Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Boy George

Boy George at May 5ths Hare Krishna! film screening - Odeon Covent Garden - with Yadubara das, the director and producer of the film.  Ok, at this point in time he just goes by "George," but I was concenred he may not be recognized without his title. :)

For those out there unfamiliar with his affiliation with Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead [or God], check out this video here.  It's also for anyone at all, those who just want to sing along and have some spiritual fun.

Gauridasa Pandita wrote - 

"Boy George came to Seattle in 1992 so I met him at the airport with a Harinam Party. When he came out of the gate he walked up to me and said it was the best reception he ever had. We kept chanting through the airport to the Limo waiting. We gave George some samosa’s and cookies and a Temple card. Later George called and said the Prasadam was great and asked if we could cater his concert and join him onstage to do his song ‘Bow Down Mister’ I said Yes!
We did Harinam outside for hours then joined George onstage. It was ecstatic \o/"

Another devotee [I know] wrote on facebook that Boy George, or these days George - use to attend devotee programs in the UK. Saw him there, shook his hand.

Here is a link to info on the exact same film he saw. You can get tickets to see it too! Hare Krishna! The Film.