to either do good or bad. When choosing wrong, at the end of life they will indeed get consequences. We need to stop looking up [accusing God] and instead look outward at human beings who performed such crimes.

Before blaming victims, or God, or the pure devotee - lets look to those who actually did it, plus others who knew it was going on and closed their eyes!

We can also consider that even Devaki's children suffered, were murdered. Or that the Pandava's were exiled to live a difficult life.  Certainly these are pastimes, not to be imitated - but it can give us a hint that even these pure souls underwent trials and tribulations. Possibly to teach us, and possibly to show us how the material world is a dangerous place.

Next, we need to no longer ignore or minimize that we are nevertheless, in the material world. It can be harsh, sometimes horrid. Certainly there are good times too, but here we are focusing on abuse.

"Covered by the mode of ignorance in material nature, the living entity is sometimes a male, sometimes a female, sometimes a eunuch, sometimes a human being, sometimes a demigod, sometimes a bird, an animal, and so on. In this way he is wandering within the material world. His acceptance of different types of bodies is brought about by his activities under the influence of the modes of nature.  ~ "S. Bhagavatam 4.29.29, more  of it here.

Outside or inside of Iskcon - the material world is still a threat. Why would Prabhupada instructed us to 'protect' these children if he did not feel the material world can get it's hooks into these various places? [Rhetorical.]

"These children are given to us by Krishna, they are Vaisnavas and we must be very careful to protect them."   Srila Prabhupada Letter, July 30, 1972

Even Prabhupada, as a child, had to hide during bombing. Srila Bhaktisidanta had a crowd were try to kill him. He and his disciple hid in a house to get away from the crowd. Fortunatly his disciple looked somewhat similar to him, so the disciple exchanged cloth to distract the crowd while S. Bhaktisiddhanta had to sneak away out a back door.  And, someone tried to poison Srila Bhativinode Thakur. Plus, look at all the torture Jesus Christ went through!

There is always a risk factor for any who come to this world. Of course, the various pure devotees mentioned above had extra protection from Krishna, and I don't want to get sidetracked. The point being, everyone is at risk here - and these kids, while high births, still were at risk in this material world. Thus, so much stress put on their protection by Srila Prabhupada!

Add: 'power over' children given to the wrong people, again and again. That is what caused it! Granting power to sudras [and molesters aren't even that], is a dangerous thing. Sudras will misuse power. And some regular devotees were afraid of them, what they could do to them as well!

Not talking about the caste system because I believe we need to rise above it as Prabhupada taught. However, if they are going to do such things, they need to hear what they are - not big advanced devotee - but sudra - at best.

When such cautions in our scriptures are not followed, or not taken seriously, these are the types of doors opened in our Movement. That the unqualified get big powerful positions, then perform all varieties of nonsense. 

Prabhupada instructed those in positions should be rotated, not stay in positions of power for lengths of time. Voting. Again, another instruction that could have helped with protection - ignored.  

Since karma is not eternal, like God, but strongly influenced by material nature, other people, and time - the time has come for them to receive their own karma.

Another understanding regarding 'why it happened,' is that maya's job is to keep us away from Krishna. Christians have their devil, we do not believe anyone is stronger than God - but we have Mayadevi. She is a pure but one to avoid. 

Maya has a thankless task. And that is, until we all become cent-per-cent qualified to hang out with Krishna :) her job is to lead us into temptation.

Mayadevi looks for an opening to keep people distanced from God, and zaps us! She often attacks wherever the heart is located. So basically it also happened because of the influence of Maya devi herself. My guess is, by use of others who have sick desires, helping to bring that to the forefront as 'opportunities' for pleasure and power.

The agents of Kali play their role.

[Some not all] big wig authorities have even bragged of the abuses they can get away with. The only way such nonsense could end is if we find the courage to allow ourselves to awaken, and call it what it is. 

Despite wearing devotional clothing - manipulative bullies can exist, expecting us either to be complacent, or buy into their word jugglery. Many times I have said, if speaking with someone and what they say sounds "off," if they can not give you a sensible explanation for their actions relatively soon - do not let them ramble on in the name of philosophy. It is dangerous to stay and hear.

Also, write down any bad experiences you know is a fact. Now do be sure, as we don't want innocent adults arrested either. However, if you are certain, do the legwork and get proof, next write it; notarize it. I've been saying since approximately the mid 1970's that if there is abuse going on, do not go to the temple president or other authorities - call the police! D

And do not be complacent any longer. Does anyone really think Christians, Jewish, and others - first go to their spiritual authorities? No. Most anyway, go straight to the phone and call the cops. We should do the same. A crime is a crime. It is not going against religiosity to report them, it is saving them from getting worse. 

Who knows, with therapy and when it fits, jail time - some of them may have a wake up call. Still don't want them around children :). However, the abuses weren't only sexual, some were violence, others significantly negligent - thus there could be healing for some if removed from their surrounding "yes men/woman" and hit with a dose of reality. Then they can start to wake up, and repent - if it is sincere. This does not erase the past, as that can not be done. It's more about protecting everyone's future.

And yes, I know some can never heal.

Srila Prabhupada was raised with love and care from his parents, naturally he wanted that for these children as well. To think otherwise is inaccurate - at best. Those who preach or teach in anger but blame him, that is a reflection of their own inner workings. This needs to be recognized!

Prabhupada was loving to the children, and expected it natural for devotees to also be loving to them. One devotee asked Prabhupada if they should allow children to play, and he was started they even asked such a question. Of course he said yes! Similarly, he expected kindness etc to also be present in the adults.

It's incredible that many of these kids, now grown-ups, remain devotees of Krishna. 

Some do not, and for them I pray and wish them well, plus hope they are open to an update on the truth of what happened to them - that it was a deviation on so very many levels. 

My prayer is that they can ascertain a way to be freed from such abhorrent experiences, uncovering and discovering peace as well as love to be part of real Krishna Consciousness - now on their own.

For the rest, it is wonderfully startling they still have love in their heart for anyone, what to speak of for Krishna, considering everything they went thru. Hmmmm Maybe this is a bit of the proof we oldies were looking for via their spiritual birth. Not that what happened was ok, it was not. But many of them still have a loving heart! They must be special, as I don't know if I could do it under those circumstances.


I have a theory, and it is this: 

If authorities followed Prabhupada's instruction not to make centralization - but instead only localization - with small temples that also had small day schools - a lot of pain could have been avoided for these kids [and their parents].

But the management was so business-like that they continually ignored his instruction not to centralize. They wanted to make things bigger and bigger all the time. For decades that's all they cared about.

Lets tell it like it is, the kids got in their way. For this reason, and also because they wanted to put their parents to work, they preached strongly to ship the kids off.  I remember the preaching pressure that nearly every mother must let her younger child be babysat while she went out to make money, - or if the child was older - they had to send them away so again the mother could make money. 

To clarify, I am not against making money, it is not against religiosity, and am all for Sankirtana. But to preach wrongly to mothers through-out most of the world, as if coming from Prabhupada, was bogus.

Personally, there was no way I could send my children to an overnight school [tho I eventually sent my teen when there were problems and it worked great - no abuse]. I felt bad that I must be displeasing Srila Prabhupada by strongly desiring to keep my youngsters at home. Then I found out that he authorized homeschooling, but the authorities hid that letter for decades.

Even to the mother who wrote him the letter, waiting for Prabhupada's reply. Next, authorities told her that he replied "NO" to homeschooling. 

Finally the letter was released and the truth could no longer be concealed.

One day I saw the mataji who wrote this inquiry, on the street via New Dwarka; walked right up to her and asked about this whole story. The bottom line is she told me yes, and that Prabhupada authorized home schooling. We did not know that! I felt guilt over nothing. I am fine, but how many others out there did not know that? 

IMHO that letter was hidden so authorities of that time period could keep everything institutionalized in order to maintain control over everything and everyone. Plus keep the parents working. 

Interesting that our philosophy is Personalism, yet these actions leaned more toward Impersonalism. After all, if you home school, or share teaching with a few friends, it becomes a strong bond of kindness between parents, which even those in power can have trouble cracking through and getting parents to do whatever they wanted of them.

Certainly if Prabhupada authorized home-schooling, it must be perfectly okay to open Day Schools. Or parents can hire a tutor.  Or mothers can get together to create small day schools. [I was part of one where many other mothers who all had something different to offer. From math to sewing to Gita and more. It was bliss!] And any other ideas along these lines that come up, can be included.  Just make sure to give the kids a good education too! :) 💖

Now, I have not checked out any of the following, but it's a place anyone can start - and that is Wikipedia's list of Home Schools

I am sick and tired of abuse going on in the name of Prabhupada, over and over and OVER again - and had to speak up. When I saw the most recent person accused of it, I confess, this is what I thought:

    "Why now? Of course it should be taken care of. But where was everyone decades back when we all wanted this taken care of at that time? Therefore, what is the real reason? Is this person the 'sacrificial lamb' so they can hide others who did worse?" 

I know the other reason. An individual started to investigate this individual and was filing a lawsuit. My guess is, ISKCON didn't want to be connected to that mess, so finally after decades, has taken action. That doesn't mean there isn't simultaneously back-scratching or hiding of others too.

Others who have done such things are still in positions of power.  Why aren't they processed? How come no one [with power to do so] has taken action? Of course we should recognize that there are some who take these positions to try to change things, to try to make a difference. However, they are up against a lot, and often are the small guy even if they are a tp or GBC.

Though I will give credit to a recent GBC ruling that it is not only ok [finally!] but recommend victims and parents investigate and do research to provide and gain knowledge regarding how their local laws enforcement deals with such abuse. Knowledge is power. And a good start, but we still need those who committed such offenses to be removed, with proper action taken. 

I remember decades back, hearing gurukuli's had trouble going to the temple because they sometimes would see their abuser not only present, but at times even leading a kirtana, or giving a class! That needs to be stopped 100%, and whoever committed such actions - removed and dealt with appropiately. To ignore it or let it slide without consequences just serves mayadevi; simply helps promote a twisted concept of Vaishnavaism! Make it stop. Tell!

Since most [not all] in positions of power won't significantly put a stop to it, how do I stop it? This is all I know how to do: BLOG! Power of the people, that's the way. It's up to us to bring it to an end - now!

If you need to report any known child abuse [make sure you have hard evidence] here is the Chldhelp National Child Abuse Hotline [USA.] If you are in a different country they may be able to direct you regarding who to contact in your own country. Or just google it; that's what I just did. :) 

We don't want to flip-flop and go the other extreme where we are regularly reporting people for silly reasons, or "speculations," or personal ideas on "how to raise" a child when the other parent does it differently, nor ripping children out of their homes for something less then perfect yet not full-on abuse. Regardless of your opinion of spankings, they are not considered abuse. [Not that I like them, just saying it's not a reason to grab the phone.] Make sure it fits into the actual category of abuse. Matter of fact, we have not seen much direct parenental abuse in our movement - what we have predominantly seen is abuse from [some] teachers and [some] authorities. The overseers need to be overseen.

Moving on, gather the proof. Write it down, notarize, take pictures, record something with your phone if you have one.Then contact the law. Just see, one person filing a law suit above caused ISKCON to finally take action. Please protect the children, plus Prabhupada, in this way. No longer shall they blame him for what they do!

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I'd like to thank the many devotees who knowingly and often unknowingly :) shared ideas and philosophical points. There names have been omitted to protect their privacy, but I can not take full credit for everything mentioned. Some wonderful devotees gave fantastic feedback [elsewhere] on this topic that I would have never thought of. Thank you prabhu's!

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