Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Stevie Wonder - Hare Krishna

Some have criticized me for posting this. I have no ill will toward them, simply wish to clarify where I am coming from:

Not everyone is going to shave-up or move into the ashrama. When I hear famous musicians trying to share Krishna's holy name with the world, and risking criticism doing so, yet they do it - I am proud of them. 

And lets remember how George Harrison combined Hallelujah with Hare Krishna. :) Prabhupada was pleased. 

Great preaching. With both George - and maybe not to the same degree, yet I really don't know much about Stevie - thus him too. He is also spreading Krishna's holy names throughout the world.

I remember working the front desk at the NY skyscraper temple. It had a huge [paper-mache type art] of Lord Chaitanya to the side of the entrance door. That made it's placement before the front desk where I sat. 

A devotee who had been there quite awhile, told me that Stevie Wonder came to visit, and he asked permission to "brail" Lord Chaitanya. He was given that permission. That was long before he did the following, below, so it must have taken. :)

Sankirtana ki jai! :) Peace. <3

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