Thursday, September 14, 2017

It's A New Day

Just a few days past,we had the fear of Hurricane Irma, category 5, hitting Florida. For that matter, other areas as well.

When there are disasters, either in the world or in our life, we turn to God. And that is good. 

However, to only pay attention to God at that time, not so good. ha That is, it's unwise to ignore God during other times. 

If we are tired of being battered around by hurricanes [or their threats!], or people [or their threats ha], or anything in the material world, we need to DO something about that other than limiting it to taking shelter of the Lord only during danger.

Now I am a rascal, fool number one, and admit I struggle doing this myself. Simultaneously I keep trying. That's all we need to do, keep trying.

Desire to increase our service. If that's too hard, then desire to desire to increase. If that's still too hard, then desire to desire to DESIRE :) to increase service. Keep on going in that way, until you find where you can function to do so.

Thus I am adding my yahoo Distant Healing E-group here. If anyone would like to mildly increase their service, coupled with taking the time to "learn" our technique of healing, this is a FREE school, so both can be accomplished. And you can indeed connect with God through our healing technique! 

It's yoga coupled with healing. What more can one ask for? :) Yoga means to yoke up to, or connect. Unite with God/Krishna, plus heal self or others. Many charge high fees for such knowledge, we give it at no cost - at all. 

Tired of feeling powerless over a situation, self, a loved one? Enroll in this free online school that teaches you ancient techniques to help get a handle over that. 

Read our front page and see if you are a good fit. Hope you are! :)