Friday, December 15, 2017

Life and Death

My apologies for taking so long to post another blog. I have a bona fide reason.  You see, I was about to become a grandma but it was a high risk pregnancy. And a very scary one. First informed this horrible thing was going to happen, then it did not and all was well. Shortly after, told some new awful thing was going on, then with testing it revealed everything was ok. On and on for most of the pregnancy like that. So, I'd rather not go into all the details. 

Finally, the baby was born, and healthy. We were relieved. However, within hours - went downhill. Came close to death!

I believe medicine has it's place, be it allopathic, natural, or both. Also, I believe that Energy Healing has a place, plus the power of sound vibration or the "chanting" of Vedic Prayers, andddddddd :) mixing everything together with the God connection - all have their place in healing. That is what we did. 

Although the details on "how" is a different topic and I don't want to get sidetracked, if you want to learn healing with Mantra as well as with Energy, even the power of Candle Work - check out my yahoo egroup specific to learning that, here.  

Long story short, baby fully recuperated, is perfectly fine, and I am a happy grandma! Phew. 

However, it forces one to think about birth and death, how they have so much in common, and how even if we get a shot at an auspicious birth, we really never know. Anything can be taken away from us at any moment.

Now things have settled down and I am able to write this post, However, I must say, please oh please take spiritual life seriously cuz at any moment death can raise it's head.  By serious I do not mean fanatically or etc, because true spiritual life is blissful. 

Yet we do have to commit to some action. I've given many ideas throughout this blog on practical ways to do that, even within the home. Look around at the various links. Open them up, see if they tickle your fancy. If one doesn't, keep looking and find one that does, because life on this planet is temporary - whereas spiritual life never ends and is eternal. Unlike material banks, whatever we deposit in our transcendental bank account is never taken away. So lets keep depositing more.

In the Mahabharata the question is asked: What is the most wonderful thing? [Wonderful meaning surprising or filled with wonder, unexpected.] The reply given was: Family, friends, and so on are dying all around everyone, yet each person thinks they themselves shall not die.

This does not mean logically we do not think it, as we all know with our intellect we must die. Rather, we too often live our life as if death is far away, or sometimes that it is not even a thought we allow in order to remind us that life is temporary - therefore go do something permanent.

Anyway, it is there in ancient scripture as a warning, not as paranoia. It is simply a reality of the material world.

Some may say this is a morbid topic. I disagree. Nothing here is speaking of eternal hell fires or how we are always bad. ha What is being pointed out is to take this golden opportunity Krishna has given us, and put in some time to make spiritual advancement.

After all, we are given free will. No one is forcing. It's up to each individual to either take out time to serve God/Krishna, or we will be forced by the laws of material nature to serve Maya. 

Maya can be anything from our jobs to cleaning the house to etc. And sure, we have to live in the material world. But when we add Krishna to the mix, we may be in the world, yet not of the world.
We were built to serve, but we were also given free will. It is up to us, what we wish to do. By making the endeavor to serve Krishna, we are cutting the binding chains of our individual material existence, while simultaneously reconnecting with God. Yoga means to unite, and that is what Bhakti Yoga is all about. Uniting through love and service. 

P.S.  Love is a verb. :) We show our love to God by the actions of devotional service. And there is so much blissful service available that can be done even within the home. It is not a drag ha, nor boring - rather it is nectar!  Please open links at the side of [or beneath] this blog to find something that does it for you. Life is short, chant and be happy.

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